Daily #F1 News and Comment: Wednesday 25th September 2013

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Alonso wants to extend Ferrari contract (12:00)

Red Bull Ring making progress (12:00)

Alonso wants to extend Ferrari contract

Spanish publication Mundo Deportivo reports FErnando Alonso is in talks with Ferrari to extend his contract with the team until 2020. After the Singapore Grand Prix Alonso reiterated that he wants to finish his career at Ferrari and it appears he is confident that will happen.

We are working towards extending my contract. I hope to finish my career at Ferrari.” Alonso says he will sit down with the team to discuss his contract but said the team has indicated they want him to stay and it would be good if that would happen.

Does this mean we may see Alonso and Vettel in the same team after all or is this Alonso making a move to block Vettel’s move to Ferrari?


Red Bull Ring making progress

Work has started to upgrade facilities at the Red Bull Ring in Spielberg, Austria. This is in anticipation for the Grand Prix that is to be held there in 2014, if all legalities can be sorted out that is.

As can be expected with Ecclestone he made a few ‘requests’ for circuit changes which has led to the grass embankment on the start-finish straight being removed to make way for a covered grandstand. Inside the grandstand there will be a press center that will be able to cater for 500 journalists.

Further plans include extending the pit building by four additional garages.

Red Bull Ring © Red Bull

Red Bull Ring © Red Bull


8 responses to “Daily #F1 News and Comment: Wednesday 25th September 2013

  1. He wants to stay as a driver or something else? If Alonso is going to stay at Ferrari till 2020, then both parties are stupid. What does this guy actually wants? To stay at Ferrari or win a championship? He hasn’t won anything since 2006 and well past his sell by date. He should make way for younger talent. Ferrari shouldn’t keep him in the team even as an advisor. The sooner they give him the P45 the better.

  2. Any news on the Hulk? With Ferrari’s door closed, Lotus in need of a pay driver, Sauber the same, McLaren not daring to oust Perez or Button (yet), where could he go? We can’t lose another talented driver just like that!

  3. I wonder why the intention to sign up for longer? Is this a deceiving act for next year to get full support whilst he negotiates a move to Mclaren?
    Is this a move to block Vettel who may well want to have a legacy at Ferrari?

    Or could it be something as simple as, he knows exactly what Ferrari have for next year and wants to stay with the project?

    Some things don’t add up. We have seen and heard the Renault power plant and the Mercedes. We have heard figures saying that the Mercedes has 100bhp more than the others. Is this a +100bhp race reading or what it could provide without restrictions? After all, isn’t the fuel limited, and the revs?
    Is this Mercedes using Ferrari and Mclaren mathematics to work out their power, LaFerrari has an 800bhp V12, yet with the Kers this is then given as 963hp?

    Who’s to say that the Merc will provide reliable power anyway? They needed the current 18,000rpm limit to achieve reliability.

    Curious and curiouser..

    • Yes, a curious story, and you’ve asked good questions… Let me add a few:

      How much weight should we give this story? I’m not familiar, so is Mundo Deportivo a reliable publication?
      Is the article’s author trustworthy?
      What particular sources does the article cite?

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