Vettel new pit radio messages, Ron Dennis and Lewis, Honda returns to F1 2014? Davidson 1st drive since Le Mans crash

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Lewis and Ron: I’ve taken a bit of stick on twitter for my Lewis was pushed” story and to be honest I can’t be bothered banging drums or justifying myself – and as Chris and erstwhile thejudge13 commentator pointed out, “we may be quibbling over semantics”.

I have said what I have to say on the matter, but what is worth of note is why is Big Ron still talking about it to CBI magazine and raising the issue again?

I have some experience of headhunting and contract negotiation and I jumped out of my seat in surprise at both interviews Dennis did on Sky in the summer where he claimed it was “me who employs Lewis last time I looked at the contract, not the other way around”.

I have no time for XIX, but if Lewis was my client, the conversation I would have been having with him following this comment and the other one saying he would have to take a significant pay cut – would have been suggesting it would now be tough to do non-confrontational negotiations.

New Car to Pit Radio: F1Fanatic has an advance copy of the Official F1 season review DVD and reports audio previously unheard of Sebastian Vettel following penalty awards.

The first is in Barcelona and we hear Jenson saying, “Vettel is using DRS, Vettel is using DRS. In a yellow flag zone”. Vettel is duly handed a penalty from Charlie Whiting and is advised accordingly. Vettel does not want to take the penalty and responds as follows.

“I wasn’t going too fast. I could see everything then I took KERS and I didn’t feel it. What else did you want me to see? I was awake, I told you yellow flag, that I could see it down the straight. It’s not my problem if I have DRS, I cannot lift up. We’re talking four tenths.”

The response from his engineer Rocky is firm, “Understood. The penalty will not be changed. Deep breath, stay focused. I don’t want any arm-waving or anything, OK?”

The second one is at Curve Grande in Monza and we had a repeat of this with the same to drivers in 2011.

This is the best I can find. I have seen a better high shot that shows Vettel in 2012 is much further round the bend and he has the line. Still, here’s the new radio audio.

Alonso had already said: “OK I think that’s enough, no? That’s enough… I’m at 320 kilometres an hour. OK?” Vettel defends himself on the radio to Charlie, “To race director. All of a sudden he was on the grass. I didn’t need to push him on the grass, I left enough room.”

Again we hear after the penalty has been awarded, Vettel complains “I told you I didn’t push him on the grass. There was enough room.” The official Formula One 2012 video goes on sale on Monday.

Honda returns 2014: I did a piece on this a couple of month’s back and my conclusion was this appeared unlikely. Engine deals are starting to take shape with La Stampa (the mouthpiece for Ferrari) reporting Force India may take Bianchi in return for a good engine deal in 2014 from Ferrari.

A  German motorsport media site surveyed 6000 readers and found 79% would favour a Honda return. The problem is nobody really knows how long Mercedes and McLaren are bound together by engine supply contracts. Some say the end of 2013 and some say the end of 2014.

The bad blood between the two over a number of matters would lead me to easily believe a McLaren/Honda partnership possible – but 2014 engines have to be ready for delivery in less than 6  months now.

Race calendar: Again we are hearing a decision will be soon on the 20th race and apparently Ecclestone is saying Turkey or nowhere at all.

Davidson back on track: Since his monumental crash at Le Mans last year, driver and SKY presenter Anthony Davidson has not driven a race car in anger – until today. He took to the track in Daytona and reported all is good.

2013 changes: I think i forgot to mention this one when publishing the list the other day. With the demise of HRT we now have only 22 drivers in qualifying. So 6 will drop out in Q1, and 6 in Q2. Of course we will then have at least 2 midlfield team drivers not making it to Q2.

A Historical / Technical Assessment of Red Bull racing 2005-2012 (Part 1): This may not be for everyone, it is pretty long and quite technical at times, but I found some of it quite interesting (LINK)

Video of footwork in an F1 car:

Car launches due so far: 

  • 31st January 2013 – Vodafone McLaren Mercedes MP4-28
  • 1st February 2013 – Sahara Force India F1 Team
  • 2nd February 2013 – Ferrari
  • 2nd February 2013 – Sauber F1 Team C32

 On this day in F1, Jan 5th

2000: Murray Walker – legendary F1 commentator for UK viewers, signed another 1 year deal to work for ITV who had the UK broadcasting rights. “I was seriously thinking of jacking it in because I have always wanted to quit while I was ahead,” said Murray, “This will be my 52nd year in the business and I would hate to have people thinking: ‘Why doesn’t the old fool stop’?” James Allen took the microphone for a couple of races that year and the following year Murray did retire.

1998 : German prosecutors announced they were about to issue proceedings against Michael Schumacher for attempted murder of rival driver Jacques Villenueve. Schumacher had rammed Villenueve in the final race of the season in Spain the previous October. The prosecutor said they were considering charges of “attempted murder, inflicting grievous bodily harm, coercion, and driving offences”. Unsurprisingly nothing happened.

Remember the criticism Grosjean and Maldonado have received and watch the slow motion replay…make up your own mind. Mmm

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    • It goes some way to explain how much more severe the braking they do to warm up the brakes behind the safety car is. Hence Jenson nearly hitting Vettel and Vettel on Ricciardo in Abu Dhabi.

  1. Re the RSS feeds, I find them very useful, I follow a number of different sites for F1 and for other subjects. RSS feeds tell one immediately there is a new article on the site the feed is from. I use NewsFox which is an add-on for Firefox, but there are many other RSS readers out there.
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    • That’s really helpful. How do you cope with the fact I publish an article with a number of stories, then update it adding a few others throughout the day?

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  2. As the BBC Sport highlight video doesn’t show it, were the penalties handed out to Vettel and Massa fair or not? Wasn’t there a similar incident in the season with Schumacher using DRS in a yellow zone, however, he was allowed to as long as he could prove he had lifted off at that part of the sector.

    • Schumacher, as did Grosjean in one of the Q3 sessions late in the season, demonstrate they had lifted – due to the precise sector times the stewards have access to. I don’t know about the situations you cite. I can only assume they didn’t demonstrate a ‘recognition’ of the yellow flag – which is what Vettel is complaining about saying he could see it he’s not blind.

  3. The new RSS feeds are great! Thank you!
    I use Google Reader to follow severall sites and it’s really easy to use. If you have a google account, you just need to click on the ‘rss’ icon, select “Google” and then click on “Subscribe Now”.

    • Do the diff RSS feeds give you different info? I put both up but am not sure of the difference in terms of what you get – or whether people should choose one or the other.

      • Do you mean the Posts vs. Comments feeds? RSS for posts is a list of the most recent articles, whereas RSS for comments is a stream of recent comments, across all the posts.

        You should be able to preview the contents of each feed just by clicking the link in the widget. Most browsers, Opera, Firefox, IE and probably Chrome too show you a preview of the feed (no need to install anything) and then give you options to subscribe.

        • That helps – didn’t understand the comments thing. I see them in wordpress in chronological order accross all articles. Of course without RSS no one else can do this – I’m feeling all 21st century…

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