Autosport #F1 GP Predictor – Season Opening 2015



Ladies and Gents of the TJ13 community, it is that time of year once more. Those long winter months draw to a close for those in the Northern Hemisphere, the promise of a new year brings hope and draws speculation from all about the fate of their favourite drivers and teams.

So nobody should under any kind of illusion here, Mercedes are still very VERY quick.  Unless you have been living under a rock then that is common knowledge, however, the Drivers’ Championship clash will be another (we hope) titanic tussle and the battle behind them is of great interest.

Have Williams built on their 2014 success to start challenging for podiums with both drivers? Can Red Bull cling on to second place even with their relatively poor preseason testing? Have the Maranello staff been shaken into some kind of order to give a recharged Sebastian Vettel a quick car?

If you think you have what it takes and can outsmart the TJ13 jury then get involved with ‘TheJudge13 Courtroom League’

Under two weeks until the cars will be lining up for the first race in Melbourne so hurry!

28 responses to “Autosport #F1 GP Predictor – Season Opening 2015

  1. Signed up and ready to be out predicted by just about everyone… ;-P

    I love F1 fantasy leagues but I usually suck at them, at least this year predicting qualy and the top spot of the race is made easier since there are only 2 drivers to choose ;-P
    (And I’m glad I finally have the chance to test out the Autosport GPPredictor, I only played at other leagues until now :-D)

    • Looking forward to this. I started late last season but made up a healthy number of places.

  2. I came 3rd last year on TJ13 league, that is going to be soooooooo hard to beat. I had 2 races with over 150 points and lowest was 10 points, the rest were between 40 and 80, nothing particularly spectacular.
    Slow and steady wins the race 🏆

  3. Mine’s in.

    Spanners Subway Racing.

    Very easy to do on my Note 4. You bought the wrong handset.

  4. I’m in, with the inspirational words of Big Ron in mind – “The mathematics clearly demonstrate that we are capable of winning (the championship), but of course it’s going to be somewhat challenging”

  5. I also joined the league. I have played football fantasy leagues but this is the first time playing an f1 league

  6. Aiming for the top spots this year 🙂 RustyIestyRacing (think RBR). It would be nice to have a list/know who everyone is apart from the obvious few!

  7. Finally joined this league after skipping it last year for no reason. Will be alot more fun than all the emotional bashing after HAM and ROS come to blows again. 😉

    Pole. HAM
    FL. HAM
    Most positions gained. VES
    1. HAM
    2. ROS
    3. MAS
    4. BOT
    5. VET
    6. RIC
    7. RAI
    8. VES
    9. KVY
    10. GRO

    Lets see how that list holds up in court in 2 weeks time.

  8. 1st draft picks locked in – likely to change post practice 2 in aus. The Judge asked me on Facebook what lessons learned from last year – simple: don’t expect McLaren to score so many points……

    • Yeah, same for me. There’s no way you can pick the rest of the field (3 – 10) until then.

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