The Bar Exam: 11 April 2013

Thank you to everyone who took part in last week’s Bar Exam. Participation is increasing steadily which is really encouraging! We are also working to bring more technical type quizes so dust off those books on aerodynamics and physics!

Last week’s question: The car/driver combination in the picture has yet to win a race. In what year and at which circuit did this happen for the first time?

The answer I was looking for was: Gerhard Berger driving the Benetton B186 first won a race for the team and himself at the 1986 Mexican Grand Prix held at Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez, Mexico City. It was also the first win for Pirelli in modern Grand Prix I am informed. Interesting facts about the car is that Rory Bryne was working on the front wing endplates to create some sort of ground effect which really helped at fast circuits like Spa and Monza. Apparently the car pushed out more than 1400bhp at Zeltweg down the long straight before the Bosch Curve.

Don’t know about you but I would love to experience that!

Well done to all who got it right… in no particular order (deep breath) – Iliyan, David, Karbry, Matt, Simon, Davy, James, Andy, Graham and Jon.

This week’s question: During the 1991 Formula 1 season the two images below had one team in common, which team was it and how many points did the team score in 1991?

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  1. I remember the cars in 1986 at Brands Hatch. In tyre testing and the Grand Prix, the power was truly shocking, just how it vibrated the ground. I went to Monza that year too, and to hear these things pass down the main pit straight was unbelievable.
    The famous 1,400bhp figure was for turbo engines in qualifying trim. They literally lasted a 3 lap run before going into melt down. In race trim they would be lowered to between 900 and 1000hp.

    Around Brands, I took a sequence of pictures of Senna, on his out lap, his actual lap and the slow down. From slicks with white stickers on, to perfect condition qualifying tyres to slicks with bubbles under the surface on the next run through, listening to his throttle technique through Druids.
    Wow 27 years ago…

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