Dominicali: Early winners take all, Stewart: Mercedes could leave F1, Red Bull RB9 on time

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Mercedes gone in 5 minutes: Jackie Stewart has been talking to ‘Metro’ on a number of matters. He expresses concern for Lewis suggesting, “McLaren is part of the F1 furniture, but manufacturers come and go”. Jackie believes if things do not go well the Dailmer Benz board could follow the suit of Toyota, Honda and BMW and make “a board decision that takes 5 minutes”.

Interestingly, Stewart gives the greatest playboy title to Sir Stirling Moss ahead of James Hunt. “Stirling was a great playboy but was so professional that the sport did not suffer” – inferring it did from Hunt’s antic’s. I’m not sure Sir Jack and I have the same definition of playboy.

1st Winner takes all: Well Ferrari do say daft things from time to time, and today was no different. Dominicali appears to be almost suggesting, win the first race and the 2013 title will be yours. Being more generous, I’ll interpret the translation as, “the opening races of this season’s Formula One World Championship will be crucial, according to Stefano Domenicali.”

He actually said to Auto Motor und Sport, “Next season (2013) will be decided in the first races. The teams will do their work for 2013 and then move on to the preparations for 2014 and I think this switch will happen in July, which is why you will need to start the year well.”

Referring to the 2014 rules, featuring the move from V8 to turbo V6 engines, Williams F1’s technical director Mike Coughlan confirmed to the Sun, “It’s a huge change. “There are very few teams who will be able to do a fully focused run on the 2013 championship and the year after.”

However, Domenicali said he is confident Ferrari will succeed where it failed in 2012. What happened to us last year in the Jerez test will not be repeated this year, now we are sure that the wind tunnel will not give us surprises,” he adds.

If we believe yesterday’s Adrian Newey announcement that the RB9 will be late due to the continued development of the RB8 to win the 2012 titles, then anything could happen toward the end of this year. Maybe Ferrari’s 2 teams (1 on 2013 car and 1 on the 2014 car) will pay dividends, or maybe a team like Sauber, Mercedes, FI or Williams could give up on 2014 and just go for the 2013 championships.

My gut feeling and a little knowledge tells me this is all a little dramatic.

Red Bull and a late RB9: Spoke to a mate of mine at Red Bull yesterday, he dismissed media reports that the RB9 will struggle to be ready for Jerez test. He says they are very busy, but this is because they are doing a lot of prototype work on the 2014 car.

How Jordan became Force India: (LINK)

thejudge13 readers views: I believe another site has published a list of things they would change about F1. What would you change – from rules to anything?

Video clips:

Not sure this would happen now, Maybe it shows what the team thought of their driver

Another silly bump

So much damage at such little speed

 On this day in F1, Jan 5th

2008: Lewis agreed a 5 year deal worth a reported £70M and went on to win the WDC.

1995: Another British WDC had his first outing at Phoenix in Indycar – Mansell broke the track record. He too went on to win the series driver’s title and simultaneously held both F1 and Indycar titles for a short while.

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18 responses to “Dominicali: Early winners take all, Stewart: Mercedes could leave F1, Red Bull RB9 on time

  1. Firstly thanks for the RSS feeds, it makes life much easier.

    Luca is stating the obvious, in that those with a good car at the start of the season will have an advantage.

    Re the rule one would like abolished, this was part of JA’s December podcast, the most interesting idea was to ban all tyre warmers.

    Personally I would change the front wing rules to allow only one additional winglet or apparent winglet in addition to the main wing section, all end-plates to be single flat and vertical.

    Otherwise I would allow ABS in any manner, so that it could be used to help turn-in etc.

    • No Prob on RSS feeds. Forgive my ignorance. How exactly do they help/work. I don’t take anyone’s RSS feeds…is it something I should consider and why?

      Like the general idea of reducing aero importance and increasing engineering importance.

      • Yeah thanks for RSS feeds, brilliant. They are definately the way to go as you can set them up to display as a permanent link in your browser, or phone/pad and they update to show new articles and the past 10/20/30 articlaes in a drop down, and show you what you have read.

        it also allows you to be added to any aggregator RSS feeds out there, not sure if there are any F1 ones, but bound to be, which draw in feeds from several F1 news sites, enabling your articles to potentially draw in more readers and reach a greater audience.

        • P.S this is a aggregator/nexus RSS feed for a computer game called Lord of the Rings online:

          Its draws from a number of blogs (including one of mine) and allows a reader to subscribe to a single feed to be delivered to their ‘reader’ or device of choice, for many sites, rather than haing to keep tabs on them all, or have email delivered from them all. (they are just links to your article and site, so its all still 100% your authorship, and your readership gettign boosted)

          Don’t be surprised if your email followers drop and your figures rise, ours did!

        • That improves my understanding a little – thanks Adam 🙂

          If I update an article with a new story, does it tell you that too – or just the first publication date?

          • It sends the article out once. One of the reasons it would be better to go to a 1:1 story:article model. I think this probably happens with your email subscriptions too, unless they are set to “digest” at a frequency (daily, weekly etc.)

          • That’s why i do multiple stories in 1 article, I might update the days blog 6-7 times and hence people would get 6-7 emails if they were all in individual articles.

            that would irritate me if I was receiving email – hence why I do one post a day and update it – what does everyone think?

          • The RSS feed updates every time you publish but maybe not update.
            Mind you, several emails from you per day begins to look like spam!

          • I got Google Chrome reader and tried it. An additional story (update) to the days article does not send out extra RSS feeds or emails.

            I agree on the Spamming thing – so you understand my dilemma.

            In the survey I did, a significant number of people said getting the news within 2 hours was extremely or significantly important.

          • Think I mentioned this in one of those tomes we exchanged before xmas, but here’s a link to make it clearer:

            Subscribers have lots of options to customise their email notifications (e-mail frequency, window, format). I think you ought to be able to choose a default setting too. I had a quick search around on the net, but couldn’t find anything specific. Since I don’t have access to a Dashboard I can’t help you further… see if you can find a setting in there

            RE: RSS. Every browser and some mail clients (e.g. Outlook) has it built-in. Then you can get additional software to help you aggregate and read from your favourite sources. And many websites/web applications will do the same thing.

            RSS is typically used in the same way you’d use e-mail, except it makes for a much neater reading experience. A bit like having your newspaper rolled-up and thrown on the lawn, instead of each article cut out and delivered to your letterbox individually.

          • Yeah I remember lloyd. I checked, and I can only choose to send an email with every new posting/or with every update I make on 1 post – there is no time choice.

            So I have chosen 1 email per post – updates are not emailed. I still think if I create 3,4,5,6 posts a day – (as I can do on updates) email readers will be hacked off – and trying to educate them how not to be hacked off may be difficult.

            If you register to receive email from me, you’ll be able to see what options email readers have, and with your experience we may be able to tell them how (if they can) to only receive 1 or 2 a day – then I can create a new post for every current ‘update’

            Where in the world are you now by the way?

          • By the way, I believe this helps with distribution in each readers ‘find other similar’ function. If so, does each new RSS feed need something like F1 as the title?

  2. Red Bull seems to be making a whole lot of noise about how far behind they are because they had to push in the last stages of the season. I’m slightly suspect to this rationale because McLaren had arguably caught up to them by the end of the season.

    A few other sites have suggested that they’ll turn up at Jerez on the old car to test the tires, considering the fact that the RB8 was so focused on maximizing DRS in qualifying and the rules have changed to discourage this I think it would be disastrous to not get the new car out as soon as possible. I think they’ll end up claiming that’s the case but show up with new parts anyways and save the best for last like they did last year. Why they’re doing this is beyond me, if I remember correctly something went wrong last year and they had to revert to the older testing spec at the last second for Australia because they had no clue how the new parts would perform.

    • When I suggested to my contact there were rumours the RB8 only would be in Jerez he laughed.

      He says there are no substantive changes to the 2013 car but Reading between the lines we will see some passive air channeling to the rear of the car. Probably issuing air pressure valves that only open at a certain speed.

  3. On the question of ‘updates’…
    I tend to check my favourite sites daily, but occasionally miss a day so, as I mentioned once before, I’m not one of your significant number who wants the news within two hours. As generally you are posting every day I don’t feel the need to receive an email from you to tell me – I seem able to work it out…
    However… I do frequently miss your updates because, even when I remember to check, I have to open each page individually, and quickly scrolling down the page will often miss an update entry, if it exists – I either have to take more time over this (which I don’t really have) or I end up feeling I’ve wasted my time. Or, I suspect, I miss most of your updates… which I really hate.

    It’s over ten years since I did any web-design/building but it used to be a simple thing to place links to any part of a page, or other page, anywhere on that page… so would it be possible to have an ‘Update’ link placed immediately under the original post’s headline – before the ‘Comments’ link (which is the same thing I’m suggesting), and high-lighted in gold perhaps…? Then I could quickly scroll through the home-page abbreviated list of the daily posts and know which ones to check… I don’t think this should give you as much extra work as you are currently doing on RSS etc. – for example… 😉

    • Thanks BJF I am looking at this presently. I rarely now ‘update’ an article (or section with a bold title and colon) and if I do I put UPDATE at the bottom of where I finished.

      Any new articles in the daily post are placed directly above ‘this day in F1’ – the latest being the one directly above TDIF1 etc – hope that helps.

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