Massa: “My case is a manipulation” & cannot be compared to Abu Dhabi 2021

Former Formula One driver Felipe Massa has recently spoken out, detailing the nature of his ongoing legal challenge over the 2008 Formula One World Championship.

This challenge comes after a decade and a half in which he narrowly missed out on the title. Massa’s fight for justice is not just a debate about race incidents, but a matter of deliberate manipulation, which sets it apart from other controversial seasons in F1 history.



The incident that changed everything

The issue dates back to the 2008 Singapore Grand Prix, when Massa’s race, and potentially his championship hopes, were derailed by a deliberate crash by Nelson Piquet Jr.

The crash benefited Piquet’s Renault team-mate Fernando Alonso and resulted in a disastrous pit stop for Massa, who was leading at the time. The Brazilian’s case hinges on the claim that this was a deliberate act of sabotage, rather than a simple mishap or sporting mistake.



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Legal action inspired by Ecclestone’s revelation

Massa’s decision to seek legal redress was fuelled by startling admissions from key figures in F1. Bernie Ecclestone, the former F1 chief executive, and Max Mosley, the former FIA president (now deceased), were allegedly aware of the manipulation but chose to remain silent in order to protect the sport’s image.

The revelation prompted Massa to question the legitimacy of the 2008 season’s result, especially as he lost the championship by just one point.



Setting a precedent: A matter of concern

One of the main concerns surrounding Massa’s case is the potential for a precedent to be set. Critics argue that a successful overturning of the 2008 results could lead to other drivers challenging previous championships.

Cases such as Michael Masi’s controversial decision in Abu Dhabi 2021 or Michael Schumacher’s infamous collision with Damon Hill in 1994 are cited as potential points of contention.



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Massa clarifies the distinction

In his interview with RacingNews365, Massa emphasises the uniqueness of his case. Unlike the events of 1994 and 2021, which could be attributed to errors of judgement or interpretation of the rules, Massa’s campaign is against a deliberate act of manipulation.

“My case is one of tampering, linked to sabotage,” he asserts, describing the deliberate nature of the incident that marred the Singapore race.



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An isolated case in F1 history

Massa is adamant that his case should not be seen as opening the floodgates for challenges to the results of other seasons. He insists that the Singapore incident was investigated and recognised as an act of manipulation – in stark contrast to errors or technicalities that might have affected other championships.

As he continues his legal battle, the Brazilian driver insists that his situation is a unique one, separate from other controversial moments in F1’s history.

Massa claims his quest is not to rewrite every controversial chapter of the sport, but to seek justice for a specific injustice that cost him the ultimate prize in motorsport.

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