Priceless Finnish commentators’ reaction to Kimi’s Win – The only driver to have won in V6, V8 & V10 eras


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Kimi’s first win in 113 races (a record), & wins on the anniversary of his 2007 WDC in Brazil

And boy did the Finnish broadcast crew enjoy themselves, as you can hear during their reaction below with this rough translation:

Räikkönen comes. Now we can celebrate, now we can be happy.

Ferrari, Tifosi, everyone sing as Räikkönen drives across the chequered flag in P1. There it is! 21st win for Räikkönen. All-time winner for Finnish Formula 1 drivers.


There, an amazing grand prix. Räikkönen is a legend and he wins this grand prix. 50th win for a Finnish driver, 21st win for Kimi Matias Räikkönen. And in what a way it comes!

Domination of the race from the start until the chequered flag. Rises immediately to the lead, from the inside of Lewis Hamilton. After that not a single mistake. Perfect race! Räikkönen is number one! Verstappen, Hamilton, Vettel is the order after him.

Drivers Championship’s resolution will be postponed to at least Mexico.

Räikkönen radio message after the race

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