#F1 Polls: FORMULA 1 GRAN PREMIO DE ESPAÑA PIRELLI 2014 – Driver of the Weekend

2014 Spanish GP - Lewis Hamilton

As the dust settles on the 2014 Pirelli Spanish Grand Prix who was your driver of the weekend? This takes into account not just the race but also Friday and Saturday practice and qualifying. Please tell us in the comments why you voted for the driver you did.

10 responses to “#F1 Polls: FORMULA 1 GRAN PREMIO DE ESPAÑA PIRELLI 2014 – Driver of the Weekend

  1. Vettel. The naysayers will note that he lost to Dan again. Screw the naysayers.

    • The best thing for Vettel this weekend IMO was that it looked like he had more chance of beating DR on pace than in the last two races.

  2. Vettel here too…amazing drive to get to fourth with some brilliant passes…such as getting past Magnussen without contact early on…then Kimi, Alonso, Bottas…

  3. Yep. Seb. Those bombing runs into T10 were very sweet indeed.
    The next two circuits aren’t known for great racing, but I’m looking forward to Austria or Silverstone to see if Seb’s worked out the RB10 and keen on banging wheels with DR3.

  4. It’s really close between Hamilton and Vettel, but I gave Hamilton the nod.

    After what was evidently a wrong direction in car setup after third practice, he still managed to squeak pole and keep Rosberg behind all race, avoiding a strategy error by staying out a lap longer than the team called for at the end of his second stint (otherwise Rosberg would have most likely won).

    A calculated and controlled performance under pressure.

    While Vettel’s charge was both entertaining and impressive, he did have two sets of brand new options, and freedom to enjoy himself.

    • Good point on the pit stop call. Merc clearly called him in a few laps too early, unless they wanted a fight between their two drivers at the end.

      Staying out for that extra lap looks like it was the key to victory.

  5. I go Vettel, not only for the great climbing up the positions but also giving us some hope that just maybe there’s going to be at least one lap this season that is not lead by Mercedes. I’m not yet optimistic enough to believe that someone else could win a race, but at least lead for a lap during race.

  6. Vettle, he is by no means “my driver” but today he did a great job. He wasn’t frightened into changing to a 2stop and drove incredibly skilfully to make the gains he did.

  7. Grosjean for me – he carried a dog of a car to a finish that it did not deserve and made up for his team mates indiscretions! Come on now, he beat the McLarens.

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