Daily Non News and comment: Wednesday 3rd April 2013

So, I’m sure the F1 people are not particularly religious, but apart from some tittle tattle F1 appears to have taken a monesterial vow of silence over this Christian holiday festival.

To split or not to split

There is a phony war between the F1 Italian media and on the other side of the trench the British media. The Italians are considering petitioning their national emblem of motorsport once again to add threatening militaristic emblems to their livery as a gesture of defiance.

The Brits are mocking the Italian’s suggesting they are ‘dire sciocchezze’ over their claim that Red bull and Mercedes being instructed by the FIA to change their splitter configurations before China.

This idle argument proves why I should be sunning myself and ignoring F1 for the rest of the week.

Alonso running scared of Massa?

One news source is reporting Sir Jock has waded into nothing and caused an ensuing whole heap of something that really adds up to nothing.

Our Scottish hero allegedly told S.Paulo’s Estadio that whilst Fernando is ‘exceptional, but he does not cope well when his team-mate is beating him.” The inference being that trouble in Maranello is on the way because Felipe has out qualified him for 4 consecutive races and is ahead of him at present I the drivers’ championsip.

Both Jano Truli in the days of Benneton and Lewis Hamitlon in their year at McLaren qualified Alonso 4 consecutive times. Yet should Massa manage to do this gain in China, it will be a historic statistic nobody has ever managed before.

There we have it evidence that Alonso is finished in F1 and in terminal decline. Don’t get me wrong my background is one where the correct interpretation of data and statistical trends matters greatly, yet to even remotely suggest Alonso will be troubled by this is surely ridiculous.

This is the man who took on Il Padrino over who he wanted as his team mate for 2013 and with the backing of Dominicali despite some veiled threats in La Stampa, the Spaniards view held sway.

He earns a reported 30m Euro’s a year and has a contract until 2015 and Alonso like Raikkonen knows its not about out qualifying your team mate; it is about maximising the number of points achieved at the end of the race on Sunday.

Now, were Massa to finish ahead of him in the race and out qualify him for the 5th consecutive time, it could be that the seeds of some misplaced paranoia may be begin to take root – as the delicious irony of Fernando insisting Felipe drive for Ferrari this year become more and more manifest.

Il Padrino told El Confidencial last week, “In the race, Alonso is the best driver I’ve ever had”. Whilst this was widely reported and commented upon what went under most people’s radar was Luca’s vote of confidence in Felipe.

“It is true that at the beginning of last year, something happened in his head and he could not go as (well as) Fernando did. But now he is very relaxed, he has been very good, but we should not forget that there were times when he was even faster than Michael”.

See, Maranello is one happy and loved up place at the moment. Or is it? Montezemolo concluded with this interesting and seemingly insignificant remark. “If I have any problems, it is not with the drivers”.

Di Resta glad to have missed out on McLaren drive


I’ve seen this headline in a couple of places. This is another example of why I need to return to the warming and drying out of my aching, damp bones after another British winter.

This story is predicated upon the following quotes Di Resta gave to the Press association. “I’ve a lot of respect for what McLaren do, although they are struggling at the moment, they can develop. But we will be pushing to stay in front of them.

Our performance so far has been far better than people expected, far better than people could probably overhaul in two weeks”.

That’s that then, case proven. Someone wake me up when the F1 posse come back from their obvious time out for meditation and self flagellation.

7 responses to “Daily Non News and comment: Wednesday 3rd April 2013

  1. Call me a purist, but stats shouldn’t carry on from the year before. So in my book, Massa has outqualified Alonso twice. Last year is last year. This is a new year and we start from zero.

    • I more or less agree, but I’m not sure you can just completely discount the end of the previous year either. Look at Red Bull at the end of 2009 leading into 2010. They mad massive momentum and that carried through to the next year.

      • Of course, I don’t discount Massa’s form, that is most welcome, but in terms of pure stats and when comparing his ‘outqualifying Alonso’ performance versus Trulli and Hamilton, it should only be this year. The latter spent only a year with Alonso.

  2. Sad to be Italian when media gives rubbish news with no sources at all, as in the case of these splitters…

  3. Hysterical.
    Even on here Di Resta doesn’t get a mention. Surely him saying he was glad not to be at Mclaren must have raised eyebrows?
    Is Alonso really that despised?

    • Maybe I’m misunderstanding you, but did you read the last segment of the article? It’s all about the di Resta quote you mention.

    • Afraid so HWS.

      It’s inevitable that when Alfonso continues to talk it up throughout 2012, that people will notice with scrutiny his relative performance to Felipe waning slightly. It was all “the car is terrible, I am bringing the magic, imagine what I’d do with equal equipment verbiage.” More or less…

      It seems to me he has the car now, but prefers the underdog tag. Performance anxiety??? Interesting…

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