AlphaTauri F1: Rumoured new name option

The AlphaTauri Formula One team, better known as the sister outfit to powerhouse Red Bull Racing, is preparing for a major shake-up ahead of the 2024 season.

This anticipated rebranding, as reported by, isn’t just about a name change; it’s a strategic move that includes the introduction of two American sponsors into the team’s fold. The integration of these sponsors is expected to play a key role in shaping the team’s new identity.



Classic roots with a modern twist

Peter Bayer, CEO of AlphaTauri, has confirmed the team’s intention to adopt a “classic name” that pays homage to its Toro Rosso origins while forging a new link with the Red Bull family. “We’re going to change the team name, the identity, the logo, everything,” said Bayer, underlining the comprehensive nature of the forthcoming rebrand.



A new look forged through partnerships

AlphaTauri’s new look is not just an internal affair; it is being shaped by the vision and input of the team’s partners. “The name of the team, the identity, has been decided by the partners,” says Bayer, noting the challenge of keeping these exciting developments under wraps.



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Daniel Ricciardo: a key player in sponsorship deals

Daniel Ricciardo’s involvement with AlphaTauri has been about more than just driving. His influence and popularity have been instrumental in attracting new sponsorship deals. The addition of these partners is seen as a testament to the team’s growing appeal, particularly in the United States.

The new partners have brought not only investment, but also a big vision. Their ‘bigger than life’ ideas have both excited and intimidated the team’s leadership. “They think big, bigger than we probably would have dared to think,” said Bayer, revealing the ambitious scope of the team’s relaunch strategy.


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Steering clear of earlier rumours

Despite rampant speculation and several name suggestions in recent months, reports from Italian publication suggest that the new team name will not be directly associated with brands such as Adidas or Hugo Boss, as previously rumoured.



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AlphaTauri New name option revealed

Among the rumours of potential new names, ‘Racing Bulls’ has emerged as a strong contender, hinting at a return to a name more closely associated with the Red Bull brand.

As the Formula One community eagerly awaits the official unveiling, it is clear that the AlphaTauri team is ready to enter a new era with a refreshed brand identity, a nod to its heritage and the backing of American partners ready to take the team into the future of racing.

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