#TJ13 #F1 Courtroom Podcast: “And then a meteorite hit him”



Another week and this week it’s all happening! In the Podcast Shed we have Anil (FormulaEDiary) talking Miami. Carlo is back from Italy and so is Spanners and they talk Rome. Matt is left to himself trying to get the guys talking petrol down under and also touches on the Bianchi family’s fight for justice.

And as the season start TJ13 conclude the driver battles with Toro Rosso and Lotus.

Finally, if your house were on a fire and you only have time to save 3 objects, what would you save?

List to this week’s podcast to find out what the panel said.

Our artist this week is Anna Pancaldi with her song Out Ahead off her EP Black Tears. Not only is she a great singer, she talks lions with our PM John and he thinks that makes her cool!

If you like her music please give her Facebook page a like as well.

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5 responses to “#TJ13 #F1 Courtroom Podcast: “And then a meteorite hit him”

  1. Awesome work on Maximilian vs Sainz Jr.

    As for Monisha, I can’t feel that you’re a tad sexist. I have very little doubt that Monisha works closely with Peter, and that all decisions are pretty much taken in tandem. So heaping it ALL on Monisha is unfair to say the least. And you forget that Monisha owns 30% of the business, which means that it’s as much her money as Peter’s. But most importantly, Re Monisha ruins Sauber’s 30 years of work (or however Carlo put it), it is NOT Monisha that ruins Sauber’s work.

    It’s FOM’s Ecclestone, CVC’s Mackenzie, and FIA’s Todt.

    Bernard Ecclestone is FOM’s CEO, who is the mastermind of FOM’s incredibly inequitable revenue distribution scheme. He is also the one practicing to perfection the art of divide and conquer of F1 teams. He is the one who first offered incredibly unwarranted bonuses to the big teams, and then threw contractual crumbs to Sauber which Sauber had no choice but to accept (along with Lotus, FI, etc.). If Sauber folds its F1 operation, Sauber dies as it has no other business activities.

    Donald Mackenzie, as one of the key representatives from CVC, is responsible for putting Ecclestone in an executive position, *and* for keeping him. As majority owners of the commercial rights on the sport, they are directly and fully responsible for Bernard’s actions and the long-term policies he puts in place. They tend to get it easy as it’s Ecclestone who is always in the news, and I feel their name isn’t dragged sufficiently often in the mud. But it should. Bernard is a billionaire octogenarian who doesn’t give damn about anything (think Lauda); Mackenzie and CVC have a reputation to maintain, and the more it gets tarnished, the more chances they would do something about the plight of small, independent teams.

    Jean Todt, as president of the FIA, is directly responsible for heaping onto small teams one of the biggest hikes in costs in recent history, by pushing for these new power units from 2014. Ironically, Todt was elected on a cost-cutting mandate. Having relinquished regulatory privileges to the Strategy Group (they now have merely 1/3 of the voices), and having failed to put in place any policies to protect small teams from these cost hikes, and having failed to listen to the plight of small teams even if they were kicking and screaming for the best part of the past 2-3 years… He too is directly responsible for the teams’ current plight.

    So heaping it ALL on Monisha is… well, nonsense. If FOM income were distributed in the least reasonable fashion (2x differential instead of the current 10x, between best/worst paid teams), Monisha and Sauber wouldn’t have to break contracts with pay drivers. Hell, they wouldn’t have to take pay-drivers in the first place! They would NOT need pay drivers merely to survive. They would instead dutifully introduce the Raikkonen’s, Massa’s and Heidfeld’s of the F1 world, as they have always done.

    Unfortunately, though, economic realities have finally caught up, and FOM’s long-term plan of squeezing in the short-term the sport’s long-term value is now rearing its ugly head with the death of HRT, Caterham and Marussia, and the near death of Sauber, Force India and Lotus… Blaming Sauber’s plight on Monisha is… ahem… unwise.

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