Merry Christmas One and All

I wish all thejudge13 readers a happy holiday season with friends, family and loved ones – and a prosperous New Year – and thank you for your good wishes over the past few days. I most appreciate you all for your support, kind comments and interaction over the first 15 weeks of our joint project. Let’s hope 2013 is a classic F1 year.

5 responses to “Merry Christmas One and All

  1. Happy Christmas TJ! (hope you don’t mind the moniker, we had this towering teacher at out school who you remind me of in a good way) Thank you for providing the true addicts service, right up to the hilt, and for the times you showed the way when nobody else was paying attention. Also for educating a adbod there was a niche to be fulfilled. Or just a great channel to tune in to. Ever you want input as to the adland nonsense, just ask, be happy to debug their silliness, if you call upon. A virtual beer will do the trick if I haven’t to go into research anew. This racing press is so long overdue a shakeup. Anyhow, glad tidings to all. ~ joj

  2. I have never commented but wish to say thank you for all your work on this site and I always read it. Please keep up the good work

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