Daily #F1 News and Comment: Friday 26 July 2013

A rather late daily news unfortunately, the courtroom has been very busy this last week.

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How many races for 2014 (20:58)
Bite the hand that feeds… (20:58)

How many races for 2014

Earlier this week, as it was announced Austria will host a Formula 1 race at the Red Bull Ring, rumours were circulating in the F1 paddock that Bernie was eying up to 22 races in 2014. As can be expected a number of teams were against this and in today’s team principal press conference they said as much.

John Booth, team principal of Marussia, when asked if they were in favour of more than 20 races replied,”Any more than twenty would be difficult for a small team to service,“. He continued, “We would start drifting into the area of back-up crew to rotate staff, which is very expensive.

The sentiment was supported by both Claire Williams and Totto Wolf however Franz Tost disagreed saying, “We are a race team, if it is 22 it is 22 if it is 24 it is 24“. Cyril Abiteboul sided with Tost…

Next year we are supposed to get further three new circuits; Sochi, New Jersey and Red Bull Ring which adds up nicely to 22… however all may not be as it seems.

It appears that Mr E is getting tough on India. Since the race’s inception in 2011 there has been pressure from the Indian government wanting Formula 1 drivers and teams to pay tax. So far this has been averted however rumour in the paddock has it that Indian authorities will force it’s tax demand through this year.

As can be expected this has been met with resistance from Mr E who will also be getting tough and with the teams not really keen on India due to customs issues we may well see the race axed from the calendar in 2014 if not sooner.

So, India out, New Jersey… who knows, Nurburgring no money, Monza almost no money, Spain struggling… 22 may be a bit high…


Bite the hand that feeds…

There is no such thing as loyalty in Formula 1. After being rescued from the ashes by Force Inia boss Vijay Malaya, Adrian Sutil is not willing to commit his future to the team.

In an interview with AMuS Sutil said it is still too early to think about next season and when he is ready, “I will speak first with Vijay“.

It appears Sutil is looking over the fence and seeing green green grass.
The difference between us [Force India] and the top teams is that to ever have a chance at the podium, everything has to fit together 110 per cent,”

“But the big teams can still have a good result even when they’re making mistakes“.

He went on to say, “If I think at some point that I cannot get more out of the team, then I will change. But at the moment I still see a lot of potential.” Perhaps Sutil should seek counsel from a young German racer called Hulkenberg before he makes any decisions…


5 responses to “Daily #F1 News and Comment: Friday 26 July 2013

  1. The monetary situation of the Nürburgring hasn’t any influence on next years calendar as the German GP alternates, so next year it’ll be at Hockenheim anyway.

    • I guess they point TJ is trying to make is we dont know who has financial troubles and who not. We may well have less races next year due to tracks not being able to afford the hosting fees…

    • It was inevitable really. What would be interesting is the new role Brawn speaks about… There just don’t seem to be any places left for someone like Brawn to go to; Wolf does commercial and Lowe effectively running the team.

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