#F1 Pre-Season Poll: Who will be 2014 World Driver Champion?

Who will win the 2014 World Drivers Championship? This year, probably more than any time in recent history, it won’t be an easy question to get right. From the outside one could be forgiven to assume that a Mercedes or Ferrari driver has this year’s WDC in the bag but which one and could a lesser team like Williams steal the march on their much larger rivals?

To give us a bit of a steer we have looked at a well-known betting site to get a guidance on what the bookies think. This takes into account who will beat their team mates or who will beat a past team-mate in the standings, such as Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button.

D1 Odds D1 D2 D2 Odds
Felipe Massa Valtteri Bottas
Nico Hulkenberg Sergio Perez
Adrian Sutil Esteban Guitierrez
Romain Grosjean Pastor Maldonado
Jean-Eric Vergne Daniil Kvyat
Jenson Button Kevin Magnusen
Sebastian Vettel The Field
Lewis Hamilton Nico Rosberg
Lewis Hamilton Fernando Alonso
Fernando Alonso Kimi Raikkonen
Lewis Hamilton Jenson Button
Sebastian Vettel Daniel Ricciardo

As seen in today’s and last week’s comment section there is much debate about who will come out on top at Ferrari. According to the bookies it appears the favourite is our Spanish Samurai Alonso but what do you think? Please complete the poll below and provide your rationale in the comments section. We will run a mid-season poll as well during the summer break so you still have an opportunity to change your allegiance later in the season.

21 responses to “#F1 Pre-Season Poll: Who will be 2014 World Driver Champion?

  1. I voted for kev mag. I have to imagine mclaren abandoned 2013 before most of their rivals, so should be ahead of the competition. Magnusson seems to have done ok at the first test, and the mclaren is a sharp looking car, ergo…

      • Not sure what you’re saying about LH there, D_Q?
        Rooky driver up against a twice WDC, both in their first season with the team and the old hand lost out.
        Otherwise, be fantastic if he’s at least competitive. I didn’t vote for him though.

        • Hamilton almost won the WDC in his first year… if McLaren has built a decent car can he become a WDC in his first year in F1? His dad was also very promising when he joined F1 but faded away if I recall correctly?

          • His dad is still a factory driver for corvette ( won le mans in his class and amls) fade away was only in f1. Still a good driver…

  2. I believe that Alonso has the best shot. Given all the troubles the Turbo V6 engine has given them, I think this brings Vettel back to the field, and Alonso has demonstrated that he has the skills to do the best with whatever crops up, which gives him enough of an advantage to make it a 3rd title for him. Vettel will wind up with a very close 2nd, and Grosjean will have a good 3rd place finish.

  3. My vote goes to Kimi… What a story that would be. Asked to leave to make room for Alonso and coming back to partner Alonso and taking the WDC… ooooo 🙂

    • I voted kimi for the same reason. It would be a story to make a new rush film in 20 years.(and i would love to see something like that happen, you can’t make stuff like that up) Although i secretly think hamilton will become champion (as i have been putting my money on him in 2013 and will do the same for 2014) not that I’m a hamilton fan, but i believe in mercedes. And of their two drivers i still think hamilton is more likely to win. Only thing against them is the departure of ross brawn. Don’t know how they will cope with that..

    • As much as I like Kimi, and have a huge soft spot for him, it’s Alonso for me, he well and truly deserves to take the title for the Scuderia Ferrari.
      All this hard work, dedication, drama, joy and disappointments, in true Ferrari style, it’s got to be Fernando.
      He deserves his place in Ferrari history.

      • The voice of reason… You are right but Alonso for me is a bit of a marmite story. I can remember in 2005/2006 when he won against Schumi (who I supported since 1993) and he got very cocky and arrogant.

        But you are right, you cannot fault his dedication to Ferrari and his drive. That said, history is cruel sometimes. … therefore… Forza Kimi! 🙂

  4. Who is this “Raikonnen” ? Räikkönen or even Raikkonen I know, but “Raikonnen”? Expert site and all …

  5. It’s Kimi for me, as i’ve turned from supporting Jenson since he cam back to F1. He has the talent, the speed and the mind for it and this year he also has the car. Alfonso doesn’t stand a chance on equal terms.

  6. Too early for this. Two weeks of tests remaining. Remember 2009 when the Brawn entry tested late and blew everyone away? Who would have picked Button at that stage other than die hard fans? A teammate war, like the odds, would have been a better game at this point.

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