F1 star tipped to replace Perez midseason at Red Bull

In the high-speed world of Formula One, where tenths of a second can mean the difference between triumph and disappointment, Sergio Perez’s performance for Red Bull Racing in 2023 has left many analysts and fans perplexed.

A season that began with so much promise for the Mexican driver has gradually devolved into a series of underwhelming performances, making his position at one of F1’s premier teams a hot topic of discussion.


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Verstappen ‘one man team’

Affectionately known as “Checo” to his legion of fans, Perez joined Red Bull with a reputation as a tenacious driver, capable of getting the most out of his machinery and consistently delivering strong results. The motorsport community expected his move to Red Bull to form a formidable partnership alongside Max Verstappen, presenting a two-pronged challenge to their rivals. However, the reality of the 2023 season has been very different.

To put things in context, Verstappen’s performances this year have further cemented his place among F1’s elite. Driving a car hailed by many as the best of the season, the Dutchman has been racking up points, podiums and victories, leaving Perez in his wake. The discrepancy between the two teammates has become a glaring issue, with Perez accumulating a significant points deficit to Verstappen.


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RB19 built around Verstappen?

Several factors could be behind Perez’s struggles. One much-discussed issue has been his ability to adapt to the car’s handling characteristics. Every F1 car has its own quirks and it’s no secret that Red Bull have often designed their cars with Verstappen’s driving style in mind. This could result in a car that doesn’t quite suit Perez’s preferences, making it difficult for him to get the most out of it. However, the jury is out on this if Lando Norris is to be believed (more on that story later).

Further, the internal dynamics of a team can have a profound effect on a driver’s confidence and performance. While Red Bull have been outwardly supportive of Perez throughout the season, the psychological pressure of being consistently outperformed by a teammate, coupled with the weight of external expectations, can be a heavy burden to bear.


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Red Bull ‘outwardly support’ Perez

It’s important to note, however, that the story of this season is not just about Perez’s struggles. The F1 grid is a fiercely competitive place, and while Perez may be underperforming relative to his team-mate, he’s still up against the best drivers in the world every race weekend.

The key question for Red Bull Racing and Sergio Perez in 2023 is whether they can rediscover the synergy and level of performance that made their partnership so enticing in the first place. Only time will tell if “Checo” can turn his fortunes around and re-establish himself as a formidable force within the Red Bull stable.


Meanwhile, rumours are rife that Red Bull are sensibly not hedging their bets that Perez will  recover his form, and have lined up his direct replacement.


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Replacing Perez?

Established F1 favourite Daniel Ricciardo is tipped for a return to Red Bull Racing in 2024. The Australian’s association with the team dates back to his time with the team as a junior until he left for Renault in 2018.

In a surprise move this season, Ricciardo made a comeback by joining the ranks of Red Bull’s sister team, AlphaTauri for evaluation. The decision came after he replaced Nyck de Vries, who was struggling with performance issues.


Although a recent injury was a temporary setback for the Australian, he’s firmly rooted in AlphaTauri’s plans for next season.


Red Bull PU concerns for remaining races



Insider states Ricciardo is first choice for midseason switch

Leading F1 journalist Lawrence Barretto recently spoke to F1.com about Sergio Perez’s situation at Red Bull.

He stated, “The underperformance is obvious. Perez, in one of the most powerful cars, is 177 points behind his team-mate Max Verstappen”.

Such a significant gap in what many consider to be the best car on the grid is hard to ignore.

Barretto added: “Inside sources strongly suggest that should Perez be replaced, either mid-season or at its peak in 2024, Ricciardo appears to be the first choice for Red Bull”

To put things in perspective, Perez is under increasing pressure despite winning two races in 2023. His two victories seem to be overshadowed by a consistent performance gap to Verstappen, and Ricciardo’s presence in the peripheral vision of Red Bull’s management doesn’t help.



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Having left McLaren last season, Ricciardo’s intention to find his way back to a Red Bull seat was made clear with his return to F1. With Perez’s contract up after the 2024 season, Red Bull are at a crossroads. Do they continue with the Verstappen-Perez partnership, which has had its ups and downs? Or do they bring Australian dynamo Ricciardo back into the mix?

Only time will tell, but for now the rumour mill continues to churn, with fans eagerly awaiting the next big development.

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7 responses to “F1 star tipped to replace Perez midseason at Red Bull

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  2. Don’t think that will work somehow.  Ricciardo is a self obsessed Dick who left Red Bull for a reason that reason was Max Verstappen. He couldn’t shine his impressive talent anymore ( zzzzz) was fed up of giving way to a younger much better driver so did the dirty on Christian Horner and left.  He shot off to another team where he thought he would charm his way to adoration Renault, partnered Nico Hulkenberg and constantly took piss out of the Germans accent and his surname. Reason for moving it looked as though Renault would get him better results. 2 seasons later he’s off again to the team that’s just beaten his own in the constructors table McClaren.
    He’ll be driving against much younger driver ( oh good he thinks I’ll be No 1 driver ) WRONG! He couldn’t drive the car and Lando Norris had him in every race except 1 which because of other team errors and crashes he won and Lando came second. What did he do insist his team chief executive get a tattoo of the Italian race circuit and like the idiot he is, Zac Brown agrees only for Ricciardo to be sacked because he’s useless, no one else wants him, Lando has no sympathy for him
     ( that in itself tells you how unpopular he was and smiles etc were just for show )

    So no  If in doubt  please  Red Bull don’t have him back he annoys the grass out of my lawn. Zac Brown thinks he can buy anything and stay people in the back and although I’m a seasoned McClaren supporter I wish they’d get rid of him or Lando go somewhere better.  Not Red Bull  it would be bad for best friends to compete against eachother at that level.  Just keep Ricciardo out.

    • Well put if a little harsh. I like Riccardo but he is not the driver that Perez is. Using him to replace would be a big mistake. But Horner knows that. Checo just needs some love. Max has the title in hand. His winning streak has been broken so let’s concentrate on Perez for the remainder of the season. And anyone who thinks Max is Max solely because of his car is wrong. Dead wrong. He’s in a place which is like Hamilton, Vettel and Schumacher were on their own way. Great drivers in a great chassis that fit them perfectly. It happens every once in a while. Perfect storm. The only question is”how long will it last this time? “

    • Remember Bottas under Hamilton? Give Perez some love. Max already had the strain in hand. Winning streak is over. Concentrate on Perez for the rest of the season

    • So sorry.all knowing one, I shall tell my Swype app you are not amused and must not make the same mistake again. In other words I know just got fed up of trying to get technology to do the right thing. Pretty much like trying to ask some humans to be nice instead of NBs

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