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With the dust just settled on the GROSSER PREIS SANTANDER VON DEUTSCHLAND 2013 what was your thoughts on the race? What are your thoughts about the Pirelli tyre failures? Please let us know why you voted the way you did in the comments section below.

10 responses to “How would you rate the GROSSER PREIS SANTANDER VON DEUTSCHLAND 2013?

  1. I gave it a 4.

    The race was a bit under-whelming. Ok, part of me is biased because Hamilton had a bad start and both Red Bulls nailed him at the first corner, but even then : it would have made things a bit interesting if he could hold Vettel and Webber for 7 laps behind him, the outcome would probably not be any different though.

    Kimi Raikkönen and Sebastian Vettel were the main men today, perhaps Kimi moreso because of his overtaking moves but don’t discount Sebastian for his excellent drive today. He makes it look easy but it’s not. The heat was a big help for Lotus but when they were up against Sebastian Vettel, well, they just didn’t have any answer to him, with or without DRS.

    Mercedes had a Barcelona-like race, that’s interesting to know because now we know that Mercedes were mainly competitive in the last few races because of having the hard tyres and slightly cooler conditions. In Silverstone temperatures hovered just around the 30°C and Mercedes were fine, so it’s really when the temperatures reach the 40°C mark that things get ugly. They’ve got a bit of work to do so perhaps it’s a welcome break until Hungary for them.

    Ferrari did ok, Sauber looked pretty good, Nico Hulkenberg in particular. I was impressed by him, he gave Lewis a hard time. McLaren ran well enough too, Button 6th and Perez 8th eventually was a good result for them. Otherwise, I don’t think there was much “action” on the track.

    Heading into Hungary with totally new tyres again, so we’ll see how things go there. I personally hope that Pirelli choose the hard tyres more often than not for the remaining races :p

    Oh, I hope the cameraman is ok by the way.

    • I think 4 is a little ungenerous.
      The chases to the line were pretty compelling, even if the Lotus ones seemed to be the result of strategy errors.
      We’ll have to see what the judge rules in due course 🙂 , but I think either Raikkonen or Grosjean could have won the race given their race speed.

      • Think Grosjean was caught napping by Vettel. If you look at the gap he left to Vettel just before the safety car pulled in… he should have nailed him then.

  2. What do I think.. well it was an ok race. I want MArk to win but I’m afraid he is now out of it. Lady luck has deserted him well and truly.

    I gave it a 6, for no reason really. It was not such a bad race and in the end I found myself willing Vettel on (what?! – all of GP predictor). I am with KimKas, its good to see how warm races affects the cars.

    Merc will hope for cooler weather in the future. And Lotus for warm weather. Red Bull.. they’ve got it in the bag, both championships.

    P.s. Anyone had a look at at the yachts Newey wants (I think its them) to design?

    Awesome 🙂

  3. Crappy Grand prix, Red Bull ruined Mark Webber’s race on purpose because he was faster than Vettel! Gave it a 3 wasn’t much excitement hope Hungary is better!

    • You have to wonder why Mark gets all the bad luck but then it is not in the interest of Red Bull to sabotage their driver. Although at times it does seem a bit “dodgy

    • They didn’t ruin Mark’s race on purpose. That’s a ridiculous thing to say and quite tasteless considering the accident that resulted from that pit error. Looks like the recent growth in audience has also brought the professional haters to our little hideout.

      The reason why Mark seems to be unlucky is a simple exercise in statistics. In most races Mark is behind Vettel on track, so Vettel gets to come in first with Mark following the next lap. While the team has several laps to prepare the first stop, they only have a minute to get ready for the second one. That results in a probability for mistake that is statistically higher in the second pit stop. It’s as easy as that.

    • That’s obscurantist, F1Fan.

      Mark Webber is just unlucky compared to Sebastian Vettel. But to suggest that Red Bull are deliberately doing this to Webber, come on, stop it. If you don’t like Vettel, fair enough, but don’t put such wild accusations.

  4. Coming to this a bit late – I gave it 7 for an average OK sort of race on a not very exciting or testing race track, not helped by the awful BBC highlights programme on the TV. If they had trimmed the number of personnel they could have afforded the live broadcast fee!

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