Revealed: F1 future under Liberty, & here’s how it’ll fail

With the recent news outlining an F1 future under Liberty Media; one week on TJ13 gives it’s thoughts before the Chinese Grand Prix.

Charlie and AJ run through Liberty Media’s roadmap to 2021 and beyond and AJ gives his thoughts on potential outcomes of cost cutting, governance, engine regulations and much more.

Agree or disagree with the opinions? Is the F1 future better or worse under Liberty?

Are you attending the next Grand Prix and want to share the excitement, atmosphere and your thoughts for our post race reaction videos?

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4 responses to “Revealed: F1 future under Liberty, & here’s how it’ll fail

  1. My opinion is that the Commercial Rights Holder should never be the regulator. Look at NASCAR where that is the situation and how they have ruined the sport. People in the UK would never accept SKY or BT setting the rules for football – but seem to think Liberty should in F1. And much of the rest of the discussion I disagree with the people in the video

    • Absolutely with you cav, except for the bit on UK folk accepting. I get that the acceptance is coming from a wholly different misdirection. The biggest failing with direction is Todt and his cronies complete lack of interest in the proceedings.

      • As long as Liberty are sticking it to Ferrari – then it’s okay…….. Sometimes what you wish for may not end the way you hope

  2. after 2 min watching i just went off – if you are not trying to change you never get any better. too much pessimism in all what this site is doing recently, sorry guys

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