Perez’s father reveals new perspective on Verstappen’s relationship with Sergio

A fresh perspective as Sergio Perez’s father sheds light on the Verstappen-Perez dynamic at the F1 Mexico City Grand Prix. In a surprising revelation, Perez reveals how the two work together.

The father of Formula One driver Sergio Perez, has offered an unexpected perspective on the working relationship between his son and his Red Bull teammate Max Verstappen. The revelation comes amid speculation and historical tensions between the two drivers, especially as Perez is under intense scrutiny to keep his Red Bull seat for the 2024 season.



Historic tensions and team orders

The relationship between Verstappen and Sergio “Checo” Perez has had its moments of tension. Most notably last year, Verstappen refused team orders that would have favoured Perez, citing a perceived past injustice by his teammate as the reason for his defiance.

That episode was emblematic of their occasionally turbulent partnership, which makes Antonio Perez’s recent comments all the more striking.


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The father’s perspective

Speaking to the Express, Antonio Perez was optimistic about his son’s future at Red Bull, and in particular his relationship with Verstappen.

“Checo will definitely be driving with Max in the same team for another ten years,” he said, even going so far as to speculate that “in those ten years, Checo could win a world championship…”

Antonio Perez was also pleased to see his son competing against what he considers to be the best talent in the sport, saying: “I like that my son is competing against the best rider in the world. And the best driver in the world at the moment is Max Verstappen.

“This is the best relationship with a teammate that Checo has ever had in his F1 career. And I like that.”


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Grid and career implications

Sergio Perez will start the F1 Mexico City Grand Prix from fifth on the grid, a position that comes with its own set of pressures. To make matters worse, returning AlphaTauri driver Daniel Ricciardo qualified one place ahead of Perez. Ricciardo’s impressive performance perhaps shows the bosses his ability and subtly casts him as a potential contender for Perez’s Red Bull seat in 2024 or 2025.


Christian Horner, Red Bull’s Team Principal, has played down the idea that Perez’s future at Red Bull is solely tied to his current position in the Constructors’ Championship. Nevertheless, it’s clear that a sub-par performance against Ricciardo, especially at a home Grand Prix, would not bode well for Perez’s prospects within the team.


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The Mexico City Grand Prix promises to be a dramatic event for Sergio Perez, with his future at Red Bull at stake. As the engines roar and the lights dim, all eyes will be on how this intricate web of relationships and rivalries plays out on the track.

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  1. Having burnt the bridges in a fit of pique, papa Perez is trying to rebuild them.
    Not a moment too soon. Wish Checo lots of success in the coming years.

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