How would you rate the 2015 #F1 Australian Grand Prix?


The first race of the season finish with Hamilton winning from pole. Rosberg second and Vettel making his first appearance for Ferrari in a race rounding out the podium. How would you rate the 2015 Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix?

37 responses to “How would you rate the 2015 #F1 Australian Grand Prix?

  1. 1, the worst F1 race I have seen in my life. I’ve seen many more boring F1 races, but this one was sad, pathetic, like watching an animal agonizing for 90 minutes.

    • Also a 1 from me, alas.

      I stopped watching and went back to bed after the first twenty laps.

      Having now read the reports of its remainder, I’ll wipe the recording, unviewed.

      I’ve loved Formula One for over sixty years but it’s been Ecclestoned to death.

      I won’t bother to get up for Sepang or Sinopec.


  2. The early non starters kinda ruined it, so I’d give it a 5. Star of the race has to go to Nasr, didn’t give Ricciardo a sniff of that 5th position.

  3. That was like being back in the 90’s with the cars dropping like flies.
    Anyway I did not expect Button to finish the race, but somehow that Honda PU held on.

    • Judging by the speed they were going at there was no ERS.

      BORING race for me. Was expecting Ferrari and Sauber to go well. Williams is disappointing. For once the fault does not lie with Massa. The team just lack the mentality of a winning team.

      Renault – needs to get their shit together. I’d be mega pissed off I was RB. I think we will see a new engine manufacturer in F1… very soon! No one can be worse than Renault except maybe Honda but I’ll give them till next year, Honda that is, before I pass judgement.

      Race prob a 4 from me.

      • That has been the problem with Williams from last season, the moment they get jumped, they somehow seem unable to find the speed to get pass.

      • The issue for McLaren Honda appears to be temperatures on the MGU-K (overheating) and other bits (going by what Honda have said) plus the software is a mess. Once they iron those issues out, then we may see a more competitive MP4-30.

        Quite sensible to turn the ERS right down to enable a power unit to finish a race distance. The data gained will likely be quite useful in determining how to fix things. Anyway I expect it will take all season to fix it. Then they’ll probably still be way off the Mercedes. If not for McLaren’s woes, I expect we’d be seeing “Red Bull in crisis” headlines over Renault seemingly going backwards very quickly.

      • I’d like to think you’re right about that new engine manufacturer……..
        What bothers me though is will the hard line on homologation of that unit, units allowed and development be maintained or will it suddenly be open slather?

        • Peter is anything where the FIA is involved a hard line? They are unable to make anything definite. I am sure there are a couple of sentences somewhere in the regulations that can be interpreted with a different “spirit” to generate a different outcome 😛

    • Yes, like the 90’s!

      Great race, many surprises! (10!)

      Excellent weekends from Sainz and Nasr! Very impressed!
      Super jazzed to see the race pace of the two Ferrari cars. It appears in 2015 they’ll be the 2014 Red Bulls, able to take advantage of Mercedes miscues and pick up a win or two. Williams a half step behind.

      For Red Bull, a nightmare season awaits!

      • Predictable at the front, exciting in the midfield. Though given Bottas couldn’t race I think we would have seen a very different race between Williams and Ferrari. I think that battle is going to ping pong between the two teams. Which should make the battle for second in the constructors a lot more interesting.

        As for Red Bull ? Nightmare will be if McLaren Honda manage to leap frog ahead of Renault, once they’ve overcome their multitude of issues. Seems Renault have taken a wrong turn on it’s development plan and that will take time to correct. Even if they get the software issues ironed out I still think they’ll be way behind Ferrari by seasons end.

  4. I gave it a 2, and the 2 is only because I am happy with the result (Hamilton win). The race was otherwise pretty boring and eventful. Most runners went through with a 1-stop so there wasn’t much flexibility in terms of strategy.

    Glad Vettel got 3rd place as well. I’d pay to have Alonso’s thoughts right now, considering Button finished 2 laps down on the leaders. I doubt he will be in a hurry to race for McLaren. But with only 11 drivers in the race at the end, it was really quite boring.

  5. Surprised to see sauber do so well, but other than that a very disappointing race. Not looking good for the rest of the season.

  6. To think I got up at 4am for that…

    Man of the race has to be Nasr – great first drive.

    Loved that Crashtor managed to only reach the first corner. Sadly it wasn’t his fault this time.

    Well done to Button for managing to be the only person to not score a point! That Honda looks like a wreck.

    • Snap..never missed a live race..ever! Even my wedding was planned around it. This year? Think I might get a few lay in’s. Something is very very very wrong with our chosen sport

        • .
          For three years I watched with increasing hope as events unfurled in Munich’s (and London’s) courts: it offered the only hope.

          But Judge Peter Noll sold out and now there is none.

  7. I gave it a 5 which is a bit generous. One positive is that it can’t get much worse.

    I enjoyed seeing Arnie on the podium and noted some boo’s towards Lewis from the crowd. This could become a trend this season and that would be a shame IMO.

  8. Give it a 6. Nothing special but first race if any season us always good to see after the break. Congrats to Nasr

  9. Gave it a 2. A score of 6 to me would be slightly “above average” so i think some of you have been pretty generous 😛

    I was impressed by both Nasr and Sainz though.. hopefully they build on their positive start. As for McLaren… LOL… I am guessing Alonso definitely has some performance clauses in his contract, he’s probably already getting ready to use them 😉

  10. Shocking race, the gaps between the cars is just to big, you’ve got teams with no budgets, and those that have, are stuck with either a Renault or Honda lump.

    Can’t help it’ll get worse as the season goes on.

  11. On the grid of a Formula One race (especially when I’ve had to get up at 4:30 am to watch it) I expect see something a great better than fifteen cars and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

  12. I got up at 3.30am to watch the track parade, then the build up show, watched the safety car go in and went back to bed, 1st time I’ve not watched live F1 since I can’t remember when, so I watched the rest on Sky+

    Voted ‘what race’

  13. I have to chuckle at all the tears about getting up at an ungodly hour to watch the race. I live in California, so I used to do that for many years for all the European season races, thanks to time zones.

    Only in the last 2 years have I got smarter and sleep in, and then watch it.

    This race is always great for the California crowd as it’s live Saturday night. Watched it this year (and last) with 200+ fellow F1 fans in bar/restaurant in downtown Los Angeles. So much fun to watch a race with others…

  14. I have it a miserable two points more than one just for the glimmer of hope the Ferrari presented. But I really had difficulty staying with the race with full attention. My driver of the race has to be Guido van der Garde for among other things not being a part of the boredom.

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