Thejudge13 end of year questionnaire

I know everyone asks you to do questionnaires, but please complete this as I value highly your opinion and part of this project is to find what F1 fans want most from social media and demonstrate it to the rest of F1 – in the hope they will give you a better fan experience.

The questionnaire has some questions to help me understand how best to publicise thejudge13 going forward. I spend a lot of time and effort doing this and would like to know how effective each avenue I use is. The least effective I can drop and focus my efforts on more quality.

Further there is some content related questions but the best way I can understand your likes/dislikes and ways to improve is by you commenting below. Some things are beyond my technical limits and I have set myself the restriction of not throwing money at this site – so it will prove in 12 months what can be done – by providing quality.

You will not be able to view the polls questions from a mobile device – why I don’t know

Please, please, please leave comments – they are invaluable and I have a very thick skin šŸ™‚

Update: PS, I really need criticism or critique. I love the fact people are already being so positive – but thejudge13 is not perfect – and if it is maybe the end of the world is nigh šŸ™‚

35 responses to “Thejudge13 end of year questionnaire

  1. Very impressed with fairly different & inside angle of stories compared to other blogs . They tend to sometimes become public knowledge but I quite like reading about inside life behind the scenes stories

    • Its very hard to get paddock people to tell you things that you can publish immediately. There is a culture of fear in F1 which emanates from Mr. E.

      This is why the ‘official F1 media’ are so tight lipped and politically correct – they are in fear of losing their press passes.

      I only felt it appropriate to tell the Jerez stories from February because the people involved are too obscure now and some have moved on.

      But be assured, the opinion and comment made by thejudge13 always reflects these things even if I can’t be overt about specific stories at times.

      • And this is fine for me šŸ™‚ Although not a great example as a lot of his stories are really really old, but Peter Windsor has some nice insights but more of a historical angle. I think near recent stories are very interesting so feel free to post more of that please, such as the Jerez stories. If a happy byproduct is that you get more detail because team/paddock personel aren’t so tight lipped, even better.

        After the Vettel yellow flag incident, I’m not so sure I’m really that interested in hearing about breaking news first anymore. That was a perfect example of things blowing out of proportion before the facts were fully know, I’m as guilty as most on it.

        Keep up the good work!

  2. Not usually one for posting but i hope the survey helps & that you can comtinue the good work as for me it is a breath of fresh air to have an independant point (or rant if it is herr bernie which is not a bad thing as i have learned quite a lot in these past few months) of view. Keep up the good work.

    • Thank you Andy – with regards to ecclestone, I’m incandescent at what he gets away with and am comforted only by the fact his age and other current factors mean he ain’t gonna be involved for much longer.

      He doesn’t make good news either, because everything he says is on repeat. Even the recent spat with Ferrari, I’on this day in F1′ yesterday showed was another re-run of previous

  3. Mate I think you are doing a great job on this site. Please keep up the good work. Might catch you in Melbourne next year?

    • I’d love to come to Melbourne – but my schedule is getting tight – just been contacted by a race sponsor I did some work for this year and they want me to do more – but its in Europe . That is great – but I can only do so many race weekends as I also own a business – so flyaways for me may be restricted to the end of the year.

    • Fair comment – and if the results show the need to get stuff up ASAP is not important – it will give me more time. I may be putting myself under time pressure that doesn’t exist – we’ll see from the questionnaire

    • +1 for the proofreader. The all too frequent lapses in spelling, grammar and word usage detract from the credibility of what is proving to be a very interesting blog. Today we even had “see’s” – apostrophes may be a little tricky, but they aren’t THAT hard! Then there’s the daily mispelt names – getting somebody’s name right is Journalism 101. “Nikki” may be Mr Lauda’s wife or daughter, but the man himself is “Niki”. And it’s Giedo van der Garde, not “van der Guarde”. The fact that many of these are ‘foreign’ and can be tricky, only underlines the necessity to check them whenever they are used.

  4. Lastly, I don’t really think you need to throw any money at the site… I’m here for the writing/content, you don’t need to get fancy for me. Example: James Allen started some weird aggregator home page thing a couple of months ago… Not interested in that. Very shiny but nothing of substance in it.

  5. It isn’t that you get news items up quicker than other sites, it’s the opinion and insight that I like – your posts aren’t just press releases that you’ll find posted live on other sites within minutes of each other.

    As for critiques, I’d say try to catch those spelling and grammatical errors more often. Your work is well written for the most part, but there is something about simple mistakes that can take away from what you do so well. I’m very familiar with the same battle – getting content up quickly vs. getting content up cleanly – as I also work online.

    I’d have to say that you are by far my favorite F1-related website. No filler, no ads, and no pandering to anyone. Great work. I’ll do my best to spread the word as much as possible.

  6. I absolutely agree with all the positive comments above, I administrate a small F1 forum and have recommended and quoted you several times and now several of my members are following you.

    The different twitter headlines leading back to the same blog are a tad annoying and a more thorough proof-read would be great, but this is only nit-picking . . . keep up the excellent work.

    • Hi there thanks for the feedback.

      I tried only tweeting the news once today and got 8 twitter reads – usually by spacing out a tweet for each story in the news I pick up 50-60 twitter reads a day because #f1 is so busy people not following me and looking at #f1 don’t go back far enough if i only tweet once – there are 100’s of tweets an hour on #f1

      So I’ll try and remember if the tweet is a new post or a new story I’ve just added to the daily news i’ll add #new – would that help?

      • Yes that would be useful, though it’s no biggie, I’ve obviously got too much time on my hands then . . .šŸ˜Ž

  7. Hi there,

    I like this site and the way you present the news. The worst things to me are the typos or mispelling. Apart from that, I enjoy very much the reading!


  8. Votes cast. Entered “Other” in how I found the site via twitter as I think it was from you following me and sending a tweet.

    Finding the insight that you are able to bring on Mr E very useful. I read Tom Bower’s biography on him a few weeks back and can’t help but think that we are reaching the end – game now, and it all dates back to his business practices having developed in the 1940s and 50s and the world having moved on. Payments here and there to ease the wheels of business are still the norm in many regions of the world but not in the US or EU and it looks like the German prosecutors are now catching up with him.

    In the last 10 years F1 has journeyed into a cul de sac with diminishing engagement with fans, and an increasingly sterile product until the efforts to spice up the show in 2011/12. You are showing the way for the future through engagement via social media – I hope your contacts in the Teams are noticing your success in such a short length of time and taking note!

    Disappointed you were unsuccessful in the Silverstone awards but suggest you carry on entering other awards where possible. Our firm was shortlisted in the regional business awards last week, and the publicity, including being featured in a promotional film, has led to some interesting opportunities that have led to me speaking at different events and even walking around a Football stadium discussing projects earlier this week.

    Keep up the good work – could you let me know your contact email address so I could send you some social media material that you may find useful?

    Have a great Christmas and New Year – hope you are able to give yourself a break from nocturnal blog updates – there will be enough time for those once the season starts again! !Hope you’re fully recovered as well !)

  9. I love the site – it has true news, insight and well reasoned opinions from someone who clearly has inside awareness and insider history/experience of F1. Please keep it up. The format of mainly one posting per day works for me. I like the news same-day but unless it is something VIP (like Lewis to Mercedes for example) I am happy to wait and catch it all in one session. Happy holidays!

    • Thanks Peter – the multiple adding of stories through the day is problematic – but if it was speed of news people were after I’d carry on. Anyway we’ll see the results.

      Thanks for your support and have a great holiday season

  10. Great site Judge. Any inside stories you can rustle up like the Trulli one in testing is pure gold but obviously only if there’s no bad repercussions for you.

    No ads is great and sets this blog apart from a lot of other F1 sites. Also good to see someone with good manners as seen in some other blogs used to visit, the writers overcome with self importance and become downright rude to people.

    As mentioned the spelling mistakes. Linking an article to Joe Saward and continuously writing his name as Sewerd is really bad!!

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