Barcelona Final Test – Day 4 Morning Story

Lauda Watch: On the F1 show. He reckons Lewis and Nico are a better pairing than Webber and Vettel – thoughts TJ13 viewers?. Also according to Niki, Ross has changed his name from Brawn to Brown???

SKY: Good to see Anthony Davidson back on the screen. He really is quite excellent and Natalie Pinkerton appears to be getting the balance between seriousness and joviality about right for me. She really is a rising star – McLaren launch MC, Hall of fame awards and SKY anchor for the F1 show in Ted’s absence.

Sky viewers are not going to get 3D when the season begins. This is a taster for Mr. E, as they pitch to take over from FOM. The reason FOM cannot deliver 3D is they only broadcast for a limited time. SKY have a number of such broadcasts so already have the uber expensive technology.

For thos of who saying SKY don’t care about UK viewers, if this is true it is because their fee’s are small fry in the bigger F1 picture.

Here’s the day so far in pictures. Today will be interesting, track temperatures were up to 18 degrees by 11am CET, so for the first time since Jerez – where the track was too abrasive, we will see some out and out pace laps this afternoon.

There’s some interesting technical pics along with the Kimi bad news story below… Click on the first picture and you’ll get the bigger version and can then scorll through the rest..

Apparently Williams do something on twitter today, only done before by Hamitlon – even I’m intrigued. Please enlighten us John….


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  1. Looks like Benson and Anderson have just anointed Mercedes as constructors WC’s. The only question is which one of the Mercedes drivers will win the drivers WC.

  2. I predict more changes at Mercedes soon… they will appoint one Surrey man known as R.D to turn up occasionally at races and one known as M.W
    The second driver N.R will be replaced by briton Jenson B from Frome and while not later change the green trimming into Rocket Red colour and make a more silvery paint … 🙂 All this in order to make them a WDC winning team

  3. Was just that Dicke Stanford tweeted an image of the technical team briefing, apparently first time that was done. Social media working to bring the fans closer to the sport… not as close as Lewis though 😀

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