#F1 Polls: FORMULA 1 GRAND PRIX DE MONACO 2014 – Driver of the Weekend

Nico Rosberg - Monaco 2014 Winner

The weekend started on Thursday with FP1 and FP2, Hamilton taking first blood and Alonso managing to get the scarlet Ferrari fastest in FP2. Qualifying saw Rosberg take pole and today we see Rosberg win again with another Mercedes 1-2, but who was your driver of the weekend? Taking into account the whole weekend please vote for your driver below and tell us in the comments section why you voted the way you did.

82 responses to “#F1 Polls: FORMULA 1 GRAND PRIX DE MONACO 2014 – Driver of the Weekend

  1. I was gonna give it to Magnussen, but that wasn’t right with the last few laps in mind. So i gave it to Bianchi. Well done.

    • It’s really hard this week. Every driver seemed to have one knock or another against them, if the car didn’t fail underneath them.

  2. Jules Bianchi. First points for Marussia. Honourable mention to Rosberg for showing the abrasive whining bitch were to shove his attitude. ROS showed a lot more grace in defeat the last four races. HAM just made a fool of himself. ‘I had something in my eye’ my arse – you’re wearing a full-face helmet, Einstein! *facepalm*

    • For some with an avatar name as “fat hippo”… Shouldn’t really be calling peopl names. Because your name comprises of one of the ugliest creatures on god earth and being fat, I’d assume your unable to look down and see your feet….

      …so give it a rest with the name calling…. Fat hippo!

      • Yo Fortis, um so the 1990’s is like over. Paying out someone’s avatar name, because you don’t like post, is kinda done. The world has moved on. Maybe read some youtube comments to get inspiration. It’s 2014 now – lmao. But yeah, silver lining is it reminded me of the school yard, so yeah thanks for the contribution.

        • @ Danilo

          I asked yesterday but got no reply ( maybe you missed it mate ? ) –

          would you give me your take on who Merc favour – Lewis or Nico – from a German perspective.

          As the UK coverage is extremely biased

          Cheers 🙂

          • From what I gather, there is an internal power struggle going on. Lauda nurses a semi over Lewis, but Merc (the company) wants them to duke it out on track. Toto Wolff admitted before the race that there have been physical altercations between the two sides of the garage (among mechanics)

          • Yes, very interesting. If it’s that close in the garage then I can’t see team orders going down well either if they are implemented at some point..

          • Maybe it’s because you’re so anal about the fact that someone had the audacity to beat your driver? You don’t even realize how pathetic your drivel is.

          • There you go again with bum reference.

            You seem to have a very strong liking for bums, is it because hippos have fat asses?

          • the irony of danilo calling somebody else anal about other drivers winning is incredible. a bitching vettel is always in the right, but suddenly hamilton is an abrasive whining bitch. isn’t there a german formula 1 side where you can take your fat behind and have a circle jerk with similarly biased compatriotes? i thought that now that the vettel reign is over and marc left to sportscars you would find a reason to shut up. but apparently, you just jumped onto the next germans genitals. it’s pretty annoying, because almost everybody else is actually capable of having informed adult discussions about formula 1 here. there are one or two other exceptions, but you are the worst of the whole bunch.

          • anjis, I suggest you peruse the archives and you’ll notice that I wasn’t very much in favour of several of Vettel’s interviews in the past. 😉

          • Thank you ANJIS.

            I thought we were finally free of straw-man arguments and quasi-homophobic remarks now that the Vettel bandwagon has steered off into the ditch but no. They all abandoned their “favorite” driver at the first sign of trouble and jumped on Nico’s wagon instead. Any driver will do as long as he’s winning.

          • Does it count that I just want to see good racing and not too bothered about the driver?

            Yes I know it’s almost impossible not to be biased but what irked me with Hamilton is this view that everyone is out to get him (I am the victim). Yesterday he could have smiles and said something like “I suppose I should let Nico have a pole too” and then tell us all how he should have banked that first flyer.

            Then today, he suddenly had something in his eye when he realised he could not find a way past Nico but had enough sight to stay ahead of Ricciardo. Hmmm ???

            Then the interview after the race it was McLaren this McLaren that. A true leader leads, does not moan and just carry on and make a difference.

            But, regardless of all that though, were in for an awesome season people and Canada cannot come soon enough. All that should have happened today was Kimi should have been 3rd to wind Fred up well and truly…

          • j, since your baseless accusations are clearly levelled at me – rest assured, I’ve not turned into a Rosberg fan. Just because VET isn’t winning anymore doesn’t mean I’ve abandoned my support for him. You may have accidentally projected your own behavior onto me. You’re mistaken.

    • and Lewis just made an even bigger fool of himself in the Sky interview …

      dummy well and truly spat – all toys out of the pram 😀

      • Lol just saw it.

        He had a face of a dude who was totally reamed.

        There’s nothing watching a sportsman being a presumptuous prick, judging another’s life, declaring some sense of entitlement via extra hardship, starting the mind games then getting it fed back to you via the orifice where the sun doth not shine.

        Despite the clear financial differences in their lives early on, only Lewis has shown an extreme sense of entitlement and spoiled attitude now and consistently in the past.

        • The funny thing is, in terms of racing development, it’s actually Lewis, who grew up with the yachts and the jets. He was signed up by McLaren at the age of 14, getting money pumped up his backside and the best material in any series he entered. Nico didn’t quite have that luxury. Sleeping on the couch my arse…

          • Good point. Didn’t think of that.

            On another note, Nico has gone half way now, delivered a beautiful uppercut with perfect chin contact, he should now just shut LH down, take advantage of Lewis’s declarations and say, “well if that’s how he wants it, mind games, I assure you he’ll buckle first.”

          • and maybe some ” cheating ” like Lewis did with the power settings in Spain – wouldn’t go amiss either …..

          • I thought Nico had his own team in the junior formulae? Tbh, it takes an arm and a leg to start karting in the first place.

          • He raced for his father’s team, but Rosberg Racing was always a privateer team. So he probably still had it easier than the Bianchi’s and the Hulk’s, but nowhere comparable to the financial and technological force of McLaren.

          • True, he was made from 13, but until he got signed by McLaren it was a real hustle on their part. Hence Lewis himself getting himself in there with Ron aged 10!

    • Shut up hippo, you got some nerve, I’ve seen petulant and childish comments from you in the past. Would you expect anything less from Hamilton, just like how Rosberg is always reserved with his interview style. These guys all want to win so why not be unhappy with 2nd, let’s face it, it’s the 1st of the loosers.
      Finally hippo, how’s your boy Sebbie getting on? Oh yes, shit , that’s right.

      • If you meant to provoke me, tough luck, buddy. I’m sitting 120m above Frankfurt in a suite on the 30th floor of a 5-star hotel feeling good 😀
        As for Seb. Well, his car broke, what can he do? As for Nico and Lewis. Compare how Nico presented himself the last four races and look at the abrasive and petulant conduct of Hamilton. That says it all. I’m pretty sure, if I trawl the comments of last year, there’ll be at least one comment of yours saying how Vettel or Alonso are bad losers. Well what was Lewis today, or does HE enjoy a different standard than the others? Does is divine holiness deserve to win even if someone else is clearly better on the day?
        Don’t tell me to shut up. A government tried and didn’t succeed, so don’t get your hopes up.

        • I know elevators have a maximum weight limit, so how the hell did you get your fat ass all the way up to the 30th floor? Did they have to remove a window and crane you in?

          Give it a rest, you’re becoming tiresome and boring.

        • I don’t dispute how the drivers behaved, but would you really expect any less given their respective personalities.
          I very much doubt you will find me slateing a driver as its not my style. I don’t have a driver or a team, I love F1 for the cars, the winner is a side show for me.

          As for my Vettle comment, well, what can I say, we can all be petulant at times lol.

          Final thought as I gotta go out now.
          If I drivers in the best car don’t believe and picture themselves as the winner they may as well not bother lining up on the starting grid, so the disappointment is understandable even if it’s not appropriate.

    • Rosberg hardly tries to behave when he loses out to Hamilton in qualifying or at the end of the race. His face read “How dare that fucking bastard beat me again in my own team !” last time he lost to Hamilton in Spain. Just as bad as Hamilton, except he doesn’t phrase it as strongly. Criticizing one or the other for sulking shows you don’t value killer instinct, which suggests you don’t know what winning is about at their level. I’d be seriously worried if I didn’t see Hamilton whine like “abrasive whining bitches” every time he lost, at least it shows he is only aiming for the win and nothing else will do.

      • You should really have a look at the archives and the sort of abuse a certain S. Vettel received for exactly that behaviour. Double standard much?

        I didn’t like it in Vettel and I don’t like it in Hamilton. And to be honest, Rosberg was never sulking around like Ham did today and he certainly wasn’t heaping abuse on his race engineer by team radio for not getting the undercut through pitstops.

        • TJ13 has consistently commented when drivers are petulant, conniving or being disingenuous. This has included Kimi, Jenson, Hamilton. Vettel, Alonso, Maldonado, Kovalainen and a few others….

          Damon Hill is hardly a drama headline grabbing pundit, but he commented today on Hamilton’s demeanour and behaviour… To the effect that Lewis is his own worst enemy psychologically… and if he fails this year, it will be for this very reason….

          • I never really could make sense of why these guys turn into Joan Collins about an inconsequential activity. Be it Vettel, Alonso, Kimi, Jenson or Lewis. They should all be happy that they don’t have to work for a living.

          • Can’t help but agree on this point. And it’s fair to say, even cool-headed Vettel was almost sniping on the radio, when his second race of the year was lost with no power in the opening laps…. I think if there was no opening lap safety car (and the chance to overheat again) he would have been OK.

          • Lewis should still win on consistency, and must be favourite at Canada (one of his best tracks), but if Rosberg gets on a roll, think 2010, and Hamilton gets in a lull (think 2011 end), then it could go either way, and a retirement could swing it irretrievably.

    • And I thought I was being risqué, when considering putting in a Toro Rosso…

  3. For me it’s Nico. Why? Winning the race is one thing. But Lewey “the Stevenage couch” Haymiltone talked the talk prior to this weekend, didn’t he?

    All of a sudden it was about hunger and what not, about couches in Stevenage and planes in Monaco, about admiring the parts of Senna that no one who supports Senna actually admires, and then he got out hungered. What??? How Lewey??? How???

    Critical blow there “eye boy”… I call BS on that by the way. I also call “grow the fuck up”.

    Personally I hope Nico “nicks” the title out of Lewey’s delusional little hands this year… Scherzy has a lot of work to do tonight telling Lewey “yes your the best HAM, the world is just against you. All the engineers, your daddy, the prince of Monaco, Lauda. Be like Senna, your my little Senna, your my little Senna…”

    Would make Mosley’s sexcapades look tame methinks? Oh the Horror…


    AHHHH hahahhahahahhahahahhahaha!

        • Take a bow son, you’ve just been given a standing ovation….👏👏👏👏👏

        • why not re- read what you wrote and ponder “I wonder how old that poster must be to write in such a way” ?

          The really good thing about this site is the level of writing both from the owner and the replies. To reduce it to a childlike level doesn’t do any one any favours, least of all you.

          Fanboi’ism either way isn’t big nor clever and this sites doesn’t suffer from them. Hopefully you will move on once half term is over (actually now would be better).

          that said I do believe LH had an eye issue as whilst they have visors they also open so it’s perfectly possible a midge or grit went into his eye. It matters not as he wasn’t going to pass him on the track.

          Finally I am a big fan of LH but I think he should have had a life coach telling him to stand back and see the bigger picture of today. He would have come out of it far better to have shook hands and waved to the crowd. However he is an emotional guy and we all react in different situations in different ways at different times.

          • Well said sir… Good to hear a Lewis fan suggesting he at times could conduct himself better….

            The problem Lewis has is with team protocols which he doesn’t like… I suspect this may be making him a little paranoid about Rosberg favouritism…

    • It’s because he are black. He made an awful lot of noise, but showed absolutely no grace in defeat. Alonso and Vettel got blasted for a lot less. He called Nico a spoilt brat, but himself behaved like one today. I think today our dear Lewis deserves all the ridicule that’s coming his way.

          • Nice intelligent reply, did you think up that one yourself, or did you take a trip to the fat hippos watering hole, to have him bum first, before he you told you what to say?

          • @ Fortis96

            clearly you’ve never seen the film – otherwise you’d understand the quote ….

            I have a question for you Fortis …

            Do you lose IQ points every time you go to the toilet ?


          • I’m not a film buff, so no I wouldn’t have any clue about what film you’re making reference to…..

            As for losing IQ points, no..but somehow I seem to lose them whenever I have to acknowledge fat hippos😬…. So I’m going to stop, so as to save the little few I’ve got left

      • I still like the “no one will pass me again on the inside” before Spa 2007; Lap 1, overtaken on the inside at Les Combes.

  4. Nico for the whole weekend; he gave me some hope that there’s going to be racing until the end of the season.

    For Sunday only Bianchi and Kimi would have been top of my ranking.

  5. Oh and wtf is going on with that Eggs Benedick Cumberpatch?

    I can cope with some of the useless ex drivers interviewing skills because simply they are ex drivers and I am still happy to see them around. I can give them a relatively wide berth.

    But why do we keep seeing this British lady-boy ponce talking, “hey man, yeah man, well done man, Yo dan-Benedict sup man.”

    Either ex drivers pls or a PROPER interviewer. James Allen would be fine. Brundle is pretty good too I think.

    • I’m thinking Eggs was in character for the interviewer and it was a good Raymond Babbit. However some
      one ought to tell him that the idea of an interview is to listen to the talk of their experience. Finishing sentences and generally gibbering crap are not how it’s done.

  6. Re Lewis

    maybe it was God poking Hammy in the eye with a shitty stick …….. ?


  7. On another note; a small spelling request; correct spelling of Kimi’s family name should be feasible. He is not that newbie any more. I’m not talking about the dots over A and O, but simply right amount of K’s and N’s. It should be Raikkonen.

    • Talking about Kimi – it’s a shame he got savaged by Mad Max under the safety car.

      Totally ruined his race. Maybe he wouldn’t have stayed 3rd – but 4th was definitely a possibility.

      He outdrove Fred up to that point – I hope it bodes well for Canada that maybe he’s coming to terms with the Red Shed.

      • Even without Chilton cluttering into him. He drove lile he mixed up the chronological order of racing and getting wasted at the hotel bar. That lunge into Loews was Irvinesque at best.

        • I believe he had his own luxury yacht at Monaco – hotel bar was surplus to requirements ……

        • That was just desperation… he would have been fine, but the tyre barriers (!) got in his way. Not sure if Magnussen said he had a problem or not just before that on team radio.. so in some ways similar to Adelaide 1994.

          • By that I mean he would have made the turn with just the armco barriers being present.

  8. For me it has to be Rosberg – the battle between the two Merc drivers are going to be epic this season. There is clearly no team orders between the two so gloves are off.

    For me I think Nico won today, on the track but also off the track. Lewis should have rised above Rosberg if he felt he was better. For me the last couple of laps just said he gave up and I am starting to see the Hamilton we saw in 2007… I may be wrong but I’m loving F1 2014 so far!

    Roll on Canada!

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