#F1 Features: Voice of the Fans – When Life Trumps Formula One

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I love my children. Mostly. That love is being challenged this Sunday. Instead of settling into my sofa to watch 700bhp beasts tip toeing around a go-kart track, I will instead be taking out four kids (not all mine) to the glamour of Sundown Adventureland . It’s a heaven for under 8’s and I don’t resent taking them there at all. We are certain to have a great time. I don’t even mind watching the grand prix on a time delay. I don’t care that the event has already happened ‘out there’ in the universe. When I am sat down watching a recording or a re-run then my mind accepts that it is real and current and I make believe like it’s live. This is all fine and well…. Just as long as I don’t find out the result. If I see the result then all the drama is gone and I lose that race day feeling. I still watch it but it’s not the same.

A few years ago I was in a remote location in a different time-zone. The race was not being shown live anywhere on the island. There was to be one showing later in the day from the local satellite at 1pm my time. The hotel I was in did have limited internet access and a feed of BBC news. This created quite a gauntlet to overcome if I was to avoid the result. It was a working morning for me so I needed to be online but avoid any social media or news sites. I needed to go and eat without catching the news cycle in the bar or overhearing any conversation. So I ordered room service for lunch like a fancy millionaire and limited my internet use. I had been hurt before. On a previous occasion I was waiting for the BBC iPlayer replay and I clicked on what I thought was the link to iPlayer sports section. It was in fact a link to the sports news. It was on the iPlayer page but diverted me away. I have since trained my Wife to prep the iPlayer video on my behalf to avoid spoiling the race through my own incompetence. (Smart TV now removes this danger)

When my room service arrived the friendly waiter saw my work on the desk and made a comment in admiration that I was working on a Sunday and working so hard that I needed lunch brought to me. Sheepishly I did confess that really I was just avoiding the race result. He found it amusing but also pointed out to me that the race would only be shown in the bar and not on the room TV feed. So there was to be final obstacle, the bar. I walked into the bar hoping it would be empty but it was still reasonably full from lunch. Thankfully in front of the television there was an empty sofa with no one in the adjacent chairs. It looked as if the F1 angels had set it up just for me. As the parade lap began a guy walked over having realised the race was being shown. He looked happy and raced over. Another F1 fan? Great, a friend for the race perhaps? Presumably he’d faced a similar trial and like me was getting ready to reap the rewards? He sat down and said, “Brilliant it’s on. Alonso won it didn’t he, apparently it was a good race”.

Perhaps I shouldn’t have done what I did next. Perhaps I should have swallowed my disappointment. But I didn’t.


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  1. I understand exactly, what annoys me even more is sports presenters give a warning before giving out football scores but when it comes to F1 they just launch straight in it, usually with the winning driver’s name so even if you have lightening speed reactions its impossible to get to mute of change channel in time…..

    • This. Exactly this. Especially for races that happen early in the morning or aren’t shown live on BBC. Classic FM is really bad for this, they don’t even say ‘and now for the sport news’ or anything, they just blurt out ‘Lewis won again…. ‘ or whatever.

      When I’m in the house I make a point of only listening to Radio Caroline as they don’t do news! Unfortunately they are only online so out in the car you need to keep an eye on the time and turn the radio off before the news even starts – on a slow news day it can be the first item if it was a British driver who won…

  2. A nice piece of writing. The Judge 13 site’s answer to Joe Saward – also a nice writer.

  3. Not a problem here in the states. If you want F1 you have to go looking for it. And you’ll be the only person in the bar wanting the channel changed. Great read though. 🙂

    • haha yeah absolutely zero mention of F1 ever from any major sports news source here in NYC. not on the local evening news, not in the daily paper, not on ESPN, nada. I thought someone was working hard to make a big splash in the US?

  4. the worst for me is was when I set my dvr for a race (can’t remember which one), then there was a red flag for rain I think and the race went beyond the time slot on the tv listings. the last 10 laps got cut off! now I record the race and every show after it for the next two hours to ensure I get the whole thing.

  5. Me and my mate have the same problem. The problem is we both work on Saturday. In a factory. With the volume of the radio turned up to 11 😆 so the battle for pole is usually ruined for us. But we have to work. As for the race I make it kind of a priority to not miss it. Especially for that reason. These days a total media blackout is almost impossible. And in my many, many f1 years I’ve only missed 3 races so far. And all three of them where ruined before I got a chance to see them.

  6. Argh the BBC F1 link that takes you to the Sports News result!! I did this while trying to watch the 2010 Korean GP after it had run on the BBC iPlayer. Although I was happy about the result (Vettel & Webber DNF, setting up that showdown) it ruined my enjoyment of a great race.

    • You learn very quickly to make sure you go to iPlayer directly!

      Although as the BBC are very slow to get the F1 up sometimes you often have to wait longer than ideal to try and watch the race. So many times I’ve found the coverage doesn’t go live until very late on Sunday evening so you also have to dodge Chris Evans blurting out something about the race on the radio at work on Monday morning…

  7. We all been there in our own ways. These days I record 4 hours for Qualy and 6 for the race (no ‘build up shows’ – don’t have the time).

    Great story.

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