Daily #F1 News and Comment: Saturday 25th January 2014

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Silverstone: The real sound of 2014 (09:00)

Ferrari unleash it’s horse (14:00)

Last minute chance to attend Jerez test

Silverstone: The real sound of 2014

Yesterday, while McLaren and Lotus showed the world what their 2014 chargers look like Mercedes (Nico Rosberg), Force India (Nico Hulkenberg) and Torro Rosso (Dani Kvyat and Jean-Éric Vergne) took to the track at Silverstone.

There has been a lot of debate re the sound of the cars but what is the verdict of the jury for the actual live running car?

AMuS reports that a slight dispute is in the making between the three V6 makers Mercedes, Renault and Ferrari. The dispute is over whether a protective cover for the turbocharger, weighing between 3 and 4 kilograms, is necessary.

Mercedes and Renault argue that the cover is needed for safety reasons in the event of a turbo failure, but Ferrari wants to leave the cover off. According to AMuS correspondent Tobias Gruner the manufacturers have asked for clarification on the matter.

Sources close to TJ13 has indicated Mercedes was having problems with their turbo charging unit brought on by the resonance in vibrations in the new V6 powertrains. Renault appears to have captured the aftermath of when their turbo unit disintegrated and will shot this as evidence.


Last minute chance to attend Jerez test

The Fat Hippo was scheduled to be at Jerez for the first winter test however is now unable to attend due to work commitments. The result is there will be a smart hotel room in Jerez de la Frontera with no Hippo in it. The hotel is just minutes from the track and there are several of the teams staying there as well.

The cost for the room, which is booked from January 26th to February 1st, would amount to 500 Euros. If you’re spontaneous enough to pick up the booking with just 2 day’s notice, please use the Contact Form to let us know.


Ferrari unleash it’s horse


20 responses to “Daily #F1 News and Comment: Saturday 25th January 2014

  1. That merc sounds ok, there is a massive difference from dyno to track anyway, plus I’m sure they can ‘tune’ the exhaust to a certain extent. 22 of those will sound just fine…..

    If I had 500 euro spare I’d be in Jerez like a flash, got 2weeks off work too with no plans but to sleep, drink and possibly a bit of fishing……..compared to seeing the V6T units fire up for the 1st time it’s a no brainer, the fish and beer will always be there.

  2. The new FIAT is the ugliest yet. Actually made me shout out loud…

    I was heartened when I saw the front-on view, but that 3/4 view? FUGLY!

    • I really like the rear-view w/ the single exhaust.

      Ferrari is the best looking of the cars revealed thus far, but that’s not saying much.

    • idk, it’s not that bad. single-exhaust looks kinda cool.

      not as fugly as the lotus at least.

      So glad kimi got away from that disastrous team. MANSOOR! Money, or GTFO!!! lol…

    • I was pleasantly surprised, I think it’s a great looking car.
      Attended a Ferrari motorsport celebration over the weekend, saw 2 ex F1 V6 turbo era cars in action and a later V12. All three sounded and looked magnificent.

  3. The Ferrari nose does look as if it stuck itself into a hot oven and then melted.

    Still, all the cars I’ve seen so far, aside from the various nasal appendages (much as I’m not really upset about it, I can’t say I find them particularly attractive) look quite good.

  4. It amazed me how easy it would be to sort all this out.

    One of the most glorious cars was the 1995 Ferrari 412T2. Flat bottom, flat nose.
    Change the rules Jean or John or whatever your damn name is, you little pratt!

    As to the 2014 car, what have you done Rory, I just hope your numbers add up

  5. So instead of attaching a penile-esque thing to the nose, Ferrari made the whole nose like – well.. the words ‘after the job’ spring to mind.

    Until now, I’m more into Lotus Labia then in al the other noses.

    • … Ok, we’ve been focusing on noses so far, no sign of ‘the bollock’ yet….

      However, the rear wings have been generally similar. There’s one coming with the “bollock’s”
      partner on it…

      It’s not the nose “bollock’s” identical twin… More American Football/Rugby Ball shaped…

      No I’m not obsessed…. You’ll all see…

    • Mclaren and williams are easily saved by decent paint jobs and logitudinal stripes down the nose, with a lighter coloured central section, say perhaps, like martini branding… That ferrar is stuck like that, as is the lotus. But you know what, as appalling as some of these are, I’m also excited and interested in the diversity for once… If thats a silver lining, I’ll take it.

  6. I’m starting to hope that all 22 power units fail in every race and everybody stops watching Formula 1, maybe then those idiots at FIA and FOM start doing a decent job.

  7. I have to say on futher inspection that the nose on the Ferrari is quite clever, it seems the nose cone with the ‘tunnel’ may use the principals of the venturie effect to create a low pressure area just behind the nose possibly helping to suck/force more air under the floor. Just a 1st thought as I’m not an aerodynamacist.

  8. I´m sure it will be the most fuuny season for F1, cause i´m laughing my as of every time i see one of these noses

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