2013 Formula 1 Chinese Grand Prix – Rate the Race

2013 Formula 1 Chinese Grand Prix Podium

One day later and having had time to think how would you rate the 2013 Formula 1 Chinese Grand Prix? Use the comments to say why you voted the way you did.

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  1. Did anyone else think the BBC coverage outside the race commentary was poor? Clunky, amateur, just below par.

    • Yep. I watched the BBC feed rather than Sky and was disappointed. Personally I think there is tension in the team.

      Maybe Lee McKensie is seen by the others to be a better replacement for Jake (who in my opinion will be hard to replace) than Suzie.

      Maybe we will see fireworks at the BBC as well as on track 🙂

      • Definately tension, I think Jake did a good job of focusing and directing the two bimbling prescences of Coulthud and EJ, and making them look less crap than they actually are, whereas Perry looks a bit lost, seems to annoy Coulthard and seems to interrupt people all the time. Lee was definately my choice for a replacement, she at least seems to love the sport and has a good interview manner and knowledge.

        • It’s only Perry’s first live show! Need to give her a bit of time. Lee would have been a backward step from Humphrey and at least with Suzi it has still the potential to eclipse Jake.

          “making them look less crap than they actually are”
          brilliant! 🙂

          • After that look from DC i’m sure she’ll never pick up a wheel gun again.

        • I did watch SKY mostly in 2012, but reverted to the Beeb in the latter races due to Herbert driving me insane.

          ‘Less crap than they actually are”. I agree, I underestimated Jake’s ability to focus these 2 who at times come across as a pair of clowns warming up the audience for the main circus protagonists.

          Coultard was very awkward on the podium and Alonso made him look impotent too…

          Even Lazenby is keeping Herbert in his place when necessary – I enjoyed the comment he made about Johnny having been shipped to China in a crate with only 1 hole for air… maybe the lad will come good – SL that is.

  2. I watch Sky rather than the BBC as I prefer Brundle to any of the others and apart from Johnny Herbert, I think the team are just more watchable, especially Miss Pinkham!!

    On the race itself, I am getting really annoyed now with the tyre issue. How is it a race when nobody tries to keep anyone behind them and they all just go round driving to set delta times? DRS is also becoming a joke, nobody even looks to try anything anywhere else now as its so simple to just do it in the massive overtaking zone. It’s detracting from what has a lot of potential as the early Pirelli seasons seemed to be adding to the fun, now it becomes too confusing for the casual viewer and I want more driver skills to be demonstrated.

    • I generally agree TJ and wonder if the BBC have really cut back on the budget for the F1. Given the amount of repeat programming, and optimisation for costs, that is going on with the main BBC 2 channel, I wouldn’t be surprised. Yet the F1 could still be given more time on the channel if they needed it – They could show practices and the forum on TV as they are recording them anyway. I did see one of the practice sessions on the channel I think but it may have been 3 or 4.

      DRS I fear is here to stay. A lot of the passes looked very easy but unless it was easy for all it still impacts on the racing. There is still a spread of top speeds. However, the FIA canning the move to a bit more ground effect in the 2014 rules in favour of the status quo aero rules (‘development cost cutting’), means it is here to stay. The tyres I am in favour of for their added complexity to the strategy. It’s no surprise that we thus have the 5 world champions finishing 1-5 (admittedly they are the no.1 drivers in the top 5 teams!).

  3. I rated it a 6 as it was really down to the strategists. However Raikonen showed what he is paid for and showed what a racer he is. Re broadcasting, I along with many others cannot/ will not afford the luxury of Sky, so we are stuck with Aunty. Suzie should be given a bit of slack as she was good on MotoGP, DC is getting better and EJ adds some light relief. However I am confused as to who is doing what behind the scenes and they appear to be tripping over each other! I wish they would go to one compound of tyre only, designed to not last a race, so guaranteeing pit stops, but not having the lottery of two compounds.

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