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Luca Colajanni is back

Red Bull crisis returns with force in Bahrain (GMM)

Bahrain Test day 3 comes to an end

Ferrari’s secret uncovered

Luca Colajanni is back

Ex Ferrari Head of Communications Luca Colajanni is back! TJ13 is a big fan of the man and his way with words and as reported reading The Horse Whisperer was just not the same without Colajanni.

Fear not… if you are a Marussia fan! Colajanni has been appointed Partnership Director for Marussia and also joins the Executive Management Team. This will see the ex Ferrari man contribute to defining Marussia’s development strategy as well as advising on its relationship with its Technical and Commercial Partners. Ferrari of course is one of them as the team now supplies the powertrain for the team.

In the press release Graham Lowdon said, “We are very pleased that Luca is joining us at this stage in our development. He has a substantial depth of Formula 1 experience from his role with Scuderia Ferrari. I know that Luca will make a significant contribution to our Team, as he helps to develop the many relationships we now have with our Partners.

Being exiled to the Middle East Street Car Division, with a little help from Alonso, he is now back in the paddock. As can be expected Colajanni is happy.

I am happy to be joining the Marussia F1 Team because, although it has been in Formula 1 for a relatively short time, the people behind it have an amazing motor sport history and a passion for racing is at the heart of everything they do.

It was this enthusiasm that prompted me to accept a new challenge and leave a company with whom I have worked for over twenty years. I would like to thank Ferrari President Luca di Montezemolo for having given me the chance of working for an amazing company like Ferrari and I am pleased that my new role with Marussia will continue to see us working together to a great extent.

It appears Marussia is growing up. Having a man on board like Colajanni is good for them but one cannot but wonder why another team would not be equally keen to get him unless… No one knows exactly what the deal with Ferrari entails and it could be that, like Toro Rosso, Marussia will be come the “little” Ferrari team and Il Padrino wanted one of his own men in there to make sure the right messages are being communicated.

Now what will Marussia call their magazine… Pony whisperer?


Red Bull crisis returns with force in Bahrain (GMM)

The worry lines at Red Bull eased temporarily on Friday, as Daniel Ricciardo had a better deal at the wheel of the troubled RB10. “A big improvement everywhere,” said the Australian driver in Bahrain, “and a much more optimistic outlook now I think.

The optimism, however, was short-lived, as the Renault-sponsored gremlins returned with a vengeance on the penultimate day of pre-season running in Bahrain.

Sebastian Vettel hardly turned a lap all Saturday. But McLaren’s Jenson Button says he has sensed some pace from the reigning world champions.

When they do get reliability, if they do, they’ll be very competitive,” he said.

Ten days into the winter, a clear pecking order is emerging, and Mercedes is right at the very top. Lewis Hamilton, however, is rejecting the favourite tag.

We have a strong package but I don’t feel we are guaranteed to be the guys ahead,” he said. But rival big-hitters Ferrari and McLaren are clearly not quite on the Brackley team’s pace.

We need more downforce,” Button conceded. And Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso admitted the new F14-T “could be better in both performance and reliability“.

The situation is giving the other two Mercedes-powered teams, usual midfielders Williams and Force India, an opportunity to scoop up big points at the start of the season.

At this test the Mercedes is still as quick as it was, and the Williams too, but you also now have the Force India that is competitive,” said Button.

Ousted McLaren driver Sergio Perez, now at Force India and quickest on both Thursday and Friday in Bahrain, said: “Right now everything seems possible.


Bahrain Test day 3 comes to an end

Continuing the trend we’ve seen over the last couple of days, actually ever since the 2014 tests started, Mercedes set the pace while Renault Powered cars were struggling.

Felipe Massa took his Williams FW36 over the line in 1m33.258s, the fastest time of the seven days at Bahrain. However it is still just over 1s slower than last year’s pole time of 1:32m330 set by Nico Rosberg in the Mercedes but those that were fearing the cars will be slower than a GP2 car… only if you drive a Renault powered car.

Kvyat was the fastest Renault powered car today, 1m36.113s but almost 3s down on Massa. The soon to be ex reigning World Champions and their WDC started the day 2 hours late only for Vettel to break down half a lap later. After spending more time fixing the car Vettel again set off however this time he did not even make it out of the pit lane.

Below gives a whole new meaning of “keep on pushing”!

For a detailed report, check out Matt and Vortex Motio’s Test report later this afternoon.

Today’s results:

Driver Team Time Difference
 Massa Williams  1m33.258s
 Rosberg Mercedes  1m33.484s  +0.226
 Raikkonen Ferrari  1m35.426s +2.168
 Magnussen McLaren  1m35.894s +2.636
 Kvyat Toro Rosso  1m36.113s +2.855
 Hulkenberg Force India  1m36.205s +2.947
 Bianchi Marussia  1m37.087s +3.829
 Ericsson Caterham  1m38.083s +4.825
 Grosjean Lotus  1m42.166s +8.908


Ferrari’s secret uncovered

Seen in the pits in Bahrain, the Ice Warrior is from a different planet…

Ferrari Secret


24 responses to “Daily #F1 News and Comment: Saturday 1st Match 2014

  1. Judge, do think Williams might have an outside shot a the title?

    They seem to have money now

    • My feeling is 4th, one win and 3 or 4 podiums.

      My top 5 is Merc, McLaren, Ferrari, Williams then Red Bull.

      Top 3 to be consistent through out year, Williams to make hay at the start, Bulls to start scoring heavily in second half of season.

      I also reckon the following, Ferrari to get Seb in 2015, Alonso to McLaren Honda, Button to retire or maybe go to FI (leaning towards retirement), Kimi to stay with horses, mag v2.0 to out speed but not out score button.

      Also, Seb to show a different, less appealing, side within the team and for the guys to get behind Dan if he keeps his smile and keeps within touching distance of Seb.

      Finally, the permanently angry Pastor to be blown away by a stronger and more confident Roman, who happens to not be Italian. And for lotus to become a Renault works team…..

    • Outside yes but it will be a hard pull! But just imagine that! Imagine Williams winning the title with Massa this year… And imagine Maldonado’s face when he realises it was his best chance! 🙂

      • I just hope Williams are back with a bang in terms of being a force to be reckoned with in F1 again. Winning the titles is a bit of a long shot. But who knows where the luck Vettel has enjoyed will end up.

    • I’m rooting for them. Although I want Kimi to become WDC, it would be such a great story if Williams bounces back.

    • Never breaks down?
      Don’t you mean, Daniel Ricciardo’s car lasts 3 laps and Vettel’s 5?

    • Well, CLEARLY they are doing that just so no one can complain when Seb’s car is perfect and Ricciardo’s breaks every other GP. That’s probably why Vettel didn’t look too upset. /TinFoil Hat from Australia 😀

  2. Ha! The Cola is back!
    Man I love that guy, a Ferrarista through and through, the Maranello pitbull.
    I read an anecdote some time ago, Luca was in Ristorante Montana with some journalists.
    Journo:”Luca what are your passions?”
    Luca:” first and foremost Ferrari, then Inter Milan, and I love Kimi like a son.”
    Journo:”and Fernando ?”
    Luca:”He’s an extraordinary driver, but if you cheer for him while standing next to me, I cut off your balls.”

  3. Or Kimi likes the Neptunes?
    Who indeed nicked it from Star Trek, calling their label Star Track.

  4. Some old news I know, but thought many on here would be interested on why a very good technical expert will not be on the BBC this year:


    And a Statement from head of BBC F1:


    Personally, I can’t disagree with Gary’s analysis one bit, especially his opinion regarding more technical pieces given the technical changes this year. Clearly the BBC don’t understand that many of their viewers are very interested in the technical areas of F1, but cannot justify SKY’s fees to see the arguably slightly more enhanced coverage. This does not mean they should have got rid of Gary.

    Clearly the so called head of F1 (at BBC) doesn’t understand his own viewers. His response was also slightly pathetic.

    • I was never impressed with Anderson I’m afraid. Seemed to suffer from the classic engineer’s affliction of lack of communication skills and his habit of scribbling awkwardly on a pad of paper which the camera couldn’t easily pick up made me think he didn’t have any back up from a CGI guy. Beats me why the BBC didn’t take on scarbs when he was chasing them a couple of years back.

  5. Is there a TJ13 league on the castrol predictor again this season? Should be interesting in the early races picking the correct results!!

    • I literally checked the website yesterday to see if they had started yet, but still said “coming soon”. If only I’d waited an extra day.

      Anyway, I have joined the league now, 3rd member, hopefully my 2014 predictions will be more like my first half 2013 predictions, not my 2nd half predictions.

        • I’ve signed up now aswell, member number 4!

          Sorry if I was being an eager beaver, I saw the ad on autosport.com today and wondered how long it had been up, didn’t realise it was just today!!

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