His time is done at Mercedes

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Baku Grand Prix 2021 Tarot Reading


Mood for the weekend – Eight of Cups R

What to look out for – The Hierophant

Outcome – The Hanged Man

There are people on all the cards so the reading will concern certain people and 2 of the cards are Major Arcana cards to this will have serious implications in the future.


Mood for the Weekend: Eight of Cups reversed

On the card, Jon Snow walks away from Castle Black and his job as Commander of the Nights Watch. Above him are 8 cups a row of 4, a row of 3 and 1 on its own.

The suit of cups represents the element of water which in turn shows us emotions and intuition.

Someone is trying too hard to impress, or the way they have been treated by the team means they are continually disappointed, you keep hanging on hoping things will get better. You are afraid to let go, fearing that others will think you are a failure. One particular driver springs to mind here, badly treated, blamed for mistakes not of his doing, putting a brave face on things even thought he knows, he’s only there to make up the numbers.


What to look out for: The Hierophant

On the card, we see Lord Varys in his gold robes, the tapestry behind his is adorned with little birds, his network of child spies.

This is a major Arcana card, this means the message of this card is of great importance.

Varys was the Master of Whisperer’s on Robert and Joffrey’s small counsel, this meant he had spies everywhere and obtained secrets of what was going on in Westeros, a mysterious character from Essos who served himself more than his King.

In Tarot the Hierophant is traditionally shown as a bishop or high-ranking member of the church and is seen as a teacher/councillor or member of “The Establishment” and when he appears in a reading it’s time to examine your beliefs, not just spiritual ones. Following on from the previous card, it’s time for our driver to examine the reasons he’s staying with a team that treats him so badly, what are you learning from this? What do you believe is the purpose of you staying here? What are you basing these decisions on? It’s time to do some soul searching, is it worth carrying on here or do you feel you’re being stifled?


Outcome: The Hanged Man

On the card, this is the sigil of the Bolton family, a flayed man crucified upside-down.

This is also a Major Arcana card

This is a card of contemplation, patience and sacrifice. You are being asked to let go, don’t try to control current events, observe your situation and environment from a new perspective, review what’s gone before, has anything good come out of the hardship, look at the past, take a look at blog postings, social media postings, team meeting minutes. Because any decision you make about the future may require a sacrifice.



Come on, we all know who I’m talking about here, this has a certain Finnish number 2 written all over it. He knows he’s stuck in a dead-end job and there is no chance of improvement, he’s just there to make up the numbers but still, he punishes himself race after race after race, others would have left by now but what is he getting out of it.

There are some hard, soul searching questions to be answered, especial about what he believes about himself and his place in the team. These questions need to be answered honestly because what happens after they’ve been answered and the actions based on them will lead to a sacrifice.



2021 F1 season predictions

We turn our attention again to the 2021 Formula 1 season, and the coming fortunes (or disasters) for the drivers over the course of this year – TJ13 turns its attention to the websites’ official alternative prediction expert and resident Tarot card reader to explain her expectations for the coming season.


Kimi Raikkonen – Nine of Cups

On the card, Samwell Tarly sits in the library of Castle Black; he’s looking pleased with himself. Nine goblets are lined up on a shelf behind him.

Cups represent the element of water, which shows us intuition and emotions

This card is all about wishes coming true, Kimi needs to focus on his desires to help make his dreams come true, but he has to remember the old saying “Be careful what you wish for, it may come true”.



Antonio Giovinazzi – Page of Coins

On the card, Tyrion Lannister catches a bag of coins being thrown to him

Coins or Pentacles represent the element of earth, which indicates home, family, career money and the actual earth.

Work hard and gain the knowledge and skills to help you advance in the sport, be practical and cautions in pursuit of knowledge.



Pierre Gasly – Justice

On the card, Ned Stark sits on the Iron Throne with his sword, Ice, in his hand. Above him are the scales of justice.

This is a Major Arcana card with shows that it is important to listen to what this card has to say.

It’s time to find balance as your actions will have fair consequences, if you feel an injustice as been done, speak out, the truth will catch up with cheats and responsible people will be fairly treated.




Yuki Tsunoda – Six of Cups

On the card, Sansa Stark and Jon Snow reminisce about their childhood at Winterfell.

Be thankful for small gestures of kindness, you are new to the paddock and, as has been seen in the past, acting the big brash know it all can make more enemies than friends, so show yourself to be thankful for any small gesture of kindness. Embrace your inner child too, this is a time of innocence and happiness, a childhood dream has come true, enjoy it.



Fernando Alonso – The Star

On the card, Sansa Stark lights a candle in the broken tower, signalling to Brienne of Tarth that she needs help

This is also a Major Arcana card, its message is important so pay attention.

This is a card of Hope, Peace and Renewal. This card brings a sense of optimism for a fresh start; Fernando has been out in the cold for a few years so this is, hopefully, the start of something new, something you need after a few cold years, as it says in the song, the darkest hour is just before dawn.




Esteban Ocon – Seven of Swords

On the card, Samwell Tarly steals his family sword, Heartsbane, to take with him to fight the White Walkers in the Battle of Winterfell.

Swords represent the element of air, this shows us logical thought, communication and challenges.

This card is all about doing whatever it takes to serve your own ends, by fair means or foul. It may mean, stealing a win by going against team orders, using mind tricks to put Fernando off. All this is saying is you’re not being honest, with yourself or the team.



Lance Stroll – Ten of Spears

On the card, a serf is tidying up after a tournament; he is carrying ten lances

(Yes really) on his shoulder.

Spears or Wands represent the element of fire, showing us fire, passion, pizzazz and creativity.

This is a card of responsibility, burdens and obligations. Being the son of the owner and all the “He only got the drive because his dad bought him the team” are beginning to take its toll on Lance, people are all too eager to forget the success he’s had and just remember the faults. I think the picture on the card, the serf carrying the lances on his shoulder is very telling, Lance is carrying the burden of being Lance Stroll, Son of the team owner, it’s time to shed that burden and stop dragging those chains behind him and become Lance  Stroll, F1 driver.



Sebastian Vettel – Two of Spears

On the card, Daenerys Targaryan is watching one of her dragons flying in the air; she is standing between two spears.

This card is saying now is the time to choose, you have a number of paths to follow, it’s now time for you to choose which one, you have the power to choose your own destiny so choose wisely.



Charles Leclerc – Knight of Swords

On the card, Ramsey Bolton sits on his horse, watching the Battle of the Bastards.

You are seen as a sharp-minded direct and idealistic person, a problem solver but on flip side, you can be headstrong and impatient. Think about what you are saying as you can come across as uncaring about who you hurt, this can sometimes cause you to jump to conclusions and spare no-one’s feelings when you want to get your point across.




Carlos Sainz – King of Swords

On the card, the Night King stands brandishing a scimitar.

Time to be objective, logical and assertive; in other words, don’t let anyone push you around. You have a sharp mind, you know the rights and wrongs of the sport so use all of this to show you are the right man for the job, don’t get fobbed off with excuses or “It’s the way we do things here”, if it’s wrong, say so.




Nikita Mazepin – Nine of Coins

On the card, Daenerys Targaryan stands in a lush garden in Qarth with one of her young dragons.

This is a card that says enjoy the fruits of your labours but it is also a time to act with the discipline that has got you this far, take charge of your own future



Mick Schumacher – Five of Spears

On the card, five unsullied soldiers are practising fighting techniques.

This card is saying that you’re fighting for the sheer hell of it and you’ve probably forgotten what it is you were fighting for in the first place, the fight is now more important than the cause. I’m thinking; you’ve spent so much time fighting off the badge of being Michael Schumacher’s son that you’ve forgotten you are MICK Schumacher, racing driver, you have your own talents, your own career and your own way of doing things. Stop fighting your father’s legacy and start building your own.




Daniel Ricciardo – Ten of Spears

On the card, a serf is tidying up after a tournament; he is carrying ten lances on his shoulder.

This is a card of burdens and dragging chains behind you, it can also show you’ve taken on too much responsibility; you need to delegate some of this responsibility before you get snowed under and burnt out.



Lando Norris – Death

On the card, Arya Stark is in The House of Black and White, she points her sword, Needle, at Jaqen H’gar and tells his she is someone, Arya Stark and she’s going home to Winterfell.

This is a Major Arcana card so its message is important.

Forget what you’ve seen in Hollywood, this card doesn’t mean a physical death, it means a metaphorical one, the ending of something so something else can begin.

This is a card of change and transformation, which has already started so there is no way to stop it, the only thing to do, is let the change come. I don’t know what this change will be, but it is a much-needed change that will lead to transformation and the ability to move on to a much better life.



Lewis Hamilton – Nine of Coins

On the card, Daenerys Targaryan stands in a lush garden in Qarth with one of her young dragons.

This is a card of enjoying the fruits of your labours, taking charge of your own future and craving independence. It also stands for having accomplished so much already it’s time to indulge yourself in some time off.



Valttari Bottas – The Devil

On the card, Ramsey Bolton stands behind some chains and in front of two lit torches.

This is also a Major Arcana card with an important message

This is a card of addiction, excess and bondage (no, not that kind)

You are feeling chained to something you cannot escape from because it’s addictive or it makes you feel good when actually it isn’t. You do have the strength to break free of those chains, it’s a case of do you want to or so you want to be a slave to your addiction.



Max Verstappen – Queen of Swords

On the card, Queen Cersei sits on the Iron Throne.

This card represents an intelligent truthful, independent communicator with a knack of being sharp tongue and cold. The suit of swords is about clear, logical thinking and communication, so this means it’s time to grow up, now  is not the time for tantrum throwing, name calling and  opening your mouth without thinking.



Sergio Perez  – Two of Spears

On the card, Daenerys Targaryan is watching one of her dragons flying in the air, she is standing between two spears.

You are now in a position to choose your destiny, there are at least two paths in front of you, but you need to be clear on what you want to do before choosing that path to follow.



George Russell – Death

On the card, Arya Stark is in The House of Black and White, she points her sword, Needle, at Jaqen H’gar and tells his she is someone, Arya Stark and she’s going home to Winterfell.

This is a Major Arcana card so it’s message is important.

As I said before, this card is all about change, big, much needed change and transformation, I think we saw the start of it in the middle of last year when you had that one race in the Mercedes. People sat up and took notice of what you’re capable of doing in a better car, so this could be the time when the caterpillar turns into a butterfly.



Nicholas Latifi – Two of Swords

On the card, Arya Stark stands on the jetty of the House of Black and White, she is blinded and her sword Needle and a wooden sparring sword are in her hands and crossed over her chest. Behind her in the distance is the Titan of Braavos, a legendary figure who is said to wade out into the sea to protect Braavos from invaders.

This is a card of putting off making a decision, ignoring advice that is being offered to you.

In tarot Two’s are about making a choice and with Arya’s blinded eyes, and swords crossed  over her heart she is effectively blind to the choices being offered and her heart is closed to the advice she is being given, in other words she’s got her fingers in her ears and saying “LALALALALALALALALA CAN’T HEAR YOU”. You are afraid to hear the advice being given to you, even though it is good advice and you desperately don’t want to make a choice about what to do next but you can’t keep your eyes closed and fingers in your ears forever, you’re going to have to make that decision eventually.


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  1. All these predictions. But, what about that…..that….that commentator? When are we going to get a knowledgeable commentator? A big jolt back to reality after FP1. Anthony? Paul? Somebody who is not sensationalist, but has a bit of knowledge and does not spit out endless meaningless numbers.

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