Mercedes reveal significant upgrade

As the Formula One season heats up, the teams are not only battling for points on the track, but also relentlessly pursuing technological advances behind the scenes. One team that remains in the thick of the race, both on and off the track, is Mercedes.

With Ferrari nipping at their heels in the championship, Mercedes have now revealed when fans can expect the team’s next significant upgrade.


Mercedes uncomfortable with current points haul

Currently, the Brackley-based Mercedes team is second in the Constructors’ Championship. However, the lead is far from comfortable. Just 30 points separate them from the formidable and recently updated Ferrari, and there are only six races left in this year’s campaign. The stakes are high and every point counts.


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Mercedes’ journey this season has been one of evolution and adaptation. At the start of the season they faced challenges, especially after the introduction of new technical regulations. This disruption to their usual dominance was evident when they had to abandon their ‘zero sidepod’ design, a significant decision.

In time for the Monaco Grand Prix, Mercedes unveiled a new design concept, signalling their intention to adapt and evolve in the face of these challenges.



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Mercedes split workload

Throughout the year, the W14 car underwent a number of developments. But as the end of the season approaches, many teams have turned their attention to preparing for next season. Mercedes, however, have a dual focus – ensuring they finish this season strongly, while also preparing for 2023.

Mercedes’ Director of Communications, Bradley Lord, gave an insight into this strategy on the F1 Nation podcast. Speaking about the team’s approach, Lord revealed that a significant amount of development work at the factory has already been switched to focus on 2023.

“Well, in the factory we’re already fully focused on next year,” he commented, indicating a clear shift towards preparing for next season.


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Mercedes reveals next big upgrade

But that doesn’t mean Mercedes have given up on this year. Far from it. Lord continued: “We’ve still got some parts coming through the production cycle. They’ll arrive around Austin time,”

This revelation means that fans can expect further improvements to the W14 car during the United States Grand Prix.

The goal for Mercedes is now clear: to maximise the potential of the current car and consolidate their position in the championship.

“Then the focus on the track is really how do we get everything out of this car to try and defend and hopefully extend our lead to get that P2 in the championship,” Lord explained.

He underlined the importance of this goal by adding that securing second place in the championship is “so important to everyone in the team”.

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