#F1 Forensics: #CaterhamF1 Leafield Memorabilia Sale List

Brought to you by TheJudge13 Chief Investigator Mattpt55

For those who had a look and thought that the list of items seized by the bailiffs was a bit… well… short, the TJ13 is happy to bring you an exclusive look at a more complete inventory.

Roll up, Roll up! What might an enterprising soul find in a Leafield Factory these days anyway?

Quantity Item
1 Caterham Formula One ‘rig car’ part stripped Chassis No CTLO13
1 Ansible Motion 6 DOF Motion Platform Series 1 – 2011 model – 1240kg – Serial 004 which includes:
3 x Screens, Lateral & yaw platform, Zimmrail VW26014896, 2 x Servomotor AKM65K ANC22-00,
2 x Linear actuator rods, Motion platform base with electrical ancillaries & steer motor drive, Cab shell,
Cab carcass, 2 x side platforms, Support cage, Silver tank, Motion control cabinet & additional extras.
4 Projection Design Projectors (for motion platform) Black Model GP2 11390001/2/3 & 101-1340-08
1 Caterham/Lotus F1 steering wheel F1 2010 Serial O1D032800
4 Caterham F1 wishbone RLWB #11, #16, #18 & #20
3 Caterham F1 wishbone RUWB #13, #14 & #17
2 Caterham F1 dampers RSD #7 & #8
6 Caterham F1 drive shafts RURT #9, #12, #14, #19, #21 & #22
10 Caterham F1 brake sets #320, #321, #334, #319, #364, #374, #375, #376, #377, #3691 & #3711
2 Pairs Caterham F1 rear bells race
2 Pairs Caterham F1 front bells race
1 Caterham F1 pressure taping tube
1 Caterham F1 steering column (short) #07
1 Caterham F1 brake calliper (right rear) #1238
1 Caterham F1 power steering set #L07 & #L11
1 Caterham F1 bag of master cylinder parts
3 Caterham F1 hoses
2 Caterham F1 yaw shroud (pitot)
1 Caterham F1 brake drum (right hand)
1 Caterham F1 brake drum(left hand)
2 Caterham F1 side pod tuning veins
2 Caterham F1 progressive springs
1 Caterham F1 exhaust tail pipe
2 Caterham F1 throttle dampers (TI shaft & Spec 6)
2 Caterham F1 pedals
1 Caterham F1 grid trolley cover
1 Caterham F1 water expansion bottle
2 Caterham F1 front piston right hand
1 Flir laser speed detector
2 Lengths of lashing rail
6 Pairs Shoes with steel toe caps
198 Assorted Haimer CNC drill and milling bits all complete with arbors
43 Assorted MST CNC drill and milling bits all complete with arbors
6 Nikken CNC drill and milling bits all complete with arbors
3 Schuck CNC drill and milling bits all complete with arbors
1 Seco CNC bit complete with arbor
1 Framed shirt (Jano Truli) 2010
1 Framed shirt (Kovalainen) 2010
1 Framed baseball cap (Jano Truil) 2010
1 Framed baseball cap (Kovalainen) 2010
1 Framed wing mirror Lotus Cosworth T127
1 LG 84 inch LCD TV 84LM960V
20 Sets of Caterham F1 wheels and Pirelli tyres
2 Caterham race suits
7 Pairs Sparco gloves
1 Tig welder 166i
1 Oakley Weigh indicatory digital scales
1 Digidrive
4 Caterham race car starters
1 Bauer compressor
2 Air jacks
1 Facom multi drawer tool cabinet on wheels full of nuts, bolts & other fasteners
1 Machine (Klauke)
1 LG 47 inch 3D smart LED TV 47LA660V
1 LG 29 inch TV
1 Steering wheel Caterham/Lotus F1 2010
1 Steering wheel (simulator) 13LS0053L1
10 Windscreen V2
2 Caterham F1 ARB rocker assembly
20 Caterham F1 units of ballast
2 Caterham F1 small duct #0259 & #0260
1 Caterham F1 plastic mirror lens
200 Bolt (counter sunk) M6
130 Lock nut (unf)
40 Stud (live lock)
20 Spacer
5 Top hat (track rod)
4 Stud (LD 0773)
5 Top hat (inside)
4 Caterham F1 shoulder strap bracket
3 Caterham F1 turbo hose
2 Caterham F1 non return valve
1 Caterham F1 fire bottle filled assembly
1 Caterham F1 solenoid bracket
1 Caterham F1 power conditioner cage
2 Caterham F1 outer caliper duct #0265 &#0266
40 Caterham F1 SPOV feed pipe V2 hose
2 Caterham F1 heave link -3.5 deg assembly
4 Caterham F1 heat shield WG RWD
4 Caterham F1 heat shield WG FWD
2 Caterham F1 PAS FTRD seal housing LH
2 Caterham F1 FTRD SLA seal V2 LH
45 Caterham F1 wheel nut angled necked mouth LH-MK2
45 Caterham F1 wheel nut angled necked mouth RH-MK2
1 LG smart TV 3D 55 inch
2 LG screen
1 Faro 3D scanner arm
1 Faro Tripod
1 Faro laser level

I’ve got dibs on the telly and Bruznic’s called the CNC machines, but if you’re interested in the rest, I hear there’s still time to register for the auction… when it happens eventually…

Caterham Pirelli Tyres

20 responses to “#F1 Forensics: #CaterhamF1 Leafield Memorabilia Sale List

  1. Wow! Thanks a lot for sharing this list.

    They confiscated the baseball caps? Really?!

    The team made some sort of announcement invoking that some of the goods were confiscated by mistake and represent the property of a different corporate entity. Does this hold any water, or more PR spin from the impending catastrophe?

    • A real article is coming soon, but it looks very much like an utter dodge. Think they’re playing out the clock so they can abscond with the IP for 2015. It’s really ugly, as there are already lawsuits from sacked workers who weren’t paid properly and aren’t receiving their appropriate benefits according to their lawsuit. Anyway, don’t want to give away the whole sordid story just yet. 😉

    • Putting the list out makes it harder for 1MRT or whatever they’re going to call themselves next week to shirk their responsibilities to the workers of Leafield whom they have well and truly treated miserably. Please spread it round.

  2. until i see actual photographs or a video of the “big” items physically next to the “Sheriffs Office” TV show cast I wont believe anything. This could all be totally true or just a stupid free publicity grab by the TV show.

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