Unsporting? Tifosi chant “F^ck you Hamilton” during podium in video footage


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The Tifosi gone too far?

It’s all a part of the pantomime? Or have the Ferrari fans gone too far this time? Many criticised the fans who used to boo Sebastian Vettel during the Red Bull dominant era, and Nico Rosberg has taken similar flack in the recent past.

Could the fact that the people chanting are doing so not it their native tongue, where the severity of the statement and wording are exaggerated… let us know your feelings in the comments below.


Haas driver Romain Grosjean disqualified from the Italian Grand Prix

Raikkonen reveals ‘options’ for 2019

Kimi Raikkonen mysteriously suggested that his options for 2019 in Formula 1 remain open after the Italian Grand Prix was played out against a backdrop of renewed reports that he will lose his Ferrari seat to Scuderia junior Charles Leclerc next season.

“There’s always going to be options,” he said.

“In life generally. It depends on what you want to do. It depends on a lot of things.

“So, we’ll see in the future what will happen and that’s about it.”



Lewis caught off guard after being told by the FIA to pay attention during the post-race press conference

Here is how Schumacher dealt with Montoya in 2003, where Vettel and Hamilton crashed this afternoon

And here’s an alternative view of the incident from the grandstands…

Fernando Alonso says McLaren has taken a step backwards with reliability issues

Fernando Alonso gave a damning assessment of McLaren’s increasingly difficult season after another retirement at the Italian Grand Prix.

“It is a shame because sometimes we were in the points like here. The reliability of the team seems to make a step backwards. We definitely need to improve that for the remaining races.”



Ricciardo ‘not showing up’ if he has Singapore penalty

Daniel Ricciardo joked he would refuse to race in the Singapore Grand Prix if his retirement at Monza means he has to serve a grid penalty at Marina Bay.

“That’s good to know,” Ricciardo told Sky Sports when told Christian Horner had reported that he has an old engine available for Singapore.

“I hope so. If I’ve got a penalty in Singapore I’m probably not even going to show up.

“So I hope Christian’s right and, if so, that’s music to my ears.”


2 responses to “Unsporting? Tifosi chant “F^ck you Hamilton” during podium in video footage

  1. The fans at the British GP weren’t exactly shouting accolades at Vettel either and….
    It is what it is.

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