Castrol #F1 GP Predictor Summary – Montreal 2014

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Fresh from the absence at the Monaco GP the GP Predictor summary makes a return.  An unexpected race win for Daniel Ricciardo comes as a welcomed change to the norm of the Silver Arrows on the podium.  Can anybody remember the last time the German national anthem wasn’t played after a race?

Following the Canadian GP, it was still a Canadian team leading the standings.  AJKL continues to lead on 498 points, 31 points clear of 2nd place as the top 5 remained unchanged.  It was the second page of the league which saw the most change, with only 2 teams maintaining position.  The Austrian GP will surely see some new names on the first page.

On the Up

Forza TI managed to climb 10 places with just 37 points being score for the weekend.  This bares testament to how unpredictable the result from the race proved to be.  What was it someone said about 2014 F1 taxi driving?

Forza TI - Montreal 2014

One to Remember and One to Forget

It was a happy home GP for Replicants Racing as the team climbed 7 positions to 49th, 1 place behind McDowells-Lada which had dropped 5 places.

A Rosberg pole and 5th place for the ever reliable Hulkenberg helped towards the 31% accuracy for the round.Replicants Racing - Montreal 2014

The faith shown in Ferrari was admirable, but somewhat misplaced as Alonso failed to realistically challenge for the final podium spot.  Can Ferrari perform better in Austria next time out?

McDowelss-Lada - Montreal 2014

Nobody saw it coming

The obvious one here would be the Mercedes problems and subsequent retirement for Lewis Hamilton.  Button finishing in 4th surprised many as the Williams pair (more so Bottas) struggled with their tyre temperatures.

In truth, Daniel Ricciardo winning was an inevitability.  He has consistently been the ‘best of the rest’ this year, so it was likely he would pick up the pieces somewhere along the line.  However, nobody would have predicted it on a circuit where they suffer such a power deficiency.

Food for thought

Rather than harp on about whether this could be a turning point in the seasons of Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton, let’s focus on another pair – the Red Bull boys.  With Helmut Marko admitting it was the team’s fault that it was not Vettel who was in position to be fighting for the victory on Sunday, how will he react in Austria?

Furthermore, how will he and the rest of the field cope with driving on a new track?  Could we even see advantage to the older drivers this weekend who raced there under its previous guise, the A1 ring?

Remember when…

This week there is no individual question for the predictor quiz – instead some facts:

  • Daniel Ricciardo became the 4th Australian to win a Grand Prix this weekend. Name the other 3…
  • It has been 3 years since Daniel Ricciardo last won a race.  Which series was it in?
  • It has been 20 races since either Vettel, Rosberg or Hamilton didn’t win a race.  Who won and where?


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  1. “Button finishing in 4th surprised many”

    None more so than himself I imagine, considering he was 8th a lap and a few corners before the end.

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