2014 GermanGP Winner - Nico Rosberg

Who was your driver of the weekend? Hamilton stormed from the back of the grid to take 3rd while his team mate Nico Rosberg performed when it matter. Bottas yet again showing he is made of championship material and what about Ricciardo and Alonso scrapping for P5? Tell us in the comments why you voted the way you did.

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    • Support you with RIC – not the best car but great hungry fighting. While I would understand most people vote for Hamilton – for me he is still in the best car and anything bar a podium would be disappointing.

        • Dont forget: No FRIC, so hard to compare this race to the rest of the season. Bottas was only 2 tenths slower than Rosberg in qualy.

        • Whereas Rosberg only had to keep the engine running and stay on the track to win. So Hamilton’s fight through the field didnt show any skill or give any excitement? Oh well, you are a hard person to please! 🙂

          • “…only had to keep the engine running and stay on the track to win…”

            Something Hamilton failed to do in Australia.


          • That is true, he failed to finish there, but it was not due to any error on his part.

          • @ Still I Surprise…..you have access to information the team and the rest of us haven’t been told about? Pray inform us of your insider knowledge of what Hamilton did to the car in Australia. Or it is just wishful thinking on your part? 🙂

          • @Mike…

            Do you have inside information? You don’t really know either.

            Fact remains, all LH had to do is as you suggest, “keep the engine running and stay on the track”. But he failed to do that. Nico succeeded.

            Are these facts in dispute.

            My point is your speculation is as good as mine.

          • @ Still I Surprise…..well if we want to go in for daft speculation without any evidence to back it up, then lets speculate that Rosberg tampered with Hamilton’s car, causing it to fail. Something which it goes without saying, he did not do. But its just a valid speculation as yours that Hamilton damaged his car. 😛

          • In Australia, it was the spark plug casing that failed, so Lewis was down one cylinder… the team called to retire the car to save the engine. At the time Lewis was still holding 3rd, if I remember correctly? Like Hill in Hungary 1997, a 50p piece of plastic caused the problem.

          • Nobody says that, but 20 to 3rd in this years Merc is simply no achievement. Rosbergs only achievement was staying awake. Ham’s mistake of clattering into Button pretty much rules out any chance of being driver of the day. With that car you have to drive over the water if you want to do anything that separates you from the others. We haven’t seen such a ridiculously superior car since 1992.

          • But when Seb did it from the pitlane in Abu Dhabi in 2012 in that ‘Redbull’, it was something special, right?

          • Well of course…he is a German driver!!
            So, Red Bull didnt have dominant cars for 4 years?

          • Dominant, but not as dominant as Mercedes are now. Their car dominance has not been seen since the 1961 sharknose Ferrari!

    • Deffo Daniel. Totally impressed with him refusing to roll over to Fred. That smile evidently hides one hell of a competitive bastard. Major kudos there.
      I want to see more of that kind of struggle between the boys in the silver pyjamas. Screw team orders, I want to see gloves off scrapping like Bahrain (?). They are both being nice little corporate spivs at the mo’ – near and tidy line astern running once they have 1-2 locked.

    • Great pace by Ricciardo, looks like he would have beaten Vettel in this race. But the duel of Alonso to keep him back in a fuel-hungry Ferrari (with no top speed) was masterful, as was Danny’s recovery race-craft.

  1. Lewis Hamilton………

    Gearbox change
    brake disc change
    started 20
    fastest lap
    Finished 3rd and only 22 seconds behind his teammate.

    • Tagged just about every car on the grid.
      Couldn’t pass a car with older tyres and the same donk.
      Couldn’t pretend to enjoy himself post-race…

      • Roger, please don’t use facts to support your argument if questioning LH’s performances.

      • And you think that’s going let me change my mind?

        Sutil, Button and Kimi, by my count that’s 3 cars, the last time I checked, there was 22 cars on the grid.

        Sure he couldn’t pass a car that was on older tyres and same donk. But how many drivers did more than 14 laps on the SS tyres?

        You can highlight everything you like, it’s still Lewis Hamilton for me. Because no other driver had to deal with all the things he had to.

        • Everybody is bashing Hamilton no matter what apparently.
          Everybody knows the Williams is a beast on the straights.
          Everybody could see Hamilton did 15+ laps on his last set of supersofts, graining and all.
          Nobody noticed Hamilton kept his head cool during the race when he was still in 7th position at lap 34 and had an incident with Button.

          Its pathetic.
          Hamilton made some silly decisions/mistakes the last few months but he cerntainly doenst deserve the current bashing based on this race.

          • That’s never going to stop mate, I’m use to reading the same old stuff week after week. I just laugh most of the time, because he’s the one everybody loves to hate.

            When he wins, they all draw into their shells, but the moment he’s has a moment of misfortune like yesterday, they all come out and bash away.

            I know they won’t admit it publicly, but Lewis has been the best thing that has happened to F1 since Schumi’s first retirement.

            Team LH44!!

          • I don’t see what you describe in myself – but I also can’t bring myself to support him.

            I’ve asked myself why many times, I should be supporting a British driver and certainly should be supporting a British driver that is one of the most talented on the grid.

            But I can’t.

            If he wins he wins. If not then I must admit I find it funny when things go wrong for him as he just seems to carry a trouble magnet around with him.

            Lewis the best thing to happen to F1? Not really. He’s just one of many exciting drivers who have come through with actual skill rather than with dollars to spend. If anything, he’s failed to turn his undeniable talent in to more race wins and more titles – maybe that is why I find it hard to support him, because he’s disappointed too many times.

            Even in this race he seemed clumsy compared to someone like Ricciardo who managed to scrap for several places cleanly unlike Lewis who often seems to end up passing people as the other driver decides self preservation is better than risking the place.

            It was obvious when he came bleating on the radio after his little coming together with Jenson asking what he should do. I mean, give the team time to run the options and work out how best to play it! Drive a few laps and see how the car is and what you can do with it. Did he really think the team were just sitting at the back of the garage snacking on Bratwurst and sipping cold German beer? I can’t see someone like Alonso or Button making that sort of call, they’d know to feed the team back with as much info as they could and give them time to analyse it.

          • I said Lewis has been the best thing that has happened to F1 since Schumi’s first retirement, didn’t say he was the best thing outright.

            Should he have won more titles? sure, but you can’t win a championship without a championship winning car, that’s something he has not had since 08. He had such a car in 2012, but it was very fragile. Just ask Alonso, he has been trying for 4 years and it just keeps getting further and further away from him.

            So you’re criticising him because he asked what he should do after the incident with Jenson. So by your reasoning, he should’ve just sat and wait for the team to tell him what to do, rather than ask? But exactly who is in the car, his engineers or him? He hit another driver, the natural thing to do is to inform the team, so as they’re aware of what happened, nothing wrong with that. Jenson was on the radio straightaway to inform his team what happened, its the natural thing to do. How about giving him some credit when does do something that’s to everyone’s liking. He was gracious enough to apologise to Jenson whilst overtaking him the next lap and as well as on the podium and during the interview with Sky. Ok some of his overtaking moves today weren’t the cleanest, but you’re picking out the only 3 contacts that he made out of how many he did? He wasn’t the only person who was clumsy with some of their overtaking, so why single him out like a sore thumb?

            Just because you’re both British, that doesn’t mean that it’s mandatory that you support him. You support him because you want to. I’m not British and I support him, so national pride is irrelevant.

            I think your comment proves my point, it doesn’t matter what he does or doesn’t do, there will always be something to critic about him.

      • Why would I be? even if I was, I doubt hippo’s have a sense of humour.

        Like I said, you and many like you, wont admit it, so its a pointless topic to debate to have with your or anyone else.

        • You should step back and read your stuff, Fortis. Kettle calling pot black in my opinion.

          On another topic, Massa should just shut up.

  2. Nico. Perfect responnse to GBR. Like u said above, performed when it mattered.

    • I can consistently blow by everyone on the track on Gran Tourismo set to ‘easy’ buy I’d never call myself a great driver based on an effort like that.
      As much as I despise the expression, MB really are on another level. They just turn it up to 11 for as long as required to get out front and then stay there running on 8.

      • Well as it stands the majority of voters disagree and think Nico did very well. Currently over a third if the vote.

        But I understand your GT analogy. I still think he did exemplary based on the associated context of needing to bounce back. Remember, it was DotW, not just DotR.

        • I guess this is one of those that is so hard to answer! Nico did what he needed to do. As it turned out, once Lewis had his problem what he needed to do wasn’t very much.

          You can argue that he should have finished 2 laps ahead of everyone else with such a fast car, or you could argue that he should have been just out of DRS range of the 2nd place man to minimise wear and the risk of damage to the car.

          It’s one of those things that is impossible to analyse – we saw so little of him on TV that we don’t know how hard he was working. He may well deserve DotW but the evidence is hard to judge.

          • If I am being honest, I think RIC was DotD and DotW.

            I am just so sick of rabid Hamilton fans and their lack of consideration for facts, evidence, logic and stats that I feel compelled to make sure I balance the ledger and force the contra argument down their collective throats until all they can taste is a German/Finnish flavour

            In order to balance the ledger, I fall into a “if you can’t beat em, join em” mentality in terms of just saying irreverent, crazy, inexplicable views without anything to properly underpin them. I suppose all I am doing long term is undermining myself and and real contributions.

            I think what shits me the most is that if you say anything, you are destroyed by the ‘Hamilfosi’. Actually scratch that. What shits me the most is that the ‘Hamilfosi’ make me more critical of Hamilton than I would normally be. In fact, I just realised I projected my ‘Hamilfosi’ dislike to Hamilton himself. That could suggest a weak mentality on my part… but fuck, enough is enough.

            Anyway, I’m going for a big ride tomorrow on my newly fixed bike. So yeah, think of me whilst your working away. 😉

          • Whilst you’re on your long ride, don’t forget to the tissue and get a lot, because you’ll be needing to wipe all that’s been “shitting” you so much.

            When someone only lays out “facts, logic, evidence and stats” that only supports one side of the argument, then why should the “rabid Hamilfiosi” listen or agree with that? Are you saying that your “facts, logic, evidence and stats” are the correct and relevant ones?

            You’ve been spewing all your “facts, logic, evidence and stats” only after the Monaco Gp. So what about the events before then? Aren’t those relevant as well?

            Since Monaco, Nico has been the better performer of the 2 drivers, no one (I’ve) has ever disputed that, it’s there in plain black and white. But due to your need to try and ram a “German/Finish” taste down anyone “Hamilfiosi” who dears counter your “facts, logic, evidence and stats” with those of their own, you scream bloody murder.

            10 races have now been completed….

            6-4 in qualifying to nico

            5-4 to Lewis in wins

            9-8 to Nico in podiums

            2-1 to Lewis in DNFs.

            190-176 pts to Nico

            Now have I missed out anything?

            Argue your corner based on the entire season so far, not the last 5 races. Because it’s clear to see, that in the first 5 races, it was Lewis who had the upper hand and now it’s Nico in the last 5.

          • You don’t know what you’re talking about. The analysis is flawed. I am not responding any further to you, nor reading anymore of your comments.

          • The way you characterize your own behaviour is fascinating…

            You saw 4 or 5 people ganging up on the one Hamilton fan here and joined up to get a few kicks, but you see yourself as a lone hero against an army. Delusional, and hilarious.

            By the way, where is the “army of rabid Hamilton fans” today? Seems to me you’ve been free to comment many times on this post.

          • The Hamilfosi comment, J, was not just here. But it’s all good, you keep praising your god. I’ll just watch F1.

  3. Bottas for me. A sterling effort.

    Hamilton would have been my pick but for his mistake overtaking Button, which he decently acknowledged:
    “I did as good as I could. It was hard to get through the pack safely and I had a little bit of a collision with Jenson. I thought he was going to open the door which he has done a couple of times lately but that was my bad judgement. It was hard to overtake so I’m glad to get some points today.”
    Lot of fun to watch, though.

    Ricciardo was in the mix, too – and provided plenty of entertainment.

    Rosberg, through no fault of his own, was simply not tested this weekend.

    Let’s hope Brembo can sort out their quality control.

    • Let’s hope Lewis initiates a consumer boycott of Brembo! What is it, 2nd or 3rd time this year (if you count Austria)? It’s just about time to stop using it and start getting used to the other brand.

      • It’s the 2nd for the Mercedes team, Nico had that problem in Spain during one of the free practices. But its 9 so far in the paddock

        • Well, not counting the brake failure in Germany, Lewis had a brake failure in Canada. And according to one poster here (and convincingly for me), his “mistake” in Austria during qualifying smelled of a failed brake, too. For a count of three. If indeed all those times he was using Brembo, then it’s high-time to stop using that.

        • That said poster, did make say that and only recently (yesterday) said otherwise and in fact stated that it was actually the drivers fault why he spun.

    • As I pointed out yesterday.. DOTW has to be Bottas. He has really got Massa ‘under the thumb’, and is single-handedly taking it to Alonso and Ferrari, hauling Williams up into 3rd in the WCC.

      I had an in-cling that Bottas could hold off Lewis, once he set that purple S2 in Q3. Straight away, that means that Rosberg has left time on the table at the hairpin, as did Vettel. So, I would say that stops him being DOTW. Hamilton might have beat him for pole IMO.

      Magnussen also recovered from 10 seconds off the backmarkers to 1 position behind Jenson. He must be sweating for his seat.. Kevin’s S3 was great. The stewards also said that “Massa didn’t intentionally turn in to Magnussen”, which shows where they thought the blame would have gone if they wanted to dish it out.

      PS. If anyone hit Sutil’s car under waved yellows, then I would have expected a race ban at the very least. Most of these guys are meant to be the best in the world!

    • Also.. how Bottas communicated with the team on tyres, and then cruised from laps 45-58, just to have tyres left at the end to counter Hamilton with, just shows why he is universally held in the team as ‘the next coming thing’.

  4. So there’s all this talk about safety in F1, but yet you’ve got a car sideways in the middle of the track at the exit of a very fast corner for more than 2 laps and the stewards didn’t think it was necessary to deploy the SC.

    Tomorrow’s “Charlie says” column should make for good reading.

    • Well off the racing line under double waved yellows.

      I think it was a good call – by the time the safety car had picked up the leaders and let the tail end charlies through you’d have lost 4 or 5 laps. As it was they had it moved in half that with no real danger.

      Every team manager would have been on the radio to their drivers within seconds warning them.

      They’d have thrown a safety car in Indy / Nascar just to spice up the show a bit, luckily F1 hasn’t gone that way so far.

      • So your saying, by not deploying the SC for a car that’s in a dangerous position, even if it’s off the racing line, F1 hasn’t gone soft? But yet your complaining about drivers making contact with each other, well one driver.

        • The deployment of the safety car in Nascar / Indy (and occasionally in the BTCC in recent years) has more to do with ‘the show’ than with safety sometimes.

          ISTR Alan Gow even admitted to sending it out a few times to spice things up.

          What I’m saying is that rather than seeing it as an opportunity to mix things up, Charlie took a moment, considered that the car was in a relatively safe place and let the marshals deal with it.

          If there was a risk of cars coming off that corner side-by-side then I’d agree it was dangerous, as it stands that section is strictly one at a time with the cars running to the edge or beyond of the track, so where the car finished up wasn’t a major safety concern.

          As for drivers making contact, F1 is not a contact sport. You expect drivers to lean on each other in the BTCC and the cars can take it. You saw what happened to Massa with fairly minor wheel to wheel contact. I’m not saying Lewis is the only one to do that – Maldonado is often worse – but he can be overly aggressive. Even Martin Brundle commented that he could see trouble brewing when Lewis and Ricciardo caught Alonso and one of the FIs as it was obvious Lewis wouldn’t take his time to pass carefully.

          • Do you remember what happened at Silverstone last year when Seb had to retire from the race? his car was parked up against the pitwall and well away from the racing line on a corner that was similar to this one. Charlie felt the need then to deploy the SC then. Sebs car was eventually removed from the track, via the gate on the wall. Sutil’s car was in a much more dangerous position. Sure there was waved double yellows, but it’s not like they were coming through that corner at 20mph, they were still probably doing 90-100 mph.

            A marshall lost his life in Canada whilst recovering a car, from a position that was in no way as dangerous as this was. Having marshalls running across the entry of the pitlane and on the track.

            Charlie has made some very questionable decisions so far this season and I believe that this was one such occasion.

      • I disagree. Fairly dangerous, even with double-waved yellows. My heart skipped a bit when the marshals foolishly ran through Turn 1 to see if they can push the Sauber wreck. (Couldn’t they just come from the other side?) Charlie Brown has deployed safety cars for much less in the past..

        • I guess they didn’t remember this incident. Today they had marshalls running across the track as well.


          They spent 1 hr repairing the barriers at Silverstone, which really didn’t need to be repaired, but didn’t think a car parked in the middle of the track on fast blind corner, wasn’t dangerous at all.

          • Yup, for this very reason I thought it was stupidly dangerous. Imagine a marshal tripped and couldn’t get up in that delicate, blind, high-speed corner..

    • Every driver had passed the wreck after 1:20 and knew where it is and it was far enough off the racing line. I submit, you’re only crying foul because it would have allowed your boyfriend to creep up to Nico.

        • You should know by now what they are like. If in doubt about winning an argument then resort to personal insult.
          There doesn’t seem to be much consistency about whether a safety car is deployed or not. Nor about when going outside the limits of the track is illegal or not.

          • mike. I’m going to put it in simple terms. Both you and Fortis are the biggest HAM worshippers here and the SC would have helped him immensely in that situation. Had it been different, with Nico 10 seconds behind Lewis only for that lead to be wiped out. Both of you would be screaming bloody murder.

          • Ham worshipers….ha ha, says the man who’s always bringing offerings to Seb’s temple.

            I didn’t scream bloody murder in Bahrain.

          • In contrast to you. I’ve been known to criticise Vettel if he deserves so. You try to spin everything and if you can’t you just accuse everyone else of hating him.

          • And had it been the other way around like you said, you and everyone else, would be screaming bloody murder as to why there wasn’t a safety car.

          • I am not a HAM worshipper, but I think he is a top driver. I dislike all the petty comments about him, I don’t think he deserves them. He did well to recover from 20th position to finish 3rd, even with one of the best cars on the track under him. I think Alonso is probably the best driver on the grid but cannot show how good he is as he is saddled with a “dog” of a car.
            As for the SC, I wasn’t saying it should have been deployed. All I was saying is that it varies a lot under what circumstances it is brought out. In some races yes, in some races no, even though the situations appear similar. The same with penalties, or not, for exceeding the limits of the track. There is no consistency to the rulings.

          • Sutil’s car was far off the racing line and after 1:30 everyone had passed by and seen the wreck and knew where it is. We should be grateful that whiting is at least man enough not to nullify a whole race with such a late SC when it is not absolutely neccessary.

            As for Lewis. Yes he is one heck of a driver, but he proved again today that he doesn’t have what it takes to be a champion. He has a massively superior car under his arse, but instead of waiting two corners until he can blast by easily, he clutters into Button and that wasn’t even the only bump he had. That was just amateur hour. Had he driven a little more level-headed, he would’ve finished second.

          • @ Fat Hippo….Hamilton cannot do anything right in your eyes. If he hadn’t driven hard to fight his way through the field, you would have said the same thing, that he doesn’t have what it takes to be a champion. As it was, there was a little bumping going on, but he certainly was not the only one doing it. As for Button, he admitted after the race that the positioning of his car would probably have given Hamilton the impression he was moving over to let him pass. It was that coming together, born out of misunderstanding, that damaged Hamilton’s front wing, and cost him second place.

          • Sure Sutil’s car was off the racing line, but it was still in the middle of the road. But you’re focusing on the car and not the fact that 3 marshalls had to run across the track and the pitlane entry to get to his car.

            That was a blind corner, so sure the drivers knew where the car was, given it was immobile but they wouldn’t have known where the marshalls were.

            Wasn’t the Armco barrier at Silverstone off the racing line and located on a long straight, where the likely chance of someone crashing there, is highly unlikely. Charlie deemed it necessary to stop the race for a hour to carry out needless repairs. But risking the lives of marshalls, wasn’t deemed to be necessary.

          • Do I spin everything in the same way that your and everyone else does?

            Sure he hit Jenson, but that was clearly explained by him and later Jenson himself, said he could see why Lewis misread what he was doing, he owned up and apologised for it. Now had he not, I can only imagine the level of criticism he would’ve gotten. But no, you and everyone else have used it to criticise him. But hey, when both Seb and Alonso squeezed and collide with Kimi, that was acceptable and overlooked.

            But like I’ve always said and will continue to say, Lewis will always be criticised by the masses for the he does or doesn’t do. The very same thing that’s being done by everyone on the grid.

            Lewis is the one that everyone loves to hate and that’s something that will never change, irrespective of what he does.

          • ….Lewis should have been happy – he came from 20th to 3rd – he was tetchy with SKY’s Pinkham etc etc – and he’d been told my Mercedes to expect 4th after they ran thousands of simulations Saturday night.

            Look at Ricciardo – “I had awesome fun out there”…..

          • Well it’s not like Ricciardo is challenging for the championship, is he?

            He did say he enjoyed the race, but his frustration was down to not being able to challenge his teammate for the win.

    • Jenson’s tweet a little later after he gave that interview…

      “After watching the race back think I overreacted with my feelings about Lewis’s move. I can understand why he thought I was giving him room”

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