Stop being down on Verstappen

During an action packed Grand Prix in China, the Red Bull of Daniel Ricciardo achieved a surprised win despite an underwhelming qualifying on Saturday.

Max Verstappen failed to keep his Red Bull from hitting or spinning yet again, but TJ13’s Editor and Chief AJ thinks the plebs shouldn’t be too hard on the young Dutchman. The panel review this, along with the race in general.

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10 responses to “Stop being down on Verstappen

    • Dear cavallinorampantef1, I admit your recent analysis of Max’s near time future performance was superior to mine. I liked his daring attitude, excellent driver skills in combination with a growing patience like a hunter who is able to wait for the kill. I did not see last 2 weekends coming, you did somehow: “vercrashen”. Will this be Kvyat 2.0 with confidence further erosing or can he snap back? Oh tell me my guru

      • It’s quite simple. The top drivers in F1 aren’t intimidated by Verstappen and know that he doesn’t have the brains to back off when doesn’t have a real chance to overtake. And right now I see no evidence that he has any idea how to drive using his head – so he’ll continue to crash.

        • Is it brains, training and conditioning or instinct you need? I had the feel he was on the right track after the Monaco crash in qualifying two years ago, but today was really really bad, twice. As you say, why can’t he wait for a few minutes to get a better shot? But I don’t race, can’t judge. I just don’t get it. Did he expect Vettel to go wide?

          • Part of it was in my opinion bringing a driver who lacked maturity(and still lacks maturity) straight from F3 into F1. Verstappen still can’t figure out why he could intimidate drivers in F3 and not in F1. If Ricciardo resigns, snd unless he changes soon, he may find himself getting bumped by Gasly, no matter how much “potential” people claim Verstappen has.

  1. Australia should get a new national anthem? Have you heard the British one… or is that the English one (I get confused, especially when watching Scottish guys playing tennis where they get called British). This comment must have come from an Englishman looking at the Comm Games and getting sick of how many times they played the AUS National Anthem at the medal podiums (and looking at the English medal tally).

    Go Danny… a proud Western Australian Who seems to not mind hearing the AUS anthem at his podiums.

  2. I think AJ is really taking the mickey here…. he’s trying to wind people up and by the looks of it he may have suceeded! (Please god that he really IS taking the mickey…….)

    • Maybe we should take his comments with a pinch of sugar… ooops…. don’t mention the war.

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