F1 driver tipped for big money to be face of Audi

Lando Norris, the prodigious talent from McLaren, is making waves in the world of Formula 1. With four podiums to his name this season alone, his on-track prowess is undeniable. However, recent speculation suggests that his skills could soon be harnessed by another giant of the motoring world – Audi.

Sky’s Craig Slater recently stirred the pot of the Formula One rumour mill by suggesting that Lando Norris could be on Audi’s radar as they prepare for their long-awaited entry into the sport.

“Norris is the Jude Bellingham of F1 in terms of transfers. If he were a footballer, he’d be in the £100 million category,” Slater points out.



Norris: A brand

That comparison sums up the essence of Norris’ value in the F1 world. Not only is he a young and exceptional talent, but Norris has established himself as a brand. He’s marketable and has the potential to be the face of any top F1 team.

His journey with McLaren has been a testament to his dedication and growth as a driver. He is now in his sixth year with the team, five of which have been behind the wheel of an F1 car. As well as being a top driver, he has also emerged as the leader and senior face of McLaren.


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But there’s a catch. Norris has a contract with McLaren until the end of 2025. The following year will see not only the introduction of new F1 regulations, but also Audi’s entry into the sport. So the big question is: is there a release clause in Norris’ contract?

Slater believes, based on his knowledge, that anyone wanting to secure Norris’s services before the end of his contract would have to invest heavily.

McLaren are understandably reluctant to let their star player go. While the likes of Ferrari, Mercedes and Red Bull seem set with their drivers for the foreseeable future, Audi’s entry could change the dynamic.


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McLaren for now, but for how long?

When Audi enter F1, they would naturally want a big name to lead their campaign. Norris, with his impeccable skills and market value, could be the perfect fit. The possibility of Norris reuniting with his former boss at McLaren, Andreas Seidl, at Audi adds another intriguing layer to the speculation.

However, all of these hypotheses depend on McLaren’s position in the coming years. Norris, in conversations with Slater, seemed committed to his current team. He expressed his willingness to wait, even to the end of his contract, for McLaren to reach the pinnacle of F1.


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The world of F1, as Slater rightly points out, doesn’t often see teams aggressively chasing drivers. Instead, drivers often chase the teams with the fastest cars, hoping to increase their chances of winning wins and championships.

While the prospect of Norris becoming the face of Audi’s F1 venture is exciting, it remains shrouded in layers of speculation and contractual intricacies. What’s certain is that Lando Norris, with his talent and brand appeal, will continue to be at the epicentre of the F1 world, regardless of which shirt he wears. Certainly Red Bull Racing have publically expressed interest, so right now, the world is Norris’s oyster. 

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