#F1 Driver Battles: Who will trump their teammate?


The TJ13 Podcast crew had their say on who will best whom over the course of the 2015 F1 season, now it is time for the TJ13 readers to speak. Which driver will come out on top in the Intra-Team Driver Battles?


With the team set for another season of domination, will the King of F1 bling batter Britney into submission, or will the German’s turn of speed on Saturday see him skipping to the top step more often on Sundays?


Surely lightning will not strike twice in Milton Keynes and see the rookie Russian beat the master whitener for a second year running? Will Danny be forced ‘to find a new challenge’ for 2016 – and if so, which one?


Can the ‘almost as unlucky as Nick Heidfeld’ – Felipe Baby avoid taking it up the a$%e in Australia this year and conquer BIG… BAD… BOT-ASS?


Like a pair of defeated dogs with their tails between their legs, the ‘Maranello Mutts’ return to the fray. One may be finished in F1 by the end of the season, or can ‘Ice’ freeze out ‘the finger’?


Has Jense’s evil master plan already kicked in and begun to destabilise yet another team mate? Has Fernando finally met his match (assuming the MP4-30 makes it to the chequered flag of course)?


Can Sergio Perez prove Top Gear wrong and demonstrate that Mexican F1 drivers are not ‘lazy, feckless, flatulent, overweight, leaning against a fence asleep looking at a cactus with a blanket with a hole in the middle on as a coat’? Or will German efficiency once again dominate?


Who will run out of diapers first? Which driver will launch his toys from the pram in disgust? Can Chilli bash Max into submission with his blow up hammer?


If I stare hard enough at something, then I can make it….. or get arrested. Will the ‘eyes’ have it this year? Or will Romain disprove centuries of French stereotypes?


Mmm. Read Giedo for Ericsson, or maybe VdG for Baby Felipe…. it’s all so confusing. A Sauber menage au trois ensues – and Monisha isn’t even involved.


Following the tragedy of Charles Pic and the loss of the beautiful Max, Roberto Merhi and WIll Stevens have their work cut out to even be recognised at present. It’s a classic Armada vs Joey Essex Brawl. Will the ‘little boats’ win again?

18 responses to “#F1 Driver Battles: Who will trump their teammate?

  1. Sorry, but aren’t you missing one other Sauber pilot?…

    Apart from the obvious, Lewis beating Nico.. 😉 I think Massa, Sainz and Kimi will beat their respective teammates.

    • Call me a cynic, but do you really think Ferrari will ‘allow’ Kimi beat their heavily paid superstar in the other car?

      • I doubt Kimi is much less heavy paid, Since Ferrari know themselves that this will be a transition year. I doubt they’ll pull a Germany 2010 on them.

        Already making excuses for the case that Vettel could happen to be not as gormless as you think? 😉

        • “Already making excuses for the case that Vettel could happen to be not as gormless as you think?”

          Kimi’s getting old, he’ll get paid well only for this year, maybe next, but yes, need to get my ducks (excuses) in a row before the season starts 😉

      • Yes I do. I don’t think Kimi is the type you can pull the team orders move on, as we saw in his run in at Renault.

  2. Voted for the drivers I’d prefer to win the ‘team battle’. Massa and JB are likely on their way out so why not with a bit of glory. Ham needs a taste of humility, so go Nico. Hulk needs a better team. The remainder on like that as no funds are waged, no medals are awarded.

  3. I know the podcast already talks about this but it would be nice if the TheJudge13 team writes a combined article with all of their opinions on why a certain driver will beat his teammate (short 2 line opinions). A sort of thejduge13 team makes a prediction article 😉

  4. 38.33% of the voters thinks Button will beat Alonso, are you kidding me? There is no way JB could match Alonso. Jenson is gonna be annihilated by Alonso.

    • Yeah, I’m with the contrarians on this one. Jense is getting better and better by the year. It seems that finally he learns how to wrestle a car, even when it’s misbehaving. And now he is firmly on top of his game, even if approaching retirement.

      Given that the McHonda seems to behave, when the engine is running, Jense risks giving Fred a run for his money. Remember that all have written eulogies for Jense when he entered McLaren, but even so he held up well enough against Lewis over 3 years. Button is still very much an unknown quantity, and may yet spring up a surprise…

  5. Only 3 of my tips have more than 50%; namely Verstappen, Huelkenberg and Vettel. Is it record?

    And I am the only one who believes in Daniil against Daniel? 1,8% for Russian isn´t too much

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