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Allison predicts big challenge

Paul gets a break, finally

Media still in the dark about Ferrari test

New TJ13 Feature – The Bar Exam Leaderboard

Return of the ‘Koby Kiss’

Last F1 minute dot com

Driver racing numbers

The future of F1: Mark Gallagher

FIA release driver numbers

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Allison predicts big challenge

What many have been dreading will be grim reality, according to Ferrari Technical Director James Allison. Some races of the season could turn into dreary eco runs. After early simulator runs, he describes the situation as ‘extreme’. While fuel will not be much of a topic in some races (most likely Monaco), it will be the deciding factor in others and one can expect that those teams with the best simulators and enough coins to run them will have prepared the most accurate delta times for their drivers to run to.

Excitement sounds differently…

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Paul gets a break, finally

Whenever Paul di Resta asked a question lately, like ‘Do you have a seat for me?’, the answer was in most cases a firm ‘No’, but the one question that really matters was apparently answered with an enthusiastic ‘yes’, according to the facebook page of his fiancé Laura Jordan, who showed off a new ring to her followers. Congratulations Paul and Laura.

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Media still in the dark about Ferrari test

When a Youtube video surfaced in December, showing a strangely modified LaFerrari being driven around the Fiorano test track, it didn’t take a rocket scientist to work out, that the car in question wasn’t a ‘normal’ hypercar, but a test mule of some sort and everyone with half decent hearíng could tell that the back of the camouflaged car didn’t house a naturally aspirated V12 either, but a rather smallish turbo engine. Yellow triangular stickers alluded to the presence of a high performance hybrid system.

Auto Motor & Sport have dug up some photos from the test.


The first image shows the car fitted with a roof scoop and a ridiuclously big wing on its bum, something that would get a Ferrari road car designer killed under normal circumstances, making it clear that this was not a test of the LaFerrari itself.


The second image shows a single exhaust pipe at the back, ‘incidentally’ about where the 2014 regs would prescribe one on a F1 car. It will be interesting to see, what solutions the other manufacturers come up with to circumvent the testing ban. Renault is rumoured to have nailed their unit to the back of a WSR car, while Mercedes so far seems to rely on dyno tests. It’s interesting to see that none of the manufacturers has come up with the idea of just buying a Dallara DW12 chassis to “evaluate the option of entering Indycar”.

Btw, Renault, why not getting the ol’ Espace out of mothballs? :mrgreen:

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New TJ13 Feature – The Bar Exam Leaderboard

The first Bar Exam of the year had quite a good echo in terms of participation. This year we will turn it into a competition and have a Leaderboard posted on the front page. The theme extension for that is currently being worked on. The rules are simple – each week you’ll be given the question(s) that ask a number of facts. For each correct fact in your reply, you’ll be awarded a point. Extra points will be awarded for each 5 straight correct answers. These extra points are cummulative. you’ll get two points for 5 straight weeks of correct answers, 6 for ten straight answers, 8 for 15 straight answers etc.

The questions will feature the usual picture puzzles, but once in a while the Fat Hippo will chip in with something completely different. The gavel wielding host might come up with the odd brain buster here or there, too. It goes without saying, that TJ13 authors, who have access to the feedback list are not eligable for participation. The grand prize for the winner at the end of the year will be annouced in the coming weeks. We’re still working out, what it’ll be 🙂

So, if you don’t want to miss out on topping the leaderboard, please have a look at yesterday’s Bar Exam, which will determine the initial standings of the leaderboard.

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Return of the ‘Koby Kiss’

Many F1 fans were sad to see Japanese driver Kamui Kobayashi fail to get an F1 drive in 2013.  His charging driving style won favour with the viewers, even if the ‘Koby Kiss’ was dreaded by other competitors as Kamui attempted each extravagant overtaking manoeuvre.

Yet the reason for the son of a sushi restaurant owner being unceremoniously dumped by Sauber, was that there was a new kid on the block. He hadn’t a clue how to drive and F1 car, but he was from Mexico and was sponsored by the world’s richest man.

A website (http://www.kamui-support.com/) was hastily erected to raise funds for Kimui, and a million euro’s was raised in just a couple of weeks. Unfortunately it was too little too late, and Kobayashi was forced to issue the following statement.

“To All the fans,

Thank you for the big support. I am very appreciated that many of you have donated and trying to make donation.

I must mention this that since the donation started, it has become quite big news in Japan. And because of your big support, it gave huge influences to some of Japanese companies and I started receiving good support from them.

And I was in the position to bring a budget of 8 million Euro at least. If you could imagine the time I had, it was overwhelming reaction and it shows there still is a great potential from Japanese companies.

Unfortunately, the time was still short and I am not able to secure the seat with competitive F1 team for 2013. I have to admit that it is very sad and feel sorry for fans and Japanese companies who supported me. But I am still confident to make it happen in 2014.

I would like to stop the donation for now and while I will save all the money for 2014, I start to look what is the best option for 2013 and also 2014. My main priority is to secure the competitive F1 seat in 2014. I have no interests to race any other categories”.

What was fascinating was that the generosity of Kamui’s fans kicked some Japanese companies into reconsidering their involvement in F1 as Japanese connections to F1 has been in decline for some years, Of course 8m Euro’s is not necessarily enough to buy a seat in F1, though given the past year Kobayashi’s war chest is presumably now larger.

Companies like Toyota, Honda and Super Aguri had in their own way been responsible for supporting drivers like, Takuma Sato (who scored a podium at Indianapolis in 2004), Kazuki Nakajima, Sakon Yamamoto and Yuji Ide. Yet the withdrawal of these companies from the sport has forced up and coming Japanese racing drivers into domestic series such as Formula Nippon and Super GT

Well TJ13 readers, there is a strong possibility Kamui will be back on the grid for 2014 as a driver dressed in green. A spokesperson for Caterham admitted to SKY that they in serious negotiations with the Japanese driver. “I think it’s flattering that somebody of Kamui’s experience, talent and popularity would be linked to our team. We will be making an announcement on drivers in due course and there are a number of drivers of Kamui’s experience who are being considered.”

The other drivers under consideration are the pairing from last year, Van der Garde and Pic, together with Marcus Ericsson, though from the comments of the team’s spokesperson, Ericson’s star may be waining. “It’s particularly important with the new rules and the new car configuration that you have somebody who has some experience.” He added that they were “very, very close” to making an announcement.


Last F1 minute dot com

This tale depicts well the race against the clock everyone involved in producing an F1 car is up against. Last October we learned that the new fuel flow sensors for the V6 Turbo’s as specified by the FIA to regulate fuel flow were not fit for purpose.

Even though Gill sensors has been working on the fuel flow project since 2011, they had failed to fulfil the accuracy requirements the FIA had prescribed.


Today the chairman of the Gill Group, Mike Gill, has released a statement and believes the design troubles have now been resolved.

“Since the start of its development in 2011, the Fuel Flow Meter project has embraced the challenges of researching and developing an innovative technology aiming to provide the motorsport industry with real time data required for the new regulation.

Gill has continued to develop the use of ultrasonic technology to provide a solution that measures bi-directional fuel flow to a very high degree of accuracy. Feedback from the vigorous testing programme has been crucial to the meters design and functionality, ensuring that it fulfils the specification needs of each customer.

Designed with an innovative, lightweight construction, the flow meter achieves the rapid transit response rate vital for the harsh environment application. The meter is capable of a flow measurement rate of 8000ml/min and fulfils the FIA’s accuracy requirements.

The ultrasonic fuel flow meter will remain homologated for use within Formula 1 and WEC throughout the expected lifetime of the turbocharged V6 engine and future designs.”

Now it’s time to bolt it onto the cars


Driver racing numbers

Jenson Button has confirmed he will be racing with the number 22 from 2014 onwards. This was the number visible on a largely sponsor less Brawn GP car with which the Englishman won the WDC in 2009.

Daniel Ricciardo has just posted on his facebook that his rampaging Newey design bull for 2014 with be sporting the number 3.


Kevin Magnussen was the first to reveal he would be recognisable by the number 20 on his 2014 McLaren, a number historically seen little on the cars developed in Woking. This one looks a classic….


What is strange is this ‘drip drip’ release of the driver numbers. One would have thought the FIA would have decided who was having what and then released a full list for us all to see.


The future of F1: Mark Gallagher

Most F1 fans will have heard of Mark Gallagher, though when you look at his CV the scope of his racing experience is astonishing.

Mark has held senior management roles at Cosworth F1, Red Bull Racing and previously at Jordan. He has participated as part of various FIA technical groups and owns a team called Stratus Grand Prix who compete in GP3 and Le Mans and won the A1GP championship.

Mark is now a Professional Conference Speaker who delivers seminars on the business lessons to be learned from Formula One.

TJ13 has an association with a number of European non-English independent F1 sites and at times we share information from our sources. F1WEB.it is one of these, who recently conducted an exclusive interview with Mark Gallagher in which he discusses the current hot F1 topics.

Despite the fanfare of yesterdays news where marketing company repucom.net declared Infiniti to be the first F1 partner to gain $1bn in AVE (Advertising Value Equivalency) TV ratings, there appears to be a consensus that all is not well within the finances of F1 land.

Mark is clear on this, “Formula One needs some radical re-thinking if it is to bring costs down and improve the racing. If it doesn’t, fans, sponsors and media will move elsewhere.

There have been some new sponsors, such as UPS at Ferrari, Blackberry at Mercedes or Burn (Coca Cola) at Lotus. However, the new deals have been generally smaller than in the past, and they are centralised on the top 5 teams”.

Yet there is still a big funding problem, and the share of the TV money certain teams receive Gallagher argues is insufficient. “If you look really closely at the financial model behind Toro Rosso, Force India, Sauber, Caterham or Marussia, the situation is very clear. Without wealthy investors they could not survive.”

Bernie Ecclestone is derisory when speaking on the topic of the lack of funding for teams, claiming, “they have more money than God”. Equally, expecting the teams to collectively find a solution is delusional. Each team principal is rightly there to look after the interests of their own team first.

Gallagher believes the much discussed budget cap just wouldn’t work. “It is a great idea, but policing that will be impossible. You can try to limit how a team spends money, but what about it’s suppliers, sister companies or parent? When Max Mosley had the idea in 2009 to offer new teams an entry into F1 under a tight cost-cap, it looked like he might find a way to do it; but of course the larger existing teams were not interesting and so it never happened.

The new teams – Caterham, Marussia and the now-absent HRT – were brought into Formula One on the basis of promises which were broken. I expect that the outcome will not result in a significant change because there is no way Red Bull or Ferrari will want to see their competitive advantage eroded by a budget-cap. I cannot see the top teams agreeing to it very easily”.

A now independent Gallagher with years of experience in the commercial end of F1 concludes that only the FIA are in a position to begin to solve the sports financial problems. If he were Le Presidente, Mark says, “I would dramatically limit aerodynamic design and development – as this is the highest area of expenditure and the biggest reason for the difference in performance between the front and back of the grid. I would even consider fixing the aerodynamic configuration of the cars at the end of pre-season testing”. 

What???….. cancel the epic in season aero development race which squanders hundreds of millions of dollars by developing monkey seats and ugly looking foils attached to the car.

That seems far too sensible an idea….

There will be more from Mark soon in a part 2 of his interview.


FIA release full list of driver numbers

Choosen Race N°

Driver’s Name

Company Name

Team Name

Name of the Chassis

Name of the Engine

1 *

Sebastian VETTEL (DEU) RED BULL RACING (AUT) Infiniti Red Bull Racing Red Bull Racing Renault


Daniel RICCIARDO (AUS) RED BULL RACING(AUT) Infiniti Red Bull Racing Red Bull Racing Renault


Lewis HAMILTON  (GBR) MERCEDES-BENZ GRAND PRIX LTD (DEU) Mercedes Gp Petronas Formula One Mercedes Mercedes


Nico ROSBERG (DEU) MERCEDES-BENZ GRAND PRIX LTD (DEU) Mercedes Gp Petronas Formula One Mercedes Mercedes


Fernando ALONSO (ESP) FERRARI SpA (ITA) Scuderia Ferrari Ferrari Ferrari


Kimi RAIKKONEN (FIN) FERRARI SpA  (ITA) Scuderia Ferrari Ferrari Ferrari


Romain GROSJEAN (FRA) LOTUS RENAULT F1 LTD (GBR)** Lotus F1 Team Lotus Renault


Pastor  MALDONADO (VEN) LOTUS RENAULT F1 LTD (GBR)** Lotus F1 Team Lotus Renault


Jenson BUTTON (GBR) VODAFONE MCLAREN RACING LTD (GBR) McLaren Mercedes McLaren Mercedes




Nico HULKENBERG (DEU) FORCE INDIA FORMULA 1 TEAM LTD (IND) Sahara Force India F1 Team Force India Mercedes


Sergio PEREZ MENDOZA (MEX) FORCE INDIA FORMULA 1 TEAM LTD(IND) Sahara Force India F1 Team Force India Mercedes


Adrian SUTIL (DEU) SAUBER MOTORSPORT AG (CHE) Sauber F1 Team Sauber Ferrari


Esteban GUTIERREZ (MEX) SAUBER MOTORSPORT AG (CHE) Sauber F1 Team Sauber Ferrari


Jean-Eric VERGNE (FRA) SCUDERIA TORO ROSSO SPA (ITA) Scuderia Toro Rosso Scuderia Toro Rosso Renault


Daniil KVYAT (RUS) SCUDERIA TORO ROSSO SPA (ITA) Scuderia Toro Rosso Scuderia Toro Rosso Renault


Felipe MASSA (BRA) WILLIAMS GD PRIX ENGINEERING LTD (GBR) Williams Team F1 Williams Mercedes


Valtteri BOTTAS (FIN) WILLIAMS GD PRIX ENGINEERING LTD (GBR) Williams Team F1 Williams Mercedes


Jules BIANCHI (FRA) MANOR GRAND PRIX RACING LTD (RUS)** Marussia F1 Team Marussia Ferrari


Max CHILTON (GBR) MANOR GRAND PRIX RACING LTD (RUS)** Marussia F1 Team Marussia Ferrari
TBA 1MALAYSIA RACING TEAM SDN BHD Caterham F1 Team Caterham Renault
TBA 1MALAYSIA RACING TEAM SDN BHD Caterham F1 Team Caterham Renault



39 responses to “Daily #F1 News & Comment: Friday 10th January 2014 brought to you by Express Insurance

  1. That espace is a legend, I remember seeing it as a kid!
    They had it in a car program back then.

    • Didn’t LdM say somewhere recently that Ferrari might look into Le Mans?

      Goggle Ferrari & Le Mans.

      I think you guys might be getting 1 + 1 and coming up with 11.

      Didn’t you know that Ferrari was a scrupulous company? 😉

      Probably why Webber didn’t join them! (Oh no he didn’t!!! Oh yes… He did.)

      • hmm, not so sure. Was there not rumours that the engine that are used in F1 could be used in other racing series?

        With the amount of power and torque the engine kicks out it is more than possible that the engine in the back of LaFerrari will do both. I remember seeing a news post on here talking about how Mercedes are having to “burn the midnight oil” to get their engine mapping sorted and make their engine ready for working in the back of a real car, not on a dyno.

        Ferrari has the right idea. And why run a central exhaust WITH their normal exhausts at the side? Or why put a hole in the centre of the rear if not for a purpose, like exiting of an exhaust 😉

      • From what I gather from LdM’s statements re: Le Mans, they’re quite serious about building a Le Mans prototype. The F1 engine formula is almost the same as Le Mans’s, so each of the three manufacturers are probably thinking about double use of their engines.

        • Or could it be that ferrari use their le mans getaway as a pressure on the fia to get things like they want in f1? Kind of if you dont give us what we want we leave f1… it wouldn’t be the first time they tried to manipulate a bit through pressure.

    • The Espace F1 was present in Granturismo 2 on the Playstation. I loved that beast. It was so tail happy, if you parked it somewhere it would face the other way round five minustes later 😉

      • What do you think will the gap be between those 3 engines?.
        does redbull enjoy works advantage apart fron lotus,STR&caterham.
        just 18 more days to go can’t wait!!!!!!!

  2. Re- Ferrari Mule

    Well those pictures didn’t come from a low rez mobile type camera now did they?
    That jiganornous wing is the biggest giveaway for me, an obvious attempt to put all that torque threw the rear tyres.
    I think Ferrari are at their usual psychological games with the other competitors. Although the comments from Allison about fuel may still be Ferrari’s Achilles heal…. let’s hope the other teams can’t get their consumption down and a rule tweek is required. I don’t want to see them going any slower in races than last year, it’s hard to explain to potential new followers why they are around 10 seconds slower per lap in the race than qually, if the gap got much bigger a GP2 car will cover the full race distance in a quicker time. Which to me would be a massive turn off. I think the fuel limit is rather silly when they have a peak flow control anyway. Give the guys the fuel to race and still champion the hybrid technology, if I remember correctly the fuel allowance is due to be reduced to 90kg for 2015 and I think a little less in 2016. If I want to see an economy run I will drive my own car. I doubt we will see the forecast reliability issues as if there is bearly enough fuel to go the distance then the cars won’t be pushed to the limit and parts are less likely to fail. Hence why I believe the reliability has been so good especially during the current Pirreli era. Positions will be decided on Saturdays and unless someone in front has a DNF then no places will be gained. I can see a lot of very frustrated drivers and teams this season.

    I hope it’s a Ferrari Mercedes shoot out for the titles, just hope renult don’t throw in the towel if they are off the pace by a country mile.

    • I think the point of the fuel regs is to make not enough fuel the problem the boffins are trying to solve in hopes of developing relevant road technology, but I agree, they’re not going to solve the problem the way the FIA hoped, with the potential for some truly awful racing.

      I still think a more clever solution is to give them a set amount of fuel for the season and let them decide how much they want to use at each event. Would add some strategic enjoyment to the restriction.

  3. Only RB have ‘works’ status with Renault as the others have to pay for engines. Lotus don’t have ‘works’ status with Renault anymore they are a customer team, same as Caterham and STR (although they may get additional data via Redbull technology). From what I understand about works status is that 1st the engines are free 2nd that the requirments of the works team are taken into consideration when designing the power unit and its more of an integration of design philosophy between the 2 parties 4th the works team will have the manufacturer will willing to go the extra mile for them Eg. clever engine maps where as the customer teams are told the spec of the engine such as where mounting points are and how much cooling is required and what engine maps are available and relatively basic data. The FIA rules do state that an engine supplier cannot give different spec units to non works outfits, hence Merc’s concerns with McLaren as they can’t legally hold back any inovations as they must be applied to all power units across the board and it may give away some info to Honda, but the engines are sealed units when the teams get them so no-one really knows what is inside apart from the manufacturer themselves.

  4. Kamui was pictured with a cigarette last year. So maybe now he Has some extra ‘hidden’ Philip Morris money (like Kimi?)

    • I wont be surprised if he rocks up at Marussia either. They are now effectively Ferrari’s number 2 team and with Bianchi already there and supported by Ferrari why would it be different for Kobayashi?

      He was a works driver for them in 2013 and it will give them an opportunity to see if Bianchi is the real deal or if Chilton was just… well slow 🙂

      • We know the answer to that question already.. Imagine if Bianchi was taking it easy/not on full pace and was still a second clear of Chilton.. Max could really struggle if he returns to try out these 2014 torque monsters.

  5. “One would have thought the FIA would have decided…” HaHaHa made me spill my coffee laughing when I saw that. 😉

      • Thanks.

        I really should stop believing anything he says…

        I believe the Monaco Marshall he injured (can’t find any news of the long terms effects of his broken back), should unveil the car for him.

      • I can see Pastor not letting Ricciardo past him easily at any venue this season now.. So, 3 and not number 2, Daniel? Trying to move away from the Webber position already 😛

        • Vettel only has ‘1’ for this year and (unless lucky again) will have to lose it next year so surely he has already chosen/been given his personal number, which I would presume, could be ‘2’…

      • Interesting – Jenson’s WDC number (22) was also Lewis’s WDC number (and Lewis therefore didn’t request it if this 2013 standing rule is correct).

        I read that Lewis picked 44 – am I being thick, or is there some obvious significance to that (the Senna movie was one hour and 44 minutes long, but it can’t be that obscure ;))?

        Perhaps he’s just not paying Simon Fuller enough money – as it’s a marketing opportunity I’d have thought he’d go for 15 (“Lew15” t-shirts etc). Perhaps they have some clever “Le44is” graphic or something on the cards …

        • I’ve seen people say it’s his cart number but can’t find pictures. What I do think is that LH, especially the way it is written on his helmet looks like 44

  6. Just curious was Gallagher proposing a single non adjustable aero configuration for the whole season, or you’ve got the bits you’ve got and can swap them on and off as you see fit.

    If it was the second, essentially you’re outlawing in season aero development, if it’s the first, would you ever hear he screams up and down the paddock. Would be fun to watch though, and it would make preseason testing really interesting.

    • Mmmh… more interesting than the numbers is that Lotus is “subject to confirmation”. Is that also part of the plan to see what other do, Boullier?

    • I think the FIA is reading TJ13… just after TJ said why do they not just publish the numbers … they did. Is TJ JT? Like a mirror image.. slightly dyslectic?

      • For long time people suspected of him being Bernie, then I proposed Paul Hembery as another option for his real identity, and now Le Président…
        I’m not sure if him or Danilo wrote the note, though.

  7. Red Bull
    1: Sebastian Vettel.
    3: Daniel Ricciardo.

    44: Lewis Hamilton.
    6: Nico Rosberg.

    14: Fernando Alonso.
    7: Kimi Raikkonen.

    8: Romain Grosjean. *
    13: Pastor Maldonado. *

    22: Jenson Button.
    20: Kevin Magnussen.

    Force India
    27: Nico Hulkenberg.
    11: Sergio Perez.

    99: Adrian Sutil.
    21: Esteban Gutierrez.

    Toro Rosso
    25: Jean Eric Vergne.
    26: Daniel Kvyat.

    19: Felipe Massa.
    77: Valtteri Bottas.

    17: Jules Bianchi. *
    TBC: Max Chilton.

    is the listing according to skysports!

    • Vettel also chose 5 as his career number. He can choose which number to race with can’t he? Next RED 5 ?

      Also, apparently McLaren has their Team Name as McLaren Mercedes but the company name is still Vodafone McLaren Racing.

      Perhaps it is just that the company has been registered as Vodafone McLaren Racing and they have to reregister it once their new title sponsor is announced? Could it be that they remain Vodafone McLaren Racing until Honda steps in?

  8. Gallagher is spot on regarding cost control. Why not have the teams homologate the tub of the car for five years, meaning the design of the tub is frozen. Also, give the teams that finish outside of the top ten the option to buy a tub from one of the top ten teams. This gives some cost savings and all the teams freedom to design and develop the rest of the car. On a different note, Pastor has some balls picking the number 13! Let’s hope it isn’t bad luck for everyone who gets close to him!

    • I’m just watching some GP2 racing…. Is that not a limited aero development series?

      New cars each year and no development during the year. I think Danilo’s (aka Fat Hippo) cost control idea is a great idea.

      Let the teams spend as much as they want to but let them pay for it, at some point cost will outstrip reward and they will stop spending.

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