#TechF1 Treasures- The #F1 Race Weekend in Official FIA Documents #BelgianGP

Brought to you by TheJudge13 contributor Mattpt55 – the best in Scrutineering, Stewards’ Decisions, and other assorted FIA documents looked at slightly irreverently  

There’s the race we see on telly, and then there’s the race behind the scenes. One rarely talked about by reporters but told in part by the official FIA documents. Here is a selection of this weekend’s documents for you to peruse at your leisure. Enjoy. Wonder where all this great stuff came from? Right Here

From the Dept of The More Things Change


Can you really have enough drainage at Spa?

From the Dept of Extraordinary Detail


Thank Goodness there’s a picture to make it clear…..

From the Dept of Where’s The Beef?



Arrggh!!!! Where’s the Pic???!!!


From the Dept of Counting all the Things




The race for first grid penalty edges ever closer to its unfortunate denouement.


From the Dept of Really Confusing Things



Wait What? I thought it was Rossi’s drive. I guess they just forgot



Or Not, LOL!


From the Dept of Even Confusinger Things




Well that clears nothing at all up.


From the Dept of We shouldn’t have gotten out of bed this morning




Ahhh yes. Clear as Mud!! Carry on then and pass the gin!!


From the Dept of We Have to do This




Uh oh, Ricciardo bringing it to Vettel on the humorous quips front, too!!!

From the Dept of Do I Really Need to be here?



Possibly lack of cash, Romain?


From the Dept of Alert the Local Health Authorities




Oh, I *really* didn’t need to know that……


From the Dept of Close Calls



and closer still

From the Dept of New Bits



and closer


From the Dept of What the What??




First time I’ve seen that acronym….


From the Dept of Plug and Play


remind me to pack the adapter, LOL!


From the Dept of Alphabet Soup




I’ll do the CUHK’ing if you do the Kleaning


From the Dept of AC-DC





I’m going with DC FTW!


From the Dept of Odd BedFellows




Hmmm… and that’s about all Renault and Mercedes have in common this year


From the Dept of Burning the Midnight Oil





Yes. all 3 Caterham employees stayed late. Rumors they were playing Minecraft are entirely untrue.


From the Dept of If You Can’t Stand the Heat




That’s a whole lot of Mercedes on that list


From the Dept of Spot the Difference





Maybe the 4th turbo was the lucky one?


From the Dept of Wordy Words





Is that all the firing bit? I’m pretty sure it’s harder on the folks that no longer have jobs.


From the Dept of 




HaHa, understatement city! You couldn’t tell that story in a year even if you had
Hemingway writing for you.


From the Dept of Unsaid Things




Hmmm… Not going to mention that other team, are we?


From the Dept of Penny Pinching




It’s all about the cash. No cash, No development. You should probably ask Vijay.


From the Dept of Blindingly Obvious




Ummm…. Faster car, maybe?


From the Dept of G’bye Already




Sad news for the rest of the grid. At least until 2016.


From the Dept of Relativity





The Answer is always More Torque


From the Dept of ZOMG Tyres Again?





Well, at least everyone agrees


From the Dept of Not Everyone




Arrgghh!! So Michelin it is. Good to know the FIA cares enough to pretend.


From the Dept of Back to the Future






From the Dept of A Mind is a Terrible thing to Waste





He has a point. Witness retired NFL players. It’s easy to forget those that don’t make the limelight.


From the Dept of Shiny New Things





Only the best for Andre


From the Dept of Connect the Dots





Hmmm… Maybe that’s why his car stopped running 5 minutes into Q1


From the Dept of Translation





That’s FIA speak for new gear ratios.


From the Dept of Awesome





LOL, not sure it would be so easy with a different car.


From the Dept of Krispy Kreme





Prefer mine cream-filled.


From the Dept of Just Sayin’




Maybe because Sebastian’s car was much better than yours last year?


From the Dept of It’s On





Well, I guess we find out tomorrow….


From the Dept of Straight Answers






So you can confirm that the wet qualifying was wet. Good to know


From the Dept of This might not be the First Time




Unless it is, of course.


From the Dept of These Items don’t Match




Someone needs to explain their upgrade procedure.


From the Dept of IQ



We can confirm none of these gentleman are dopes…… *crickets*


From the Dept of Save it For the Track



Oooops! Guess your grin wasn’t enough to get you out of this one.











23 responses to “#TechF1 Treasures- The #F1 Race Weekend in Official FIA Documents #BelgianGP

  1. There is a prediction here for light rain ten minutes prior to the start until 5 minutes after.

  2. So Alonso gets a penalty for his mechanics being on the grid after the 15 second warning and Nico gets away with causing a collision that relegated a fellow driver to the back of the grid!

    • Because it was a racing incident. Don’t play the blame game because it was against lewis. We all want more racing and if there is racing there will be incidents. It has been said before that the stewards should ease off a bit. Alonso case was just braking the regulations.

      • Racing incident my ass!!! There was only one line into that corner and at no time was he ahead. Lewis had the racing line so don’t gimme that nonsense.

        Sure they should allow them to race and contact is expected, but when that contact results in another driver suffering damage that ruins their race, then they should be penalised for it.

        • But they both suffered damage to their car (and race) and i believe that is why he did not got punished.

          • Who caused the damage to both cars? Who’s in the position to win the race? Who’s in the position to benefit from the collision? Is it the victim or the offender?

            The track is over 4 miles long with 19 corners, the contact happened at T5, so he had 14 more corners to go on 3 wheels, Nico didn’t lose a position because of the contact. So overall he benefited from contact, so your argument makes no sense.

          • He had to pit longer. And i dont make the decisions. Stewards do. But your just to hamilton focused any argument against will hit you in the head. So I’m gonna drop it. There’s no sense to talk to you if hamilton is involved. If it was the other way around you’d just say at least hamilton tries to attack and race…

          • That’s because you’re talking nonsense, so please do stop talking. If it was Hamilton who caused that incident and Rosberg ended up in his position, you and everyone else would be up in harms just like what happened in Germany. So please do stop talking.

          • And you keep attack everybody here in a few minutes… believing that only you have the truth.

          • The fact the stewards are looking at Kmag and Alonso, makes your claim about racing incident looks really silly right about now

  3. Hey Bruznic, the stewards are investigating the incident between Kmag and Alonso, let’s not forget, there was no contact, Alonso didn’t have to drive 3/4 of the lap on 3 tyres, but the stewards are investigating a driver defending his position. So what’s your opinion on that? Isn’t what Kmag did racing incident? So why is it being looked at? Is it any worse than puncturing another drivers tyre?

    Who finished 2nd?

    • My opinion is that that is complete bullshit and there should be no further action. As I said before I dont make these decisions. And rosberg finished second. Making his lead in the championship on lewis even bigger. Haven’t you been watching?

    • My comment is in moderation so ill clean it up:My opinion is that that is complete bullsht and there should be no further action. As I said before I dont make these decisions. And rosberg finished second. Making his lead in the championship on lewis even bigger. Haven’t you been watching?

      • So going back to you comment about them both suffering damage, who benefited from the incident?

        And I’ll say it again, if that was Lewis who caused that collision, you and everyone who can’t stand the sight of him, would be doing the same that I’m doing now. You’d be on here just like in Germany complaining about his ‘over aggressive’ driving style.

        • I’ve never did that, my dear boy. And i dont resent hamilton. You should read everything. You just like to read the negatives. I’ve always said that lewis is the one with the most pure speed. I’ve always said I like his racing. But that doesn’t mean that I worship the ground he walks on, as do you do clearly. And that’s the difference. I’m a vettel fan and I’ve said negative things about him to.. you have to say everything. Not just the positive. And that’s something that you can’t handle, as shown in virtually every post.

          • Yup, there it is, the worship the ground he walks on reference. This has nothing to do with that, this is about being the innocent victim of a stupid move by his very smart and intelligent teammate and the fact that the stewards ignored it, but chose to look at the incident between Kmag and Alonso. We’ve seen so far this season Nico doing things that contravene the rules and gotten away with it (Canada and Silverstone) and today is no different.

  4. I have an idea.. I’ll post a comments related to the article written!

    I find it interesting – though. It really surprising, this being the FIA – that they go to length of stAting they did doping tests on three drivers but didn’t post the results of the tests? Even if they’re pending, tell us where/when the results will be posted.

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