The #F1 Bar Exam: 09 January 2014

And so the second exam of the new season. Welcome to TheJudge13 #F1 Bar Exam.

Last week’s question(s): Can you name the driver in the photo, the team and the year in which the photo was taken? The car also had a key new development that the team was hoping would give them ‘magic ingredient’ to have a successful campaign, what was it?

The answer(s) I was looking for were: The driver in the photo is Mika Salo driving the 1995 Tyrrell-Yamaha 023.

After a relatively successful 1994 season much was expected of the new car designed by Harvey Postlethwaite and Mike Gascoyne. Due to the new regulations for that season downforce was reduced dramatically and teams had to look at other inovations to recoup the lost grip.

This lead to Dr Postlethwaite incorporating what he believed to be the magic ingredient for that season, a new hydraulic-controlled front suspension system. It was hoped the system would give the team the performance benefits enjoyed by Formula 1 cars fitted with the sophisticated computer-controlled active suspension systems in 1992-93, before such systems were prohibited by the FlA to reduce the cost of competing in F1.

Unfortunately this was not the case. The chassis proved to be very mediocre, and the team’s innovative “Hydrolink” suspension was rendered ineffective due to its deficiencies, eventually being removed at mid-season.

FRIC ring a bell anyone? It is interesting that Mercedes have decided to invest heavily in making their system work, but then if you have Tyrrell DNA in you maybe this is not so surprising after all!

Well done to Roger, Alistair, Johnny, Cassius, Mike, Philip, Stephen, Adam, Tony, Taflach, Christian, Toleman Fan, the13thduke, Peter, Frans, Simon and Andae23.

This week’s question(s): Who is the driver in the photo, which race was it taken in and where did he start? What significance does the car behind him have to his race?


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