#F1 Polls: FORMULA 1 PIRELLI MAGYAR NAGYDÍJ 2014 – Driver of the Weekend

2014 HungarianGP - Qualifying

As the sun sets on the first part of the 2014 Formula 1 season who was your driver of the weekend during the 2014 Hungarian Grand Prix? This takes into account the whole weekend and not just the race. Please use the comments section to state why you voted the way you did.

127 responses to “#F1 Polls: FORMULA 1 PIRELLI MAGYAR NAGYDÍJ 2014 – Driver of the Weekend

  1. Since everything hamilton did was due to the supremacy of his car I chose danny boy. Great race of the aussi. But an honorable mention for alonso. Bad car, worse tires. Still second. Very good job!

  2. Ricci, ricci, ricci, RICCIARDOOOOOoooooooo!

    That’s what I’m talking about! Aussie Aussie Aussie – Oi Oi Oi!

    He made that race WORK. Speed, brains, cunning, pure talent at the end.

    Is there anything better than the sight of the Union Jack flanked by the southern cross and that Aussie/Italiano bloke and his impish grin camouflaging that fire Aussie sportsman have.

    Defo DotS (driver of the season) to date. Defo surprise of the season to date.


    • would you wipe the cum stains of the carpet? thanks…
      Danny drove a brilliant race, but he was the one who profitet from SC1 thew most. I’d say his canada race was a much bigger achievement than today.

      • Oi, mate… I have been hiding my nationality and bowing my head in shame for the past decade thanks to Webber and his whinging, starts, hipocrisy, two faced-ness and general underperformance. And to a lesser extent Stoner too, but at least he was a god on a bike. So let me have my day… It’s my love cream to spill and I am spilling it liberally. He’s so far been the only guy making Mercedes pay any price for mech failures or mistakes or race mismanagement. Be thankful for that at least.


        • As I said. Danny drove one helluva race, but the real winner was Alonso. We was shafted by SC1 and still finished second. That was the real drive of the day

          • Indeed, Alonso has to win it for me… he’s dragged Ferrari back ahead of Williams as well in the WCC.

  3. Driver of the day…….. Ericsson!!! Had it not been for him dropping it and bringing out the safety car, we wouldn’t have gotten such a nail bitting race.

  4. There were some great drives this weekend, but Hamilton’s was by far the best, IMO.

    He has a car advantage (although less here than at other races) but so did Nico. Result between them? Not even close.

    • Have to say, I thought it was a good strategy at the time, but seeing how fast the extra stoppers came on as the track rubbered back in, and Lewis having lots of tyres available as well, I think he could have battled Ricciardo for the win if they had given him an aggressive soft-soft strategy like Rosberg did.. he was ahead of Rosberg when he put on the mediums..

    • Sorry, he had two SC’s to his advantage and he drives a Merc. Everything but a win is a disappointment, even if he starts in the Northwest Territories. There were at least two drivers who were miles better – Alonso and Ricciardo.

        • Who were in the podium positions before the first SC and where did they finish?

          The timing was devastating for those who were just too far round to dive in.

          Lewis did well but without the SC wouldn’t have been as far up. His move on Rosberg right at the end was a bit poor IMO and spoiled an otherwise superb race.

          I’d say Alonso was DotD for pulling off such a risky strategy, with Lewis and Ricciardo a close second.

          • Actually it was Ricciardo who pulled off the tricky strategy, because that call to pit when Ericsson dropped it, gave him the advantage over everyone. But I agree with your view in Fed. But we know that Fed is the man to make any strategy work. It was just a bloody good race all round.

          • In hindsight, I think a lot of strategies could have been better.. McLaren threw away points by sticking on inters! Total shambles there atm… Button: “We can’t even get the laps left on the pit board right…”

        • What confuses me is that I thought the deltas were meant to equalise the SC.. it only minimises it slightly but it seems ‘SC luck’ is still in play..

          • OK.. I see Lowe said ‘we are not sure why the SC was called when it was’.. I think he means a slightly quicker call could have let the top 4 pit as well

      • They were great drives too but not better. Rosberg was on pole and he didn’t manage a podium. Lewis third from the pitlane. Sensational!

      • Don’t worry Hippo, you are dealing with a guy who voted Erricsson DotD. Ignore em, I do.

        • Yes I did, because had it not been for his accident, Ricciardo would not have won the race and we wouldn’t have witnessed the best race of the season so far.

          FYI…. I voted for Lewis.

          • I’d take Rosberg out of it, because when he needed to be ruthless, he chickened out, particularly when he failed to get pass JeV. Had he been able to do so, he would’ve won the race, that’s where he lost it.

          • but unlike Lewis, he didn’t clatter into people. the points he collected today could make the difference at the end. And the last lap was proof enough that Lewis was prepared to run him off the track to stay ahead, so his race was poor, but ROS did what has to be done to win a championship instead of being stupid and over-aggressive.

          • Hey Hippo, ‘where did Seb finished again?’……

            Who would’ve thought that Redbulls 2 wins would’ve com from young Ricciaro…

            This is racing, not driving ms daisy!!! Furthermore he had the acing line and its not like Nico was alongside him. Maybe if Nico had shown the same balls and done the same to get pass JeV, he would’ve won the race.

        • Even I got the joke on what Fortis said Still…..course he was going to vote Hamilton.

          In this case I’d agree with him.

          Honourable mention to Fred also, he did a brilliant job.

          Colgate was super too!

          A lot of fantastic performances during the race.

          Britney seriously dropped the ball.

          • “Even I got the joke on what Fortis said Still…..”

            I thought he might be joking, but given other comments over the weeks/months, I frankly wasn’t so sure… 😉

          • I predict a wonderful virtual friendship between you guys. Eventually 🙂

  5. Pretty well a three way tie between Alonso, Hamilton and Ricciardo.
    Went for Alonso, though. Great stuff.

    Mercedes could do with a single person who understands race strategy in charge, I think. Like they used to have…
    I don’t think they served either Rosberg or Hamilton particularly well – and to tell Hamilton to pull over when they were effectively racing for position (did they even understand that was the case?) is not good.

    In any event, they seriously underestimated the pace of the options at the end of the race.

    • The ones who really need a strategic analist are mclaren. I can understand you gamble for inters in those conditions. But not on both cars. Never ever. ..

      • Bruznic, I nearly calved laughing at your spelling of analyst.

        I mean no disrespect my friend, I know English isn’t your first language.

        Your spelling is more suitable for, eh, ahem, *cough* an alternative to more conservative sexual activities 🙂

        • Yeah sorry, that’s the dutch spelling. Since I’m always on my phone when I come here it didn’t really autocorrect because for my phone there wasn’t anything wrong with the word. Didn’t proofread… but then again I didn’t know of the sexual meaning. Learned something again today 😂

  6. Re: Mercrdes

    The Mercedes drivers, both, lost it themselves. Both threw it away at different points. Nico at the start, being totally useless in the wet after the safety car and then Lewis compromising both their own strategies mid way. Lewis in particular, IMHO, really took away the chance at winning for Mercedes. Destroyed his tyres, compromised Nico’s strategy. Short sighted. It’s clear they are focused on beating each other, and not winning the race. I feel for the designers of the best car in F1. But Ricciardo made then pay, big time.


    • Why should Lewis pull over for Rosberg? Rosberg was too far back and it could have cost him points to Rosberg, which he can’t afford. He did absolutely the right thing. Rosberg has been harsh and. Lewis need to put down the same marker back. This is a championship battle.

    • Not sure I agree, SIS: I’m not sure that Hamilton could have done any better or had a strategy to win (given the speed of the Fred and Dan today) and Nico didn’t really look like he had the raw pace to pass Lewis mid-race. He dropped off the back of LH pretty quickly and certainly never made a move to pass him.

      Given the mountain that Hamilton had to climb from the pitlane, he was always going to focus on beating his team mate and only challenger for the title. That makes sense to me – if you don’t think you can win, the one thing you must do is beat the only other person who can challenge you in the championship. What’s not to like about that result?

      • I hear what you’re saying Tim. And I respect your view. But I think Nico had a chance to win, even after 1st saftey car, then just drove so effing poorly. Shocking really, very bad in the wet after the 1st saftey car. Whilst Lewis shone in such conditions. Magical. What a pass!

        Then as the strategies were repatriating, getting better, and the win was a prospect as the race went on, they met each other on track on diff strategies. Once again, a total fuck up. Lewis decimating his tyres (while Ricciardo was preserving his and waiting) and Nico’s strategy going out the window. In the end, I think the analysis in the coming hours days will show a Mercedes home goal.

        • Well, we certainly agree about Nico! Totally out raced today. And it looked like he NEEDED Lewis to let him by – not sure I can imagine that the other way around.

          It could be that Mercedes bungled a potential win, but I’ve got to think that Hamilton is happier with the result than he loomed. Maybe he was ruminating on being asked to move over… two own goals maybe??

        • Looks like Rosberg struggled once he had to move the brake bias forward under the first safety car… he was poor at passing Vergne under braking as he was locking the fronts in the drying conditions..

    • Not sure Lewis had a chance to win but you are right that he took away Rosbergs chance. That said, I agree with the commentators that Nico just didn’t get close enough.

      I would suspect Lewis would take the view that Mercedes don’t need to win the race to win the WCC and he is better served by keeping Nico behind.

      In the circumstances I’d probably agree. The constructors is so far gone for anyone else that points between drivers are more important.

      I wonder if Nico wouldn’t have been better pitting as soon as it became obvious Lewis wasn’t going to let him past so he had more time to catch up the lost time.

    • After you have stopped climaxing over ricciardo, maybe you’ll see the fact that you’re the one who’s short sighted. Of course lewis is focused on beating nico as it mean reducing the deficit to him in the championship. Now, focusing on winning the race and winning the race at all costs, possibly dnf’ing, is what I’d call short sighted. As for compromising nico’s strategy, what do you propose lewis should have done? Waved him goodbye into the sunset? No, if nico had the pace to get close enough and overtake, lewis wouldnt have put up resisitance, but why would lewis compromise his own strategy by slowing down? After banging on about how lewis doesnt look at the bigger picture in terms of the WDC, you come out with BS like this….

        • Malaysia 2013…..

          Nico…’let me pass, I can go a lot faster than him’

          Ross Brawn….’Nico, Lewis can go a lot faster as well, but we’ve told him not too, please do not pass’

          This was a completely different situation, this was to benefit Nico and not the team. And based on the post race analysis, he would’ve finished 2nd and Lewis 4th, thus increasing his championship lead.

          • So I guess Ross was just telling porky’s then right?….But if you want to know, its SPLEF

          • In that instance, I think they should have let Nico pass Lewis, however, the goal was 3-4, so Ross locked it down as such. If Nico pushed on, he might have blown up that race or later down the line (that’s the way it is with reliability now).

  7. Has to be Alonso. Taking that lump of pig iron to second makes Jesus walking on the water look like a lame stunt.

    Dishonourable mention to Rosberg. Driving a Merc slow enough to come fourth must be deliberate…

    • Rosberg didn’t make the most of his chances but look at where Bottas and Vettel finished compared to where they were running with the first SC came out. They all lost out big time.

      Definitely agree about Alonso.

      • The first four – ROS, ALO, VET, BOT lost out during the first SC as they were already past the pit entry. That’s were RIC won the race, because he was one of the first who could come in. That’s why Alonso was so sensational. He’s the only of the four who recovered from that rotten bit of luck.

  8. Hamilton.

    For telling Britney he’ll have to drive quicker to win.

    Fair play to him. Merc know now that the gloves are definitely off.

    Its about time he started to drive for himself and feck the team.

    • Funny, Vettel was damned for exactly the same last year in Malaysia. Ironically, in that very same race HAM waqs gifted a podium he didn’t deserve because Rosberd did obey the team orders. But of course we don’t do double standards around here…

      • Oh but hippo, how wrong can you be. If vettel does something it’s bad… haven’t you learned by now?

      • Hmmm, not sure your memory is 100% right there Fats my fine fellow although perhaps the difference is just nuance.

        Seb was told to hold station and he disobeyed.

        Hamilton was told “don’t hold him up” and, based on the fact that Nico never actually got close to him, he didn’t disobey – but he didn’t slow down to let him past.

        Arguable, for sure. But different scenarios, nonetheless.

        • Don’t know if you watched Ted’s notebook Tim but the way our dearest Ted worked it out Hamilton cost Nico 10s. So maybe a win and def a 2nd place. Now Nico still would have had to get past Alonso but we will never know if he would have been able to do that or not.

          Why Nico did not close on Hamilton’s back we don’t know but were also not getting all the radio messages. Unfortunately if you watch SkyF1 or BBCF1 all you get is ‘Hamilton is walking on water’ and biased commentary from Herbert et al (sickening).

          I can imagine there will be some interesting discussions going on at Mercedes and Hamilton is not making friends. He disobeyed a team order, blames the team when things go wrong and is miserable when things don’t go his way. I quite liked Nico’s response after the race. Clearly pissed off but more intelligent than Natalie Pinkham who tried to goad him into saying something controversial. Had that been Lewis it would either have been a mono syllable response or something along those lines but not über professional.

          Will Lewis still be at Mercedes in a year or two? Time will tell but someone needs to grow balls and tell the kid to get back in line. Vettel lost respect of the fans for disobeying team orders. Hamilton will loose Mercedes’ respect and then ….

          • I’m not in the UK so don’t get Ted’s notebook – which I imagine would be very good!

            I don’t disagree with most of what you say and it’s certainly true that we may not get all the radio messages.

            I’d maintain, however (unless there is any evidence shown that says different), that if Nico had cruised up behind Lewis and pulled out of his slipstream, he’d likely have been allowed to pass under braking. But he didn’t.

            I’d actually say that calculations showing that Nico would have been 1st or 2nd ahead of Hamilton rather argues in favour of what Hamilton did (for him): He would think “why should I go out of my way to help Nico beat me – I won’t fight him, but it’s up to him to at least make an effort to pass”. If the calculations are correct, then either Merc fucked up big time because they were favouring Nico (which I don’t believe) or Merc fucked up big time because they didn’t understand that the strategy they had Lewis on was slower and they should have changed it.

            As said elsewhere – would Ross make these mistakes?

          • The calcultions showed that Nico would’ve finished 2n and Lewis 4th. Why should he moe over for him? if Nico had gotten passed JeV and not spent 15 laps pussy footing behind him, then there wouldn’t have been any need for that message. It took Lewis 2 laps to get pass JeV, that’s where he lost out, not because Lewis didn’t let him by.

          • My initial though was that too Fortis… Why can’t Nico overtake.. But having discussed this with a friend of mine … when Nico was glued to JEV’s gearbox the racing/dry line was very narrow and venturing anywhere beyond it could have been an accident. Ask Seb. When Lewis caught up with JEV he had a wider racing/dry line to make use of.

          • Sure, how dear this little overpriviledged xxxxxxxxxxxxx step out of line and upstage his blonde hair blued eyed caucasion teammte!!!….WTF!!!!

            I’m sick and tired of reading stupid comments like this!!… Why isn’t anyone telling the other drivers who, like you say, ‘step out of line’ to get back in line? Did you say someone should tell Massa to get back in line when he refused to move over for Bottas? everyone applauded him for what he did. No one tells Seb to get back in line with his actions and his blatant disregard for his team when he said, ‘if i’m in the same situation, i’d do the same thing’. What Lewis did was no different to what Massa did, but people like you, will find any excuse to criticise him. But no, Lewis does the same an your talking about, ‘someone should tell the kid to get back in line’, what, i didn’t know we are living in the age of slavery?

            He has done nothing or said anything bad about the team, maybe you should’ve watche his interview as well with the BBC, when they too also goad him into saying something that he shouldn’t.

            People like you make me sick!!! You criticise him for things that everyone gets a free pass for. What was asked of him today, was not something to benefit the team, this was to benefit his teammate, the very same teammate he’s fighting with to win the championship.

            But thats to be expected!!


          • Whoa calm your horses. If anyone had a storm over things he did or said, it was vettel. Not only here. But worldwide… social media, television, newspapers. The lot. Here we have a saying, high trees catch alot of wind. Hamilton is one if the biggest trees. So its quite normal to get massive reactions if he steps out of line. Just as the case is with vettel. Massa on the other hand, nobody cares about him…

          • And exactly how did he step out of line? what did he say?…

            ‘I’m not moving over for Nico, if he catches up, i’ll let him pass’…

            At no point did Nico catch up, so why should he pull over and lose 2 seconds and possibly more to the guys in front of him, just so to aide Nico’s chances of finishing on the podium?…. Had he done so, he would’ve been 20 pts behinf rather than 11. So no, he was well within his rights to ddo what he did. If it’s ok for Massa, why is it not ok for Lewis? Who called for Massa to be ‘put back in line’? No one, everyone was all sympathetic, just because of what happeed to him at Ferrari.

            Mercedes sai they would let their drivers race and the only time they woul get involved, it is when the drivers are getting close to colliding with each other. Today was not like that, so there was no need to issue that message. Rosberg was on the faster and better tyres with DRS available to him, then he should’ve closed up and passed him, not rely on the team telling Lewis to give him a free pass.

            He’s one of the biggest trees, he’s the easiest target. When have you ever seen a driver got criticised, jus because they don’t smile?

          • easy , my dear boy. ive seen one being criticised just because he puts up an index finger… and even so by you. more then once. just btw i never said hamilton was wrong. i’m with you on this one if rosberg wants to finish ahead of him he should pass him. simple. this is the last reply on this comment im gonna give, since the mobile problem made me read and puzzle for 10 mins to read your comment. and thats no fun 😉

          • How was I being racist? you also need to moderate what others have written as well, because what he wrote, was bordering on RACISM!

          • Hi Don,

            I agree. But the slight difference with Lewis and Seb was that Red Bull still managed to win. Lewis compounded the damage of a race winning prospect.

            But I agree with your view. Both did lose respect. But I have a feeling LH will lose more Merc respect than SV did at Red Bull. Slightly different team dynamics at the time.

          • He will lose a lot more than respect.

            Let’s see if that contract extension is resolved by the end of the summer break…..

            If Lewis was the best thing since sliced Ascari, Mercedes will sign him up for years, as happened with Vettel and Alonso….

            I’m hearing there are concerns within the team…. and possibly from above [Stuttgart] over Lewis’ temperament and it’s divisive affect on the team employees…..

          • That’s interesting.

            I think of how Alonso’s career has played out, and your comments above, and it’s quite possible this might well be Hamilton’s final chance at becoming a mutilple world champion.

            This is becoming a fascinating season.

          • Well he’s sure as hell better than Britney……If he wants to win a championship, someone should tell him he needs to drive for it and not hope to capitalise on his teammates errors.

            Maybe someone should tell Nikki not to call out his own team for going against their policy of letting their drivers race each other. Mercedes lost the respect of fans because of that radio message.

            ‘I’m hearing there are concerns within the team…. and possibly from above [Stuttgart] over Lewis’ temperament and it’s divisive affect on the team employees’…….. If wanting to win is a bad temperament to have, then maybe Mercedes don’t share his ambitions to do so then.

            Your DN&C will surely be filled with your usual ‘Lewis Hamilton stories and by lines’….. oh it’s going to be a very long day in the courtroom

          • Nico compounded his own problem when failed to get passed JeV, he spent 18 laps following him, thats despite being on fresh tyres and with DRS. If he wanted to win the race, h should’ve passed him then. Thats what cost him any chance of winning. As for losing Merc’s respect, that’s your typical BS opinion!

      • Sorry buddy, trying to draw a parallel with Seb is more than a little tenuous.

        What Hamilton did was the same as Massa earlier in the season. I had no problem with that, and Williams had the decency to say they were wrong as both Williams drivers were racing for position.

        But don’t let the truth get in the way of a little beer fueled paranoia 😉

        Btw, anyone saying that Merc were favouring Brittany have plenty more fuel for that particular fire. Where’s the ‘we won’t issue team orders’ now.

        Short enough gap between them points wise, and pretty much half way through the season and ‘management’ decide who should win.

        I’m not a Hamilton fan, at all, but I hope he wins and then tells them to get the boat. He’s been treated pretty shoddily imo.

        But he still won’t go away. And I admire tenacity, resiliance and the balls it takes to sock it to the man (in this case the husband of an F1 driver).

        Maybe I’ll be Hammy fanboy for the rest of the year?

        Other thing that strikes me, now that I think of it, is that Nico, Seb and Schew all have one trait in common….they need the deck loaded in their favour to win WDC.

        Between skewed contracts in their favour, first dibs on parts that aren’t even on their car (and a paternal team manager ‘now Seb this us silly) and team orders do you think that the 11 titles (possibly 12 this year) could have been won with just pure driving ability? I have my doubts.

        Your serve buddy 🙂

        • Since you obviously have a beef with Germans, feeling the need to summarily deem them unworthy of their achievements, I decline to answer that.

          • As Eddie Irvine said of Schumi and anyone else (save, Ayrton Senna) who raced in an Adrian Newey car: “Everybody knows if you’re in a Newey car, you win.” And Newey’s design “boundary stretching” is infamous. (Please don’t reply by talking about how he sits at a draughtsman’s table while others are at computers – it’s 2014 and since, oh 2008, at the very least, the computer has surpassed the paper, pencil, and compass).

            Fernando Alonso’s statement stands in regards to Vettel’s abilities; pulling the “nationalist card” won’t help you. Oh and btw, who is the ONLY modern (1982 forward) F1 driver not to win a lower F1 preparatory class championship? Seb Vettel. Even Nico Rosberg won… the season after Lewis Hamilton left for McLaren in 2007 and lost the F1 championship as a rookie — by ONE POINT (name another modern era rookie who has that accomplishment?…).

          • You’ve just disqualified yourself.

            Vettel won the Formula BMW, winning 18 of 20 races. He was best rookie in his first year in F3, in his second year he ran F3,Renault World Series and Friday driver in F1. To the point of BMW actually apologizing for having wrecked his F3 season by over-exerting him.

            You’ve just outed yourself as someone who hasn’t got the slightest clue.

          • Formula BMW – HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! No, clown, GP3, GP2? THOSE are the preparatory seasons from which F1 champions arise. Formula BMW – nice try.

          • He never raced GP2. If you want to know what GP2 champions look like – Pastor freakin’ Maldonado.

            Nice try. Your football team still sucks.

          • And what achievement is it to become second when being sat right into a winning car in your very first F1 season? None other than Villeneuve has been pampered all through his F1 career like Hamilton. Even Vettel had to start in a STR.

          • Pampered?… Seriously? And he won in only his 2nd season 2008 despite the disgusting racist taunts from the crowd in Spain (for which the F1 press has never forgiven him – how dare he tell the truth about racism?!?!). Dude, your inability to be even a whiff objective is, well, disheartening; no, it’s really disgusting – kind like a Fat Hippo.


          • Sorry, but winning a championship in a 2008 McLaren isn’t a stellar achievement. Especially since he profited from Crashgate and was almost beaten by Massa. he beat Massa by a point. What kind of achievement is that.

            deal with it. Me finks you are sore.

          • Wait, Mr. Moderator, are you seriously telling me that what happened in Spain and HAMILTON’S remarks since – NOT MINE – have no bearing on his treatment today? The person addressed his 2008 championship season like it was somehow a walk in the park.

            Now, reveal time… I AM BLACK. I’ve played professional tennis and have been called n****r in at least a dozen languages DURING matches. Now, you don’t think that has an effect on someone, especially when the press will disparage YOU if you say anything about it?!

            That said, Lewis Hamilton’s 2008 season was stupendous, if for nothing else, that he was forced to deal with racism – an issue NO OTHER DRIVER DEALS WITH!

            Now, please tell me how me being factual about his 2008 championship season was me making some kind of unwarranted statement???

            I’m haven’t and am not going to trade fact for opinion. If you take 1/4 step back, you can see I said nothing wrong, unless you want to count the snark at the end of the comment about the anonymous, “Fat Hippo” namesake. If you want to get on me about that – cool. I apologize and won’t ever do that again. But for telling the truth about the context of Lewis Hamilton’s 2008 season? I’m sorry, I will not apologize for being factual.

            It sucks that race cannot be discussed, even when everyone here knows what Hamilton was forced to face in 2008 simply because of the color of his skin (commenters on Twitter have claimed Silverstone wasn’t a “home race” for Hamilton, that he isn’t British – because he’s Black —– FACT, not fiction).

          • You need to do some fact-checking: GP3 (then F3), 2005 – he finished 5th. 2006 F3 2nd season – runner-up. 2007 GP2 (then, F3.5) after Nurburgring 3.5 race led championship – was called up to Red Bull.

          • Vettel was called up to BMW, Einstein. Then he was signed by Toro Rosso, then he was signed by Red Bull.


          • @DK Wilson

            “an issue NO OTHER DRIVER DEALS WITH!”

            I am sorry you faced racism as a sports person. And as a human being. I sincerely am.

            However please do not be so pious as to assume racism is limited to “Black / White”. It is rampant within, for example, European ‘white’ nations, tearing each other apart.

            Sticking to the ‘driver’ issue, what do you think a German driver gets when he is competing in the British F3 championship and is challenging the British young gun. What do you think an Brit gets when he is competing in an Italian championship? Or a driver of Middle Eastern decent competing at Indy lights.

            I have seen much racism. I have seen enough in sports too. I have tried to fight against some of it, especially as I got older. Most of the the racism I have observed has not been “black v white”, though I have seen that too. To say NO OTHER DRIVER DEALS WITH! racism (because they are not black) is really irritating.

          • >Sticking to the ‘driver’ issue, what do you think a German driver gets when he is competing in the British F3 championship and is challenging the British young gun.

            according to that man: ‘what he deserves’

            Only the British can be that anal when it comes to Germans. One of my best friends is an Englishman and we can engage in a jolly good ribbin’, but the majority of ’em just pisses me off because they have frothing at the mouth as soon as they are beaten by Germans, which is, well, always. Their football sucks, F1 titles are won by Germans, their car industry died and is now owned by Germans. I’m so sick of the hatred.

            Once and for all – It isn’t our fault that you guys suck at everything.

          • Nope Danilo, no problem with Germans at all, as you well know from our exchanges throughout the years.

            Pretty poor form that.

            Only you allowed to wind contributors up on this forum or toys go out of the pram?

  9. Yesterday Nico said he wanted a glove off battle with Lewis, well he got that today. If he wants to win the championship, he’s gonna have to work for it.

    Getting stuck behind Lewis didn’t cost him the race, what cost him, was his inability to get pass JeV. Had he done so, he would’ve been able to close down the gap to everyone in front of him easily. So why should the team ask Lewis to let him go, just because he’s on a different strategy when he was a second behind him? When Massa did the same thing in Malaysia, everyone said it was the right thing to do, so why are the rules different for Lewis and Nico?

    • I reckon Nico piked on a battle with Lewis. He dropped out when the opportunity for a fight presented itself – he thought he’d get past Lewis with new boots later in the race.
      Lewis have Nico a gentle “don’t argue” by running him wide in T2 – job done. Kimi pulled the same trick on Lewis (?) earlier.
      Pretty limp effort there from Nico, really – took too Nichrome the tyres in catching up and forced to try a low percentage move maybe.

      • Nico also pulled the same move on Bottas at T1. So for anyone to complain about what Lewis did, is just ridiculous.

        The rules says, ‘your’re allowed to make one move to defend your position’…Lewis did that. Had Nico been side by side going into that turn and he shoed him off, the fair enough, criticise him, but given he was coming from so far back, then fair play to Lewis.

        • You’re so one-eyed you can’t even tell when someone thinks Lewis did a good job.
          Go have a nice lie down or something…

  10. Alonso for a never-give-up performance and almost making it work. Dan took full advantage of the first safety car and worked some tasty moves, but Fred skull-dragged his dancing donkey onto the podium. Props.

  11. Lewis beat Nico after starting from the pit lane AND spinning. There really is very little doubt who the better driver is.
    Rosberg tried to beat Ver in the pits. Lewis took the place on the track.
    BTW why was Lewis put on the hard tyre? Surely both Mercs would have passed Alonso at the end of the race on the option

    • Also in a car that was built over night…

      I’d like to have seen Rosberg make the same charge up the field

    • I think a lot of people are wondering why Lewis was put on the slower tyre. Maybe we will find out one day.
      As for the fuss about Lewis not letting Rosberg pass him, what nonsense is that? Rosberg was never close enough, not even in DRS range. So what was Lewis supposed to do, stop, get out, have a cigarette (if he smoked) and wave Rosberg by? As Lewis said, if Rosberg had got close enough he would have let him pass, as long as it didn’t slow him up in his chase of Alonso.

  12. I thought Mercedes said that they would allow their drivers to race each other? So why was Lewis being asked to move over for Nico?

    Nico was on the faster tyres, so he should’ve easily cruised upto Lewis’s gearbox and passed him. So just like Bahrain and Spain, when it comes to racing Lewis, he chickened out. He sat behind JeV for so many laps and could only jump him in the pits, Lewis however dropped the HAMMER on him and got the job done at T4. That is the difference between, Lewis will get the job done when he needs to, Nico however goes into hiding.

  13. What everyone seems to overlook is if they put Lewis on the same strategy as Rosberg, he would of still finished in front of Rosberg, as he had track position at that point.

  14. Let’s hope Britney does come back from the summer break in “full attack” mode… cos today he was in full on pussy mode. Couldn’t/wouldn’t even try to overtake LH? What’s up with that?
    Bloody great job by Danny Ric though, just brilliant! #FutureAussieWDC

  15. @Fat Hippo
    “…won the 2004 German Formula BMW Championship with 18 victories from 20 races.

    In 2005 he drove for ASL Mucke Motorsport in the Formula 3 Euro Series. He was placed fifth in the final standings with 63 points, winning the year’s top rookie honours. He tested the Williams FW27 Formula One automobile on 27 September as a reward for this Formula BMW success. He then went on to test for the BMW Sauber team.

    2006 became a busy year for the 18-year-old racing driver. He drove his second season in the F3 Euroseries, had two guest appearances in the Renault World Series and was promoted to test driver for Sauber in Formula One. A schedule that resulted in a competitive season with several victories, but ultimately no championships.[18]

    Vettel finished as runner-up in the 2006 F3 Euroseries, behind series leader and team mate Paul di Resta. He also made his debut in the Formula Renault 3.5 Series at Misano, winning after Pastor Maldonado was disqualified.[19] At the next round at Spa-Francorchamps, however, his finger was almost sliced off by flying débris in an accident, and he was expected to be out of racing for several weeks.[20] Nevertheless, he managed to compete in the Ultimate Masters of F3 at Zandvoort the following weekend, finishing in sixth place. He also set the third-fastest lap time, and it surprised his ASM team boss Frédéric Vasseur. Vasseur said: “I was impressed for sure, because at the beginning of the week I was sure he wouldn’t race! But he showed good pace from the first practice session. I can’t imagine he’s 100 per cent but at least we know we can be competitive in the next F3 Euroseries round at the Nürburgring next weekend – that’s important.”[21]

    Vettel competed in the Formula Renault 3.5 Series in 2007, and took his first win at the Nürburgring. He was leading the championship when he was called up to Formula One permanently.”

    Yes, I got the Toro Ross and Red Bull years a year late.

    But what year he signed with which team is not the point – and I think you know that.

    THE point is and remains, Sebastian Vettel is the ONLY modern F1 champion driver to have never won what was the equivalent of today’s GP3, or a GP3 championship; same with Formula Renault (F3.5) or what is GP2 today.

    And THAT, if you read the article I linked to in which you can read his quotes for yourself, is A HUGE part of Fernando Alsonso’s point. Give Sebastian Vettel a lesser car, as has Lewis Hamilton had. and Hamilton can and has won. Vettel NEVER HAS. And without some attitude adjustments, he won’t this season.

    And I’m not from frigging England – I’m American. I could care less what nationality Hamilton, Vettel, Massa, Alonso, or Ricciardo are. They are F1 driver FIRST (which is why I am so bothered by, after last season puling about not having a true “home GP,” Nico Rosberg was so keen on suddenly making both Monaco and the Nurburgring GPs “home races”).

    • Nigel Manell, Damon Hill and Alan Jones are at least three, in the modern era as you define it, that didn’t win F1 feeder categories, or sub feeder categories of their time prior to F1, be it F3000, F2, F3, FRenault.

      They won no categories that are equivalent, as you term it, to GP3, WSBR, or even sub feeders of F3, GP3 or FRen 2.0.

      That’s only a cursory glance also. There are others. Your point on SV, and your long winded post about him, is moot and undermined by poor research and frankly any future analysis and stats by you will be suspect. At best it’s poor research, at worst it’s just blatant lying to get a point across.

        • No Colin. He often references and says modern champion, from the modern era, which he defines himself as being 1982 and on in previous posts. If you read back, and carefully, it’s clear what he is trying to do and say. It’s clear the time frame parameters to his analysis, which is not limited to the current WDC’s on the gird.

          He is trying to give a longer term context (to 1982) to SV not being worthy by attempting to highlight that he is the only one, of all the champions before him to 1982, that didn’t prove his worth in lower categories. The problem is that’s untrue in the extreme.

        • “Oh and btw, who is the ONLY modern (1982 forward) F1 driver not to win a lower F1 preparatory class championship? Seb Vettel.”

          see Colin, he didn’t say, “…who is the only current WDC….”
          He said, “who is the only modern (1982 forward) f1 driver…”

          In addition, it’s clear in all his other rhetoric too.

          He clearly is defining a time frame. And it would be a remarkable stat, if true, but it isn’t. Like I said, poor research at best, blatant lying at worst. I lean towards the latter on this one frankly..

          Your serve… 😉

  16. It crossed my mind last night that had Lewis Hamilton been on the right tyres for his last stint he’d have won that race. All three he was fighting at the end were on the faster tyre, 1.6 seconds a lap faster, and the teams knew it was that much faster on the Saturday. They also had data from the race showing it was holding up. So why put Lewis on the harder tyre? He couldn’t defend against Dan, couldn’t attack Alonso and was vulnerable to Rosberg……and it was because he was on the wrong tyre! Even if he’d needed an extra stop, so much faster was that tyre, he could have taken it. I think Merc were in the mindset of Lewis is on damage limitation and Nico is on for the win and when circumstances changed Merc didn’t respond and change their strategy accordingly. Lewis had softs coming out of his ears after his quali fiasco, so what were they playing at? If Ross were still there Lewis would have won that race.

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