Sebastian Vettel Wins

Who was your driver of the weekend? This takes into account not just the race but the whole weekend, from Friday until after the race. Please let us know why you voted the way you did in the comments section.

45 responses to “Driver of the Weekend: 2015 FORMULA 1 PETRONAS MALAYSIA GRAND PRIX

    • Yes, easy one.

      I will say though, that so far we aren’t seeing the sort of “I’ll support my driver no matter what happened in the race” from the Hamfosi. Hmm, so who are the fanboys then?

      This, even though Lewis and Nico were both done in by the early pit call, and with the bad tire strategy from Merc this weekend. I think it would’ve been close even with perfect calls and tire strategy though, such was the Ferrari’s strength today with tire management.

        • Is he a wuss because he wears ‘always’ in his helmet?

          The boy not looking so smart and smug anymore, 2 races in and he’s already looking and sounding like a beaten man.

          • He’s a wuss because he’s no racer. He can’t do it on track, fair. He’s like prost. Calculating and dirty. Although prost did manage to race and pass people.

      • Leader of the Hamfosi is right here mate… 🙂 🙂

        But today we’ve got to concede defeat to der finger, despite the pit wall making a pigs ear of the strategy.

        Normal services will resume in China.

  1. Got to give it to the Vettel. Well deserved.

    Parenthetically, it’s interesting how much easier he is to like now he’s not driving for Red Bull…

  2. Max Verstappen, because he is only seventeen years old and than race like he did that’s amazing.

    • eeeerrm sorry if may say so ol’ chap…. you pull me the words out of my mouth 😛 until next time bud !

  3. Max for being the best Reanultdriver not lapped… in his second GP… Max being the one overtaking Junior twice and overtaking Ricciardo twice.. need i say more .. also a super qualifying

  4. For me it has to be Max Verstappen. He wrote history today as youngest driver ever to finish a race (in points). Eddie Jordan compared him with the likes of Senna and Schumacher.

    His first ever finish in the F1 and overtaking a few drivers, under which Ricciardo even two times as if it was a routine for him after qualifying as 6th already (even while struggeling with brake problems). Seeing this young boy finishing the qualifying as last driver (after the rain stopped) to come over the finish line just shows it all.

    Vettel was also amazing, but many drivers win races they are not expected to win. This was Verstappen’s weekend and his performance today will be pointed out for many years after!

  5. Vettel. Though Verstappen was quite impressive. Overall Vettel had the confidence to stay out when the Mercs pitted way too early during the safety car and to chase the Mercedes down and overtake them.

  6. Kimi had a stronger race than Vettel IMHO. Also, for all the fans of baby max out there, I think Sainz Jr is doing a terrific job and is not getting the credit he deserves.

  7. Really? haha, they did pretty good!! Vettel, Hamilton….. But the winner is….by far and beyond on his first GP race that he finished. MAX VERSTAPPEN. Cheers, respect, and admireation for his performance, his additude and his modisty. Feel proud to be Dutch at the moment.

  8. Gotta be max. Quali in the wet 6th, and make it real in the dry. This kid is every inch what the world expected!

  9. For finishing fourth after getting a puncture and running last at one point in the race.

  10. The man without driverslisence was just flying. Perfect qualifying. Some great overtaking during the race. The future is here!

  11. Vettel, undoubtedly. Raikkönen also had a great race but Vettel gets it just for showing people that 2015 might not be the Mercedes walk in the park everybody was painting after Australia.

  12. Can’t give it to anyone other than SebVet, but yeah, Max was impressive.

    Here’s to hoping he’ll make up for the cringed toes that his dad gave me back in the day and give us Dutchies something to be proud of 🙂

  13. I expect Fernando is singing “I picked a fine time to leave you, Lucille” (a song in the US, wherein a farmer is singing to his wife who just ran off). Bad timing, Fernando; baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad timing.

      • It was very unexpected but Mr. Hippo is a lot better at singing than me or anyone else expected ;-P. And given Mr. Hippo’s music preferences, as talked about on the podcast, I would have expected that if Mr. Hippo decided to sing something it would be in the style of Ramstein… hats off to the Fat Hippo

  14. Max for this awsome race Kimi for keeping cool as ice Vettel for rubbing Mercedes face in there own strategie. Then saitnz on top of the rest.
    Mehdi for crossing the line.

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