Nicole kisses Chris, Thai GP announced, Mercedes not yet seen Concorde? Ecclestone offers cash to settle bribe claims, Mr. E Wants Australia at night

Well,  2 weeks since the launch of the blog – over 3000 hits and some very complimentary comments. I’ve quickly learned in social media though, you need a thick skin as some comments are not just au contraire but pretty abusive. Hey Ho.

Its not been too bad so far. We called the Jake leaving the BBC the week before it was announced and suggested in the “Shrinking Calendar” piece there may be trouble yet for New Jersey (You can see the date published on each article)

Well today was the day that wasn’t. We’ve had an FIA executive meeting with no news, a Mercedes car company board meeting with no news and the much awaited Eddie Jordan prediction was also – no news.

So here’s some links to a few things that have occurred.

Lewis girlfriend Nicole has issued denials she was kissing singer Chris brown. They are just old friends. Hopefully, Lewis will see it that way

Paul Hembury has withdrawn from twitter after universal acclaim for his openness and interaction with the fans. No reason has been given. I can’t post a link as his tweets are gone – sorry.

The mercurial Mr. E announces a night race in Bankok, probably 2014

Further news from Mr. E as we are informed us Ross Brawn’s paper filing system isn’t what it used to be. Apparently Mercedes haven’t signed the Concorde agreement because they’ve not yet seen it

Jaime Alguersuari to miss next three races with BBC radio to concentrate on training for 2013 F1 return: …

Australia are agitating for a fee reduction, but Mr. E wants them to make it a night race.

The mystery 3 week gap on the provisional calendar many thought had been left for a return of the French GP is still a mystery, as the French authorities say no public money for any GP will be provided.

My favourite of the day which made me laugh a lot. A few people reporting the impending indictment of Mr E today. I’ve updated my piece from yesterday piece – “Ecclestone Lawyers offer cash to settle bribery charges” – beyond irony 

7 responses to “Nicole kisses Chris, Thai GP announced, Mercedes not yet seen Concorde? Ecclestone offers cash to settle bribe claims, Mr. E Wants Australia at night

  1. Keep it up judge. Because of SOME of Lewis Hamilton’s fans personality’s, I find saying something bad about him gets the personal attacks going faster so if want to develop the thick skin even quicker that’s the way to go!!

    Or say something Keith Collantine doesn’t agree with and watch him be incredibly rude!

  2. Keep going – only discoverd this blog a week ago and now a regular read. I may be a grumpy old git but why do people have to be abusive – it is so sad.

    • Thanks – Just written the update to last weeks article – Lewis being pushed? – Surprisingly its entitled, Lewis was pushed :). Any retweets when I tweet with the link to a new article will be much appreciated (if you’re on the twitterspher)

    • If I understand your question correctly – you asking me how I know who comes to the site and from where? I use software from (Adam Cooper, Joe Saward and other established F1 writers use the same kit).

      It makes maintaining a blog really easy without having to resort to learning HTML. It also tracks all inbound traffic, tells me who clicked on what links within the site, and gives me the loevly coloured Map a tweeted.

      Its very clever – it also manages emails for me. If people want to be notified of a enw artile by email they click on a button, leave their email address and when I press “publish” to put a new article out it sends them mail -job’s done. I don’t even know where their addresses are kept.

      Hope that helps! Enjoy the race.

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