Petrov to lose his seat, Mercedes appoint Lauda, 2013 NY Grand Prix in trouble, Pictures from Russia 2014

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I did suggest in my article before the Singapore Grand Prix that there may be trouble ahead for the F1 2013 calendar. After a blaze of publicity on Saturday it appears the shrinking calendar may yet be true.

Petrov after losing his seat at Renault Lotus last year found a reprive late in the testing programme of 2012 when he replaced Jarno Truli at Caterham. It seems like his backers have run out of roubles and his manager is running out of patience. . Enter Jaime Alguersauri?

Niki Lauda’s last venture into F1 management ended in tears (link) but apparently Mercedes are reported today as appointing Lauda as a team Ambassador and to assist in persuading Lewis Hamilton to join them. (link). But Lauda says today Hamilton will stay where he is. (link)  Funny how same day news varies so!

Great piece of photography – but not so great for Lewis. You’ve been Tooned?

Pictures of the construction of the Olympic Park and the integrated F1 track in Sochi, Russia

Because China and Japan are not getting along at the moment, there appears to be problems with the Japanese visa for Chinese HRT reserve driver – Ma Qing Ha

Interesting fact:

The draft calendar for 2013, has 20 races – 13 of which will be outside Europe. In 2003, there were 16 races – only 4 of them were not based in Europe.

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