#F1 Polls: How would you rate the 2014 FORMULA 1 ETIHAD AIRWAYS ABU DHABI GRAND PRIX?

Lewis and Nico - Abu Dhabi 2014

With the 2014 World Drivers Championship decided at the last race how would you rate the race? Please use the comments section to tell us why you voted the way you did.

66 responses to “#F1 Polls: How would you rate the 2014 FORMULA 1 ETIHAD AIRWAYS ABU DHABI GRAND PRIX?

  1. Drive it like you stole it Lewis World Champion!!! Let all the conspiracy theorist talk all the crap they want. WORLD CHAMPION BABY!!!!!

    • Clear the [mod] off the wall, will ya. That’s why I don’t like the hamfosi crowd. You didn’t read such gloating after other drivers won their titles. Not even the Alonso posse was that rabid. Especially from people who had nothing to do with the achievement in the first place.

      • Ok, but now after it’s all done, and the result is in the book, do you not regard Lewis as the more deserving of the two? In my opinion F1 dodged a bullet today, which having a driver win over half the races not taking the title, with no one else close, would’ve been.

        • You will not find a single statement of mine that says Lewis is an undeserved champion. But I was afraid it would degenerate into a “Britain, Britain, über alles” [mod] and was proven true. I’ve never seen a fanbase that gloats as badly as the hamilton group. There are sore losers, but there’s also bad winners. Rosberg has shown more class than Hamilton’s fanbase and the race isn’t even 2 hours ago.
          There’s no denying he was the winner – he won the most points after all – but there is no need walking the streets with the L salute afterwards. Lewis understands that and has shown true class after the race. That’s more you can say for some of his fans.

          • He started ahead, but with a very old engine. The reasons why they took the relatively fresh engine from Austin out (Sky Germany speculated that they want to save the engine for the test next week) are unclear. They installed a worn-out engine from the early season. RB got quite a lot of flak for that on both Sky and RTL.
            VET was pretty pissed off in the post-race interview, so I guess he got a ‘special parting gift’ from his team.

          • @bruznic

            Their times were removed all together and Crofty said they went back to their FP times and Seb was ahead and that’s why he started in front.

          • I would hope Hamilton would be embarrassed by the performance of many of his fans. Rosberg was gracious in defeat.

          • Hippo, give it up for today, they can have one day to gloat and do WTF they want.

            Congrats Hamilton, a worthy champion!

            Congrats Hamfozi, you insufferable turds 🙂

          • True class would be biting your tongue for one day, rather than judging other people for their celebratory behaviour, whether you deem it a bit crass or not.

            I came here to celebrate too, and congratulate Nico, his statement that he would like to finish the race was a very poigniant moment. Shame there can be only one winner, but am very pleased to the result.

          • I think you have to let Hamilton fans whoop it up, at least for a day. There are SO MANY people who want to see him fail, for whatever reason. If Lewis had failed today, the torrent released to deride Hamilton would’ve been the circle-jerk to end all circle-jerks. I don’t get it, but then there’s a whole catalogue of human behaviour that I don’t understand.

            Before I am a fan of Lewis though, I am a fan of F1. I was and still am concerned that Rosberg even had a sniff today. I would like F1 to bring back some sort of Best X of Y Results system, to remove the pure chance of unreliability from the Drivers’ Championship. I don’t expect any such change to happen (I’m sure the Strategy Group will feel quite satisfied with themselves just by removing the double points), so we could be in this same exact absurd situation a year from now.

            I will shut up about it now, for a little bit. Today it all worked out in the end.

            It’s been a pretty eventful year for F1 … my nerves are frayed. I even forbade sex with the wife last night, as my totally irrational sacrifice for the “cause”. Haha. She won’t be so lucky tonight! 😉

          • [mod] Last warning, kiddo. If you want to celebrate – all power to you. But do so with real friends, if you have any, and stop insulting people on the internet, who decline to sing “Ra Ra Ra”.

            You sound awfully angry for someone who’s ‘celebrating’.

          • Oh ok, so it’s fine for others to attack me, but I’m not suppose to defend my comments?


        • Dodged a bullet, no had Nico won, would’ve made a great underdog story. Good for ratings. Lewis winning was what I expected but Nico sure tried gotta give him that.

        • He’s just being his usual hippo-critical self….

          Like I said, had Lewis lost the championship, him along with SIS would be on here gloating and rubbing all the Hamiltons fans face in it.

          • SiS has stopped posting weeks ago and as for my reaction – you predict my behavior based on your own and that’s where you are mistaken. I tend to think I have a trifle more class than you. mainly because I’m not a clueless teenager, who has no idea about life yet.

          • SIS might have stopped posting months ago, but I can assure, he still visits the site and he was sitting waiting to see if Lewis would muck it up and then he’d strike.

            I said nothing that warranted you to make such an attack on me. Was it the part of ‘the conspiracy theorist talking crap’ that offended you so much? Well of it did, that’s because you’ve been one of those people, that’s why you’re so offended.

        • I don’t begrudge him the enjoyment, but I think it is bad style doing it that way. I’ve got the utmost respect for you, as, even though you are a Hamilton supporter, you stayed away from the blackmail tactics employed by Fortis and his ilk. Unlike the myriad of Vettel detractors, I won’t go on arampage trying to discuss an asterisk next to Lewis’s 2014 title. He won it fairly, but I can’t remember those ‘IN YOUR FACE’ posts after Vettel’s titles or those of Button or Alonso for that matter. We can do without that sort of audience. I’ve never had much respect for people, who think they need to denigrate other drivers to make their own favorite look better.

          • Rosberg has a slightly more generous view of Hamilton’s supporters:

            “Even the British – obviously most of them were here for Lewis but it was so nice to see after qualifying that everyone was acknowledging me respectfully and applauding.”…

  2. Just watched the podium interviews… when the heck are they going to stop asking Felipe about 2008 everytime he goes up to the podium? Come on, the guy drove superbly today, he made it to the second step of the podium and the first question is introduced by his losing of a WDC six years ago.

    Formula 1 needs better interviewers, and I don’t even know who that interviewer was.

    • such a crappy and tenuous link to 2008 from Brundle, it was cringeworthy. But then Felipe seems to keep bringing it up in comments so he keeps feeding it too.

      Well done Lewis Hamilton for his 2nd WDC.

      I thought Nico drove his heart out and it was fascinating to see his eyes through the visor and hear his comments on the radio. I am glad he took the chequered flag and he finished the race and season with a lot of pride and respect.

      I enjoyed the race and gave it a 7, would have been more if Nico’s car was fully functional.

  3. 6 out of 10. Not the best race. Not the baddest. Deserved by Lewis. Bit of a pity it didn’t come down to a real battle. But nonetheless a mature and good race from him.

    • Well it’s not Hamilton’s fault that Rosberg had such a bogus start… I am actually confused as to what made Hamilton get such a nice get-away, it was just impeccable.

      • Two things, IMHO. Since the ERS completely died later in the race, it could have been wonky already. Which would explain why ROS lost 1.2 seconds in the first lap alone, while they later drove almost the same pace until ROS’s ERS quit.
        Second, Lewis noticed that he needed more revs after the start into the formation lap. He talked about it with his engineer over radio

  4. Already looking forwards to next season.
    Mercedes will probably still be out in front, but at least we know Hamilton has a team mate who is quick enough to take the fight to him (and clearly not too many inhibitions in doing so).
    Honda/McLaren will be very interesting (especially if they retain Button0… and there is an outside possibility that Renault and Ferrari will be a bit closer on power.

  5. Objectively, the race was dull at best. Rosberg lost it by Turn 1 due to a horrid start, reminded me of Hamilton’s equally horrid start in Monza. Hamilton, in the end, just managed his race and although during the race we heard that he and Rosberg were flat-out, I think after Rosberg’s ERS problems he and the team turned down some of the systems and just let Massa come back and if Massa’s tyres had held he probably would have let him pass. In the end, it’s perhaps fitting that he won but Rosberg was unlucky with his ERS problems, it wasn’t a DNF but in the end it was. Shame that it ended this way but, best for the end :

    Congratulations Lewis Hamilton ! You, Are, The, WORLD, DRIVERS’, CHAMPION ! So chuffed, the guy worked really hard. Mercedes worked really hard. His engineers, his mechanics, everyone had a part in it. But it’s nice that he won, after the disappointments of 2010 and 2012, especially the latter because he had the momentum but McLaren took it away from him. *Looking pointedly in their direction* “That’s what he left you for.”

    I guess the contract talks will be sorted now and Hamilton will get an extension of 2 years on his contract now. Also : nice gesture by Rosberg to come and personally congratulate Hamilton in the Drivers’ room, he probably just wanted to punch the guy in the face but still, he made the gesture and those things count too. Rosberg will be very very strong next season. Hamilton has his work cut out but at least Mercedes have a great base to work from for next season.

    • Very boring race I thought to be honest. Even the split strategies didn’t make it interesting. Surely Button has to be retained over K-Mag after the last five races now though. He’s really trounced him recently.

      • You would expect a veteran driver to do exactly that when his team-mate is a rookie driver… That’s hardly justification for keeping him, except for his experience but his record over the years suggests that he won’t help the car development much.

        • Maybe at the start of the year I’d agree with you, but by the end Magnussen should have been matching if not beating Button. I’ve been disappointed with Magnussen to be honest. He hasn’t pushed on as much as I thought he would.
          As has been spoken at great length on this site recently, drivers don’t really develop the car. Surely as a constructor you’d keep the driver who’ll help you move up the table and put Magnussen in GP2 for a season to help his development. Think it was a bit too soon for him in my opinion.

        • “Won’t help with the development much”…oh brother! If you believe the driver is responsible for developing the car, which they aren’t, why doesn’t he get credit for the Honda years culminating in the championship he won in the Brawn? That diffuser was a pretty good development.

    • After the first lap, it was clear that this was going to be a dull race. It was clear by then than Rosberg lost. The only driver who maintained the enjoyment of the race was Massa who kept attacking until the near finish of the race.

  6. Race was probably instantly forgettable, but the incredible nerves I was feeling meant every subtle wobble over a kerb was a massive tension builder, and made the whole race a nail biter. I won’t vote as I don’t believe in objectivity anyway, but even moderated subjectivity is completely beyond me.

  7. For me this was not a race to judge in isolation. You judge it by the drama in context with the season.

    Felt for Nico as it slowly crumbled away. He didn’t do give up but by the same token he didn’t fight for it when he had the car in the early race.

    Congratulations to all the Hamilton fans. Great for Britain to have not only a British champion again but a double would champion for the first time in ages. Wish we knew what was happening to Jenson. I still have hope we will see him next season in F1.

        • I’m fully aware of all that. Im referring to Anthony Davidson in the LMP1 class, is he not British?

          • Isn’t the first time that [b]the champion[/b] in GP2, GP3, F1 and WEC all come from the same country.

            You prove me right in every way imaginable. I was afraid this would degenerate into a “Heil Britania” nationalistic circle jerk. I won’t even try to imagine what would have happened if we Germans would have misbehaved liked that after Vettel’s title’s. I have a lot of british friends, one of which I’ve known for 18 years. First thing he sms’ed me was ‘Sorry for what will happen’. Says it all, really.

          • Does anyone care about the champions in wec? I believe not many look further than the le mans winners…

          • @hippo….

            I honestly don’t know what is your problem, I simply asked a question, because it was something I overheard one of the pundits said during one of the FP. So I really don’t know why you need to mention that one of your best friend is British. There was malicious intent with my question to Spanners.


            Yes some people do care who wins the WEC.

          • You better stop being proud of your country Fortis, it’s really not on celebrating a great time for British motor racing 😉

          • @tommo…

            I guess you’re right, I don’t want to get [mod] any further by the powers that be…. 🙂

          • Now now, hippo. I’m a German. We both know that we Germans are the kings of nationalistic circle Jerks when it comes to sport.

            Just go and check the comments on the rtl Facebook Page and the rtl inside f1 Website (or some of your own post on Vettel, red Bull and Webber, or Nico, Lewis and Mercedes). Says it all really. And I’m not even going to speak on Schumimania from back in the Day, or the celebrations when we won the World Cup this year.

  8. 10 of 10, great race, Kimi on points!
    Sarc off.

    There has been great races but same time I wanted to bang my head to a wall.
    What a misery to be a Kimi fanboy.

  9. Absolutely brilliant! Chuffed for Lewis, a deserving champ indeed. Great sportsmanship from Nico to come up to the podium to congratulate Lewis. Been an amazing season and have enjoyed all the highs and lows that come with being a Lewis fan!

    Thank you to the judge for insider info and raising issues that are so often missed by the mainstream outlets. Now for a long wait until next season :(, hopefully Button will still be in F1. This season was over in a flash, but hope to have some more fired up debates with the main protagonists on this website ;).

    Lewis Hamilton 2014 World Champion…..God that sounds good! 😀

  10. Disclaimer: I really can’t stand Hamilton’s demeanour, behaviour, or anything about his personality for that matter.

    But I cannot deny he deserved to win this championship and I am glad he has done so. Now he can look to 2015 as a real chance to get a third and removing some of the doubt concerning his greatness.

    As for Hamilton’s fans; enjoy the evening and the days that follow! Maybe post a bit less on forums; the gloating is a bit of a turn-off for the average bystander and Hamilton is good enough that he doesn’t need to be defended from inane commentary and baiting from those who support less well endowed (with talent, luck, ???) drivers!

    • I had a problem with Hamilton before but this season he has grown to a true champion and I routed for him.

      But a bit more of Fortis96, well, who needs enemies when your fans are like that.

  11. please, Moderator? a fair bit of the above, like so much forum comment, is a waste of time. No need to publish this, either btw. for your eyes and the judge’s only. Otherwise, best site for F1 news even when I heartily disagree with some of the views.

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