Hamilton blasts black & women’s discrimination in sport

With the Canadian Grand Prix set for this weekend, Lewis Hamilton was interviewed by the Press and took the opportunity to give his response to a recently published article by Forbes revealing the 100 highest paid sports people shockingly none of which are women.

Hamilton who is famously known to be a good friend of tennis star Serena Williams singled her out as a good example of somebody who is discriminated against for being a female sports person, but also one who is non-white.

“Serena is in the top three of the greatest athletes of all time above a lot of if not all the people that list, so it is a big big question, why?” he said

“Women rule the world and I don’t understand. It just shows you we are still in the stone age and that needs to change. When will it change? I don’t know.

“Serena has already spoken of how difficult it is. She has been up against Maria Sharapova and she had more results than Maria but Maria – and not just her but other, particularly white players she was playing against – were earning more money than her. Yet her results were higher.

“That’s still the fight we have in society today. It still takes some time to change it.”

“I’m not aware of the different earnings rates within Formula One,” said Hamilton, “but that just shows you how behind we are in the world.

“There’s no reason why a woman should not be able to earn more.”

The Forbes list in question shows the top 100 not to include any women, with boxer Floyd Mayweather as the top earner.

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