F1 TV Intros Poll: Which is best?

For non-UK readers (which so far is over 60% of our site visits), we have 2 F1 broadcasters – SKY and the BBC.

Anyway, F1 media goes quiet about lunchtime Saturday when we have eastern races, so I’ve been messing around and found these. F1 pictures and intro music from SKY and the BBC for their F1 broadcasts.

Both have different pictures and music to open all their F1 broadcasts.

BBC use music from Fleetwood Mac, “The Chain”. (YouTube link)

Sky use music from Alastair Griffin, “Just Drive”. (YouTube link)

Someone has then dubbed the BBC music, “The Chain” over the sky pictures. (YouTube link)

Please leave a comment with your observations.

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4 responses to “F1 TV Intros Poll: Which is best?

  1. “The Chain” is unbeatable but BBC’s pictures aren’t great for as Sky have good pictures but the song tempo is as wrong for F1 as a song could be.

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