The Coanda Effect Explained

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The “Coanda Effect” Explained

I came across this very interesting video on YouTube and thought you may like it.

Using the simple tools of a water flow, a spoon, a flat surface, some paper and a pencil, former Williams and Ferrari Design Engineer, Enrique Scalabroni, looks at the current F1 phenomenon of Coanda – and how it generates more down force for the rear of the car.

11 responses to “The Coanda Effect Explained

  1. Very interesting, I always noticed this as a kid, how the water bends around objects placed in its path. Seems Tesla designed a turbine in 1913 using this effect that Coanda discovered in 1910. I love reading about Tesla’s inventions.

  2. Brilliant, I could watch that for hours! There is also an explanation of ground effect and how the diffuser works. Again using a spoon and a cake slice.

  3. ‘SPOON & SPATULA’ technology…
    How fantastic is this…? What a wonderful find… What else is he up to these days… Is he otherwise retired…?

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