Villeneuve: Kubica manipulating Williams for a GP drive

Kubica could manipulate the Williams team to harm the regular drivers Lance Stroll and Sergei Sirotkin claims Villeneuve.

His role as an expert on the Italian TV channel ‘Sky’ during the Australian Grand Prix once again cast doubts about his former employer. A vocal critic of signing Lance Stroll:

“He’s more than a second slower than Felipe (Massa), which is one of the worst rookie performances in Formula One history .”

Then after Baku in 2017, Jacques launched into a war or words with Williams for tweeting a picture of his podium for BAR and Stroll’s Baku 3rd place. The former Williams world champ had also openly criticised the line up of Sirotkin and Stroll this year.

The latest rant from the Canadian ex world champion is an apparent contradiction and clash of purpose within the Williams line up. Kubica lost out when trying for a race seat to rookie Russian Sirotkin before the season started. He was signed as a 3rd driver by Williams, taking a car development role but ready to step in should either driver not be able to take the wheel during a race weekend. TJ13 has already explained how likely this scenario actually is considering the Russian global situation right now.

Jacques Villeneuve confesses he believes Kubica could sabotage the team in his favour. Ensuring the FW41 not suiting the driving style of Stroll and Sirotkin. The logic being; the worse the regular drivers are at the races, the greater his chances of racing.

“I find it difficult to classify the situation at Williams,” says the Canadian.

“The only thing that could unlock the potential of the car was Kubica, and it is Robert who is the driver who drives the development of the car.”

“It’s possible that he’s tuning the car so that he’s hard to ride for the other drivers. His dream is to race again, not be a third man, I would not underestimate that, and I would do the same in his place, ” admitted the 1997 World Champion.


5 responses to “Villeneuve: Kubica manipulating Williams for a GP drive

  1. Unless Kubica has $10M sitting in a bank account that he can use to write out a cheque to Williams or sanctions hit Sirotkin’s sponsors – he’s staying number three

  2. In the same way Villeneuve’s mouth manipulates his brain making him hard to take seriously?

  3. Villeneuve is delusional. He’s always resented kubica taking his race seat at BMW dauber. Last year he said kubica won’t be able to drive an f1 car, now that he can, he is looking for something else to bash kubica with. Jaques is the Donald trump onf motorsport.

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