GP Predictor Results: Malaysia

If you click on ‘leagues‘ when in your Castrol GP Predictor league account (a tab at the top) you can see the league positions and points awarded for the TJ13 All Star Racers. Here’s my review.

Further, if you click on individual team names you can see their selections and the points they scored in each round.

The league has grown by 6 since last week, so but a warm welcome to you. May I inform you though that you are now within the jurisdiction of truth, justice and the F1 way and therefore you must adhere to our principles of competition – which shun duplicity 😉

These teams were all entered in the gloobal competition and scored for Melbourne but were not in  THEJUDGE13 ALL STAR F1 RACERS league.

Canuck F1
Forza TI
i BeN SuLLeY x
In the Kitchen
Merkiddies F1
Percy’s Plodders

Leaders from last time: Iso EV F1 scored 50 points in Melbourne but just 27 in Sepang means they fall 3 places and are currently 4th.

Too tired to bother: Great to see the time difference meant quattro could partake this weekend having made no selections due to ‘the sandman’ in Melbourne, they scored 26 points which was about the average for this week.

What is the podium? RuthiesBabes have decided they are refusing to recognise the authority of the Judges jurisdiction and wish a re-write on podium rules. They refused to select a third place as a matter of principle being the only team to have one of the 13 selections blank. Maybe that is the reason or do they demonstrate the dangers of playing from a mobile platform I wonder?

Most Points: This week were scored by team Kolominos. To select the correct podium protagonists was an inspired and had they been in the correct order this would have added another 20 points to an aleady good score. More impressively maybe was calling the Melbourne winner correctly down in 7th place.

It maybe a number of others will follow your suit in the coming weeks as #BOTTAS appears a logical shout for most places gained.

Rubbing rags: Whether this was a northern England old blokey industrial term in I picked up in the 70’s or whether it had some cricketing overtones, I’m not sure. Anyway I needed no explanation as to what it meant. This weeks teams in this catagory are

CRH Surrey Racing
Scuderia Forza

with a stellar 9 points each. CRH managed to predict Lewis and Vettel for a podium place, but scored a mere 4 points for these endeavors.

Pole Position: Last time out 64% correctly selected the pole sitter. Learning from my mistake in Melbourne I joined the throngs of Vettel supporters and I suspect we all lucked in due to rain in qualifying – 42/54 78%.

League Leader: The Fastest Frenchie scored a solid 39 points, selecting Vettel for pole and the race win and Massa was correctly identified in 5th. When Mark gets back from ‘surfing the waves’ this kind of faith may not pay so well in future.

The experts: The average score for TheJudge13 All Star Racers is 58 points.   ‘The AUTOSPORT Team” – whose strap line is, ‘The world’s foremost motorsport authority‘. They have recovered from last weeks disasterous 11 points to now have reached a score of 40.

Podium: Last week Fernando was the most correctly identified of the champagne charlies with 14 teams correct. Vettel in pursuit of every record ever has eclipsed this as 18 teams identified him as the eventual winner 33% up from 3% in Melbourne).

A mere 5 predicted Lewis for 3rd and only From Russia with Love had faith in @AussieGrit to pull of the second step. This TJ13 racer was the only team to correctly identify 4 of the top 10 positions. MC74 and Wolfe cry Lauda Hammy identified 3 drivers in the correct position, the rest were 2’s and 1’s with 17 teams (32%) not scoring 10 points at all.

So for the 54 teams there were 162 predictions for the podium, and just 24 selections were correct. Last week this was 14% and we have a full 1% increase to 15% in Sepang

Au revoir: Next week I believe Adam who brings us ‘Victims of circumstance’ will be picking up this review for which I am most grateful – and you all will get then get it in a more timely fashion. For statistical completeness purposes we will publish a Driver of the weekend poll for Australia too.

11 responses to “GP Predictor Results: Malaysia

  1. Great break down and analysis. #BOTTAS for making up most places is good. grosjean may have a proper spec car for china, qualify better and then start taking out the front runners…..

  2. Hey, I’m “miz the wiz”. I’m mostly a lurker in this website but I enjoy it a lot and I’m also enjoying this league, so just wanted to say hello.


  3. I thought I’d joined the league from the outset, thought the link you posted would sign me up as part of the TJ13 team but for some reason it didn’t, that’s why I didn’t join until after the first race.

    Pretty woeful showing this time, made some rash predictions based on the race last year… Still, Seb is a pretty safe bet for pole and usually for fastest lap so some cheap points can be picked up there.

    I must say that Bottas has been a bit anonymous so far – he was down as the next flying Finn. Granted the car is rubbish but he’s hardly blowing Maldonado in to the weeds…

  4. Ok, maybe not the right place for carping, but thinking back on the race (i.e. too lazy to go find YouTube clips since I already erased my DVR), I’m pretty sure Nico and Lewis traded overtakes on the back straight/finishing straight DRS zones several laps in a row after the last pit stops, before Nico radioed the team that he was faster and could Lewis please let him by. I didn’t see any of the place exchanges on video but the announcers (NBC) called the action and we had a fair amount of the radio traffic during the broadcast. If Nico had had the presence of mind to save his overtake for the finishing straight there would have been no team orders, just a pass and podium for Rosberg. Granted at that stage of the race he was faster due to Lewis’ fuel situation, overall in the race he wasn’t, according to underlying pace analysis. The interesting thing to me is that even with the speed differential he wasn’t able to pull off the pass, which might explain why Merc was so happy to get heir hands on Lewis. Food for thought.

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