Mark Webber’s 200th GP

Here’s something you may enjoy on the eve of Mark Webber’s 200th Grand Prix.

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7 responses to “Mark Webber’s 200th GP

  1. 200 up….gotta walk the talk man! You’ve stick it to the kid on the track… about time Mark…. about time !

    • Yo dude – get some @AussieGrit support going – I’m feeling lonely over here in the TJ13 Mark Webber fan club (wish I knew how to do an emotian SLY GRIN)

      • TJ13, given 2013’s all we’ve got as MB fans (his future in a competitive car unknown), happy to make some noise!! Honestly I don’t care, if he drives a decent F1 car ever beyond this year. What’s important is that he strives to kick some a***, I think the entire F1 paddock and fans included want to see that. Nothing like redeeming the driver in you….after all these years.

      • When Mark failed to be champion in 2010 my mentor commented that had been the best chance he’d had… and he probably wouldn’t get another. But he’s been my favourite since 2009…
        You’re not alone Judge… πŸ™‚

  2. Excellent youtube site, lots of good memories there. Loved the Sauber Harlem shake vid too πŸ™‚

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