#F1 Days of Our Lives: Letters from Camp Edition

Brought to you by TheJudge13 contributor Mattpt55

NB: This is a work of fiction and humor. No real feelings were hurt in the writing of this narrative.

It appears the errant scriptwriter has returned, possibly from a stint someplace with no sharp and pointy objects. In any event, the following was found in a plain envelope that was stained with seawater and filled with sand, left on the The Judges doorstep….

Exterior dissolve, Mercedes motor home to interior, nighttime. A clock on the wall reads 11:00. Nico Rosberg sits alone at a desk, a single lamp burning as he sits, writing. Pan over shoulder to read his words

NR: Dear Mum and Dad, Camp Mercedes is not as much fun as I thought it was going to be. I was really excited that Lewis was going to be at camp with me, but it’s not turning out the way I had hoped.

Split screen to interior, Lewis Hamilton sits at a similar desk, in a similar fashion, writing a similar letter.

LH: Dear Uncle Simon, I know you told me that Camp Mercedes would be fun, but it’s not that way right now. I miss the old head counselor, Mr. Brawn. It’s not that Mr. Wolff is bad, it’s just that sometimes I think he likes the other campers better. Also, Nico is acting all weird, like he’s jealous or something.

NR: Like they keep on giving best project awards to Lewis, even though I’m just as good as he is. Mr Wolff even made Lewis help me with my last project and I swear it was the best one, but somehow Lewis still got 1st place.

LH: Mr. Wolff says we are treated the same, but then he made me help Nico with *his* project instead of working on mine. Even though mine looked really good I can’t get over the feeling someone is messing with my stuff. Mine looked totally different on Saturday than it did on Friday. I guess I just don’t know who to trust. I sometimes think they like Nico better just because he’s been here longer.

NR: I know you keep telling me to be patient and my turn will come, but Lewis is hogging all the awards right now AND he plays his music way too loud. It’s just not fair. I wish Mr. Wolff would step in and do something about it but I guess Lewis is their new favorite now. 🙁

LH: I know you said that coming here instead of Camp McLaren would help build my character, but right now it just feels like everyone hates me and they’re all out to get me. I remembered what you said though and I’m still being very good. No social media or anything. *Sigh* I still sometimes wish I could go back to Camp McLaren, before that bully Jenson ruined it all by scaring my friends away.

NR: And sometimes he acts like such a bully. Like, we were doing sack races and I had completely caught up to him, and just when I was about to win, he totally cut in front of me. I almost fell down and hurt myself. And he didn’t even apologize or anything. He just totally acted like nothing happened. And Mr. Wolff just ignored it. It’s so unfair

LR: And I think Nico is saying mean things about me behind my back. Like, he goes around all the time pretending to be smarter than me just because it takes him longer to finish his projects. I mean, really? Oh, and I forgot to tell you that my first project, my very best one, completely fell apart right before I turned it in. I know that it didn’t happen on purpose, but these little things keep on going wrong. And Nico spends all his time hanging out with the junior counselors now. Sometimes I think they’re helping him to ruin my projects. But they wouldn’t do that, would they?

NR: Anyway, it’s lights out soon so I need to wrap it up. I hope everything is well at home and I miss you very much. Don’t worry too much, I’m a big boy now and I’m sure it will all be OK in the long run, just like you say.



PS They feed us nothing here. I’m starving all the time. PLEASE send cookies.
LH: It’s almost bedtime so I will say goodnight. I hope you come to visit soon, I’m starting to feel really lonely here.



PS They never feed us here. I’m always hungry. PLEASE send cookies.

Cut to exterior, lights go out, end scene.


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  1. Ahhh Matt, please pass the unknown scriptwriter my thanks for this edition, had a good chuckle.

  2. Nice camper piece, they will work things out eventually just dunno if it will be positive or negative yet

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